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December 12, 2014

Interview Experience of SBI Clerk


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Hi Friends I am Suresh. Today I have attended my interview in Perambur, Chennai.

Venue: State Bank Learning Centre, Perambur, Chennai

Time: 9 am

Panel: III

I reached the venue at 8.30 am and the document verification started at 9 am sharply. Totally there were 17 candidates in my panel.SBI officials are very strict about verification. In my panel one candidate’s interview was rescheduled due to incorrect format of OBC certificate. For me there was no problem in verification. Below are the lists of certificates they are verifying.
  1. 10th and +2 mark sheets 
  2. Degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet 
  3. OBC certificate 
  4. Character certificates 
  5. ID proof you have submitted during written examination
    Interview started around 10.30 am. My name was 9th in the list and my turn has come around 12.15pm.Totally there were 5 people in the panel (4 M and 1F).
M1: You have good score in your academics (I have good academic scores in school as well as in engg) