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January 17, 2015

Evening Shift Reviews of Today's (17th January 2015) NIACL Assistants Exam


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Review shared by Deepika Soni
Hiii, I am Deepika Soni. Today i appeared for New India Assurance Company Ltd (NIACL) Assistant Exam in Evening Session. Here is my Review.
  • GA - moderate to easy
  • Comp - moderate as i found ( i m weak in this section )
  • Reasoning - easy
  • Maths - easy but calculative
  • English - easy
    • Overall paper was easy as i found
My Attempts
  • Maths - 37, 
  • Eng - 40, 
  • Reasoning - 40, 
  • GA - 30 plus nd 
  • Comp - 32-33
    • Total - 182
Here are the questions asked
1. line b/w India & pakistan - Radcliff line
2. gir national pak in which state - Gujrat
3. NITI  ayog - old name - planning commision of india
4. rajnath singh recently launched which app for women safety - himmat
5. prague is capital of - czech
6. Law & justice minister - sadanand gowda
7. NATO full form - north atlantic treaty organisation
8. national eduucation day 11 nov in whose memory - maualana abul kalam azad
9 china central bank - people's bank of china
10. to prevent money laundering which act - AML
11. UNWTO headquarter - Madrid, spain
12. SBI composite index is for -  manufacturing & service industries
13. umesh yadav & axar patel related to which sport - cricket
14.S & p 500 related to which index - new york stock exchange
15. agni 4th range missile - 4000 km
16. ways & means advances issued to govt by - RBI
17. scheme to make village by 2019 - saansad adarsh gram yojana
18. qn related to deen dayal upadhyaya grameen kaushyla yojana og then one day - nasserudin shah
20.age for opening saving account - 10 years
21. small & payment bank minimum capital - 100 crore
22.Maharastra Governor presented Yash Chopra Memorial Award to whom - Amitabh Bachchan
23. valdamir pitin visited india for which summit - 15th indo russia annual summit
24. CAR A stands for - adequacy
25. portugese currency - euro
26. C.K. Naidu award related to which sport - cricket
27. grammy awards is related to which field - music industry
28. irda which type of body - statutory body
29. rama setu -  adam's bridge
30. Chemistryy nobel prize - Willian Moerner, Erik Betzig & Stephen W. Hell
31. Scheme launched for Children Vaccination- Mission Indradhanush
32. Nation with Highest Population of 19.4% in World- China
       as i remember

All the best to next session

Questions shared by S.Mymuna
Hi friends this is S.Mymuna here are the evening session General awareness questions Happy reading:)
  • Grammy Awards related to - Music
  • LIC Health insurance
  • Chemistryy nobel prize - Willian Moerner, Erik Betzig & Stephen W. Hell
  • NATO full form - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • To prevent money laundering - ALM
  • Line b/w India & Pakistan - Radcliffe
  • National Education Day birthday
  • Portugese currency - Euro
  • Law minister - Dr. Sadananda Gowda
  • Small and payment bank paid up capital - 100 Crore
  • National education day whose birth day - Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
  • Central bank of China named as Peoples Bank of China
  • NITI AYOG replaces wat? Planning Commission
  • IRDA - statutary body
  • Rama setu - Palk Strait (Sri Lanka)
  • Maharastra Governor presented Yash Chopra award to whom - Amitabh Bachchan
  • Sansad adharsh scheme
  • Valdmir Putin visited - India
  • Deen Daya1 Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana
  • WTO headquarter - Geneva, Switzerland
  • In CAR, A stands for - Adequacy
  • Author of "And then One day" - Nasserudin Shah
  • Age not applicable for open savings a/c - 10yrs

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  1. total how many questions???

  2. Thank u Deepika & Mymuna 4 sharing.. wish u all success..

  3. R u from tamilnadu

  4. My Total attempts-161

    overall exam was very easy
    All the best for future attending candidates...

  5. do u mean which state? Tamilnadu...

  6. 162 attempts.evening session.

