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January 26, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Pranaya (Hyderabad)


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Name : T. Pranaya

Qualification : B. Tech (ece)

venue : Andhra Bank Apex College, Gachibowli

Date : 24th January

Time : 1 PM

Reached there by 12.  Verification started at 1.  But they announced lunch break. went out to take lunch. and reached back by 2. My number in the panel was 22. each panel has 25 members. so after long waiting my turn came at 4.after verification again they said to wait near the interview panel. there are mixed feelings going on in my mind. felt tensed happy and excited. prayed to god not to leave my hand now and be with me till the end. because i waited for this moment since IBPS PO 3 which i lost with 2 marks.. finally my turn came.

There are  4 members in the panel.. 3 male and 1 female. all interview was in my local language (Telugu)

Opened the door and asked may i come in asked to come and take my seat. Said thank u.
and interview starts..

m1: so Pranaya introduce yourself
me: sir i'm pranaya from  acc mancherial of adilabad district.

m1: what is acc over there
me: answered

m1:asked to explain  about my native place
me: explained confindently

m1: so pranaya  where did you complete your graduation and what is your stream.
me: answered

m1: so  you have good percentage dint you get any companies to your college
me: i said i attended igate in my college and lost in hr. and also cleared written in cognizant but didnt attended interview because i dont have interest in software and they will be asking about programming languages which are not my subjects.

m1:ok asked m2 to ask questions it was like rapid fire round

m2: who is loksabha speaker
me: sumitra mahajan

m2: external affairs minister
me: sushma swaraj

m2: hrd minister
me: smruti zubain irani

m2: union minster for commerce
me: nirmala sitaraman

all were very impressed with these answers
next m1 signed m3 to ask questions

m3: what are the functions of bank
me: answered but forgot to mention some functions they helped me to answer.

m3: how bank gain money and lose money.
me: said by taking interests on loans it gains and i dint get any idea about lose then he gave a hint by asking will you deposit money.
then i recalled and said by giving interests on deposits and by giving salary to employs
next asked mam to ask questions
she was observing me from starting

f1:she asked a question( i dont even remember that question)
me: said sorry mam i dont have any idea about that.

f1: you said all the central ministers names right do you know any state female ministers name
me: no mam there are no female minsters in state only female present according to my knowledge was deputy speaker padma devender reddy.
all were impressed with this answer

f1: what is women empowerment
me: main aim is to develop women in all the sectors. government started scheme like beti bachao and beti badao and introduced baratiya mahila bank for this purpose

f1: so why do you think kcr dint give chance to any female ministers.
me: i cant guess anything mam. but i discussed with my father regarding this matter. we will watch news daily together and discuss about important news.
all said very good.

m1: what is your father and mother. tell about your family.
me: both my parents are government teachers and i have 3 sisters i am
the elder one.

m1: good.what the others were doing
me: answered

f1: what conclusion your father gave regarding female ministers discussion.
me:we cant guess what his intention was but he have 5 years of time
within this time he should impress people. otherwise public will give chance to other government if they are not satisfied with his work.

again m1 started to ask
m1:how many questions did you attempt and how many are you expecting
me: sir i attempted 109 and expecting between 90-100

m1: good. did you take any coaching
me: no sir i prepared at home.

m1: Do you see melo avaru koteshwarudu (mek) ( this is a famous game show in telugu like kbc)
me: yes sir i do watch daily

m1: did you saw that episode in which a lady whose husband was a carpenter and she lost that game by saying wrong answer and fell down to 10000
me: yes sir. but not to 10000 sir to 3,20,000 from 12,50,000

m1: yes yes what was that question and options.
me:  sir question was which of the following has cow in its  logo

m1: what were the options
me: said 2 options. not able to remember remaining two

m1: no problem say the correct answer
while i was thinking mam gave hint it was cow right
me:  yes mam i got it was related to dairy. i.e.. milk production
all smiled and said yes.

m1: k pranaya good all the best

said thank you to all and said have a nice day.

Over all interview was in telugu and i felt very comfortable.

It was like i was speaking to my relatives. All were smiling throughout interview and i also gave answers with smile. Only suggestion i want to give is to be cool and dont get tensed. In  that tension you will forget answers which you know. this was my experience and hoping for best.. all the best to all the candidates..

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  1. anilkumar alluri ChowdaryJanuary 26, 2015 at 8:49 PM

    @pranya what is u r panel ??

