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January 05, 2015

How the Computers Work ?


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In order to know how the computer works, we will take a small example. First we assign a small job to our human mind. Let us suppose we have 10 bananas on a table. If you distribute them among five people, how many bananas will each person get ?

This is a very simple problem. Actually your mind will respond for the solution. But without the co-operation of other parts of the human body, it will not work. This small problem will go to the mind through the eyes (via nerves). The mind will then think and give solution on a paper through your hand. The hand in turn will write the solution that each person will get two bananas.

What happened here ? The various parts of the body have taken the above problem to your mind. The eyes have read the problem in the book. Or your ears have heard the problem. The ears or eyes have taken the problem into the brain. The eyes or ears are called the input devices in computer terminology. Your mind has analyzed the problem. Consequently the mind has sent the solution of the problem through your hands or mouth. So the analyzing mind is termed as Central processing Unit (CPU) whereas your hand or mouth can be termed as Output devices. 

Actually the structure of the computer is not as simple as explained earlier. It has a complex structure. The functions of the above input and output devices are just like the same as above. But the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is somewhat different. It is the brain of the computer. In this vertical box of CPU, many important functions are to be undertaken. SO unlike the input and output devices, the CPU plays an important role and has a complex nature. Let us see the block diagram of computer.
Let us see the important parts of CPU

Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
The data taken from input will go to first part of the central processing unit, i.e., Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU). Here the computer will find whether the information is relating to arithmetic or not. If it is arithmetic, it will solve the problem accordingly. In case of human being, his mind will think itself about the calculations and accordingly come to a decision.

Main Memory
The computer will send the data from ALU to memory. Here memory means data storage system. In case of human being, he will store the data in the brain. Whenever the need arises, the will take the information from the brain by recalling it. If he feels that he may forget some data or details, he will write that data in his note book or diary. It is called the permanent or secondary storage memory in computer technology. Similarly the computer also stores some information inside of it and some information permanently in the form of floppy, CD or hard disk.

Control Unit
It is just like the nervous system of the body. This part decides which data is to be sent first, how to send etc. Accordingly, it will co-ordinate the input, output storage devices. If we relate it to human beings, he will decide which decision is to be taken first in a given time. For that, he will make an assessment of the previous decisions and finally comes to a conclusion.

The control unit has the following functions
  1. It sends instructions to other parts. 
  2. It sends commands to Logical unit.
  3. It facilitates the data flow to be systematic between memory and logical unit. 
  4. It paves the way for sending the processed information to output or storage devices. 
The last item in the computer structure is output. Here the computer will send the information in a definite form e.g., printer or monitor. In case of human being, the information will come out in the form of writing with hand or speaking through a mouth. 
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  1. Good one. Easy reading like a story.

    I request you to explain the MS office in the same manner. Thank you

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  4. Ya.dont worry they will activate ok

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  8. Don't worry, it's general awareness as you have come across in IBPS PO exam.. same pattern.

  9. Thank you so much for explaining in a simple way. Really interesting to read.

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  11. MS office and Excel is my weak portion in computer. If you have any simple way to explain please upload that also. Thank you and keep going.

  12. hi mam
    whether New India Assurance assistant is ssc pattern or bank exam pattern... pls tell me.

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