  7. An overview of today's exam
    5 circular table arrangement.
    5 people living on floors
    5 series was given and you had to tell which was 7th from right and so so..
    5 letters were given and we had to arrange them based on given statement and then answer
    5 syllogisms
    5 inequalities
    5 miscellaneous
    5 can't remember

    5 small comprehension very easy
    5 find errors
    5 find spelling error
    5 fill in the blanks

    5 series
    10 to 15 simplification
    5 data interpretation
    Others were mix of allegation and mixtures, work and time, investments, ages etc.

    G.K -40 questions
    Computers - 40 questions easy.
    Only two or three might look tricky. They were same as asked in other exams.

    My attempts
    Quant : 29
    English :30
    Reasoning : 38
    Computers : 40
    G.K : 39

    Best of luc Frndz.

  8. 160 wala safe h kya obc mai?

  9. Ex service man from west Bengal , my attempts are 164 with 90% accuracy.

  10. Computers and GA for upcoming exams

  11. gud attempts.. All d best..

  12. Hi my name s NAVEEN I am from Karnataka my attempts are 172 with 100% accuracy overall exam was easy for gk SBI power capsule is enough overall 200 questions 250 marks all d best for exam

  13. Gud attempts.. Al d best..

  14. Quant was little bit tricky isnt it?

  15. Hi my name is Sandip... I m FM Maharashtra .my attempts questions r 162 ...overall question pprs r easy... Then guys best luck

  16. good attempt..hw was qaunt?

  17. i have attempted 172 with 99% accuracy :)

  18. i attempted 170 with 98% accuracy...

  19. yar sectional cutoff bhi hai ya only total cutoff??????????plz some one ans.......

  20. i have cleared written exam of ibps clerk 4 but my score would be around 115 that is near to cutoff.. is there any chance?????
    can any one clear my doubt please??????

  21. Thank You For the Information

  22. Sbi clerk final results lab aata hai

  23. For which state and what category?

  24. Parsha Harsha Goud KairaJanuary 17, 2015 at 11:44 PM

    Iam from andhra pradesh and my total attempts are 193 with 95 percent accuracy what are chances coz im from andhra there is huge competition

  25. Some more Question asked in Evening session@17/01/15
    1.Valadmir Putin visited India-15th India Russia Summit
    2.Gir National Park-Gujrat
    3.UNWTO HQ-Madrid,Spain
    4.Most Populous Country-China
    5.Total Population covered under Insurance-19%
    6.WMA(ways means & advances)to govt-RBI
    7.NATO-North Atlantic Trearty Organisation
    8.Who Set up Finance Commission-President
    9.SBI Composite Index measures-Manufacture growth
    10.S&P 500 which stock exchange-New York
    11.Mobile App Launched for Girls Safety-Himmat
    12.C.K Naiudu Trophy-Cricket
    13.Umesh Yadav&Aksar Patel which sports-Cricket
    14.Agni IV missile Range-4000 km
    15.Govt. children vaccination scheme-Bal Swasth Mission
    16.Prague capital of which country-Czech Republic

  26. EVENING SESSION 17/01/15
    Eight Friends viz P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W seating around a Circular Table facing towards the center but not necessary in the same order.
    Q sits second to the left of W.Three people sits between V and R who is an immediate neighbour of T.One person sits between W and S.U is not a immediate neighbour of either S or T.

  27. EVENING SESSION 17/01/15

    Eight people viz P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W live in a building but on diffrent floors but not necessary in sane order means first on ground floor then second above it and so on.
    R lives on 3rd floor.W and Q lives on the floor immediate to each other,W lives above Q.T lives on a even number floor and above S.P lives on 5th floor and immediate neighbour of V.S does not live on even number floor.

  28. How do you know your accuracy so precisely ?

  29. Sectional cutoff hai kya plz koi clear Karo bhayiyo

  30. Ya and bit lenthy too.

  31. is there any sectional cut off in this exam??

  32. Mine attempts are 140 from Uttar Pradesh.

  33. Anyone going to appear AFCAT exam? Plz

  34. hai
    any one wrote nia exm today evening shft (18th jan) ?

  35. 177 question attempted

  36. cut off kitna ja sakya hai.................?

  37. Hi Deepika and Mymuna, result of NIACL Assistant exam is declared. What is your status. Are you both in??... Please share...


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