  2. u will be 100 % in .. all the very best

  3. thank u very nicely done. :)

  4. You are in definitely. But in saifabad interview was purely in English

  5. thank you .very helpfull and all the best

  6. Anilkumar PeddapallyJanuary 26, 2015 at 9:39 PM

    goodluck prananya i am also frm mancherial...............

  7. wat z ur panel?
    my intervw z on 29th..

  8. Mine on 24th..telugu lo avtnda

  9. what about clerk intrw

  10. anilkumar alluri ChowdaryJanuary 26, 2015 at 10:24 PM

    HI guys I have one query my name is Anilkumar Alluri.

    in alleducational certificates it will like Anilkumar A

    while filling application I filled like Anilkumar Alluri

    in my passport it will like Anilkumar Alluri

    So it will create any problem my interview on 29th plz reply guys

  11. anilkumar alluri ChowdaryJanuary 26, 2015 at 10:26 PM

    mine was 8 panel 29th on same venue

  12. Mam please provide previous year paper of lic aao...soon n general awareness material too...:)

  13. R u belongs to minority religion i put yes and am hindu so i fill religion as that create any pblm???plss reply me....

  14. Interview Experience (PATNA)
    Time -- 8:30am
    Panel- 5
    Date- 22/01/2015
    I reached at the venue at 8:00 and they allowed us in at 8:32(to be exact).
    Verification of documents procedure started at 9:00am. My number was 14th in the list.
    Interview started at 9:50am and i entered the room at 11:20 am. There was 5 members in my panel (4M and 1F).
    2 members were noticing my body language.
    I entered the room with a smile and greeted everyone good morning . They offered me seat. I replied Thank You.

    1). Introduce yourself either Hindi/English.
    I replied,belonging,education,job,family background..
    2). Ask me Father's Business?
    I replied accordingly 1 of panel member told ...I have old relation to ur native.
    3). Ask me about 10th and 12th ?
    I replied then 1 panel member asking about why u haven't done ur graduation from ur native's college??
    Then I replied have done from CBSE so for continuous of CBSE I opted CBSE school.
    4). where u were working and what??
    I replied accordingly.
    5). what is ur salary structure?
    I said package which i was getting in my previous company. They expecting and discuss own self about my
    my monthly salary then i said actual salary and remaining amount deducted from tax.
    6) Which Tax??
    said some corporate TAX.
    7). WHY Banking??
    said Uncertain career but Banking is providing a decent job and good career opportunities.
    8). What is meaning of ur name and any famous personalities??

    9). what is database and oracle??

    10). PO Role in bank??
    11). Which other form u filled up??
    i said i focused only Banking becoz I like Banking.

    12) At Last one situation based question... said there is river and there is 4 feet water. one person is there telling u to cross the river then what is ur action??
    I said first of all i don't know then i ll authenticate that person whether he is saying right or not then analyze the situation accordingly i ll decide..
    then panel member told that person always say 100% right ??
    then i was firm my answer as above ll analyze situation after that ll decide.
    Guys reply me how's my interview ?? during interview some member of my panel was interrupting and trying to frustrating me... but i was not lose my patience and answers almost all the questions....

  15. They asked your marks. You are in

  16. When is your po interview??

  17. Congrats Pranaya.. what is your category?

  18. nice one...n all the best...

  19. hi, I too get the same interview center but i am getting confused with location of that.... can anybody help me how to reach that interview center......... plz

  20. What does gategory qualified under state..for example if iam from SC community and iam qualified under Sc community does it mean that i have got below 80 marks

  21. anilkumar alluri ChowdaryJanuary 27, 2015 at 10:46 AM

    it will create prblm?? some of them are saying nothing happen bcoz u have supported document as passport

  22. may b ! take an affidavit that may help

  23. wr u staying present ?

  24. im at ameerpet

  25. thank you all the best for u r interview

  26. nanu telugu lo ne adigaru.. may b it depends on their mood and interest

  27. hoping for best. thank you

  28. mehdipatnam nundi 116n bus catch cheyandi. wipro circle dagara digandi. akanundi u can go by walk.. icici head office kanipisthadi bus digagane. venaka lane lo andhra bank untadi. all the best

  29. nak telsina iddarini kuda telugu lone adgaranta. ma panel lo maximum telugu lo ne jarigindi i dnt know about other panels..


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