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December 12, 2014

SBI Clerk Interview Experience dated 12th December 2014


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Hi Friends Im ARAVIND today i have attended my SBI CLERK interview at

Venue : SBI Learning Centre Perambur

Date  : 12th December 2014 Time :9 am

Panel : II

Friends if anybody going to above venue via train detrain at Vysarpadi Jeeva Station And walk towards perambur station on the track aftre 50 meters you can see an subway below the track take left turn and walk 200 meters straightly you will reach perambur highroad take left turn that is Stephenson Road with in 50 feet you can reach the venue with in 5 mins from the vysarpadi station.

I reached the venue at 8.50 am totally 18 candidates for interview 17 present 1 absent. My no is 7. The administrator given all the instruction and gave today news paper to all and he is the best one in the Panel. For certificate verification they took nearly 30 minutes for each candidate, they verified twice and the one who verified my Certificate is the worst one. My Certificate verification finished at 10.15 am.I think the interview Started at 11 am only. I have been asked to sit outside, at 12 am they called me to the interview hall and waited for 50 mins, then finally at 12.50
My interview Started. I enter the room and wished all of them They asked me to sit in the chair.

Totally 5 members in the Panel Four Male and 1 Madam.

M1 : Your Name is ARAVINDHAN right?
Me : Yes sir.
M1 : your HSC Subjects Maths, Physics, Chemistry And Fourth one?
Me : Computer Science not Biology.
M1 : From the above 3 subjects which one is your favourite ?
Me : Maths Sir.
M1 : Then 2nd Favourite Subject ?
Me : Computer Science Sir
M1 : Interrupted me and asked from the 3 main subjects only?
Me : Chemistry.
M1 : Ok . Lets start with Basic chemistry, What is an Atom & what is an                       Molecule(one by one)
Me : Answered.
M1 : Define Oxidation?
Me : Answered.
M1 : Explain Reverse Osmosis?
Me : I don't Know.

M2 : Why in India Unemployment is increasing every year and what can we do to         reduce it?
Me : Answered, but He is not satisfied.
M2 : What is Financial Inclusion ?
Me : Answered.

M3 : Said im going to skip, He doesn't ask any question?

(In the mean time M4 is something doing with his mobile All M1,M2&M3 told him to ask questions but His mind is till in the mobile and finally
came to the interview mode , this time madam is ready to ask questions but M4 asked her to stop)

M4 : Your hobby is playing cricket yes, Tell me Some Past indian Spin Bowlers           not Fast ?
Me : Answered 3 bowlers, But he wants 5 bowlers and then me added one bowler         he said the 5th one.

Female : Why in india Satellite phones are banned?
me : I don't know?

Finally all the panel members : your interview is over, you can leave now, They wished me and I said Thank You.

The above interview finished with in 3 minutes...

Thank you guys ... and ALL THE BEST for your interview...

And Finally Thank you very Much for your support Great AmbitionZ TEAM, You are  done well and keep it up....... 

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  1. plz help me.. I have OBC certificate issued on march 2013 how to get a new one?

  2. Any one frm bhopal on 14

  3. well done mate good interview

  4. you had to reapply again to get new OBC

  5. are u sure its really 3 minutes ?

  6. you have to get the new one. if you don't have OBC , the won't allow you to the interview...

  7. u mean i have to apply again...? no procedure to renew the previous one?

  8. u mean every year one has to get a new one till he get a job?

  9. no renew because the OBC certificate is depending upon th over all income of the family if it exceeds 6 lakhs you will come into creamy layer then OBC wont work so they ask new OBC certificate for every exam

  10. dear jst go to ur local collector office/mamlatdar office & take the form for the obc & ask the documents to be attached with the form & then go with ur father with necesary documents i.e photo i.d proof ur & ur father, address proof , passport size photi u & ur father, income proof. rest process the advocate in collector office will tell u. i suggest do all the process with advocate sitting there, he will take hardly 100 or 150 rs.

  11. and what about my old certificate which i have it of no use now?

  12. Hi every one, is dere any one from ST category andhra pradesh

  13. For me same centre same panel and same time brother. but on 15th

  14. yes dear there is no value of march-2013 non creamy layer obc certificate bt keep with u this. bt must keep ur caste certificate/backward (obc ) certi. permenantly lifetime. for non creamy layer certi. u have to renew every year as the non crem. certi. valid upto march month every year

  15. can u pls tell me the character certificate format ??

  16. The same way you got the old one

  17. they judge u within 3 minutes u r in bro....short and long inerviewers are more chances

  18. Please help me with this charater certificate any two from the follwoing so I have transfer certificate when I left school (12th) is that enough?? And the another one how could I get it ?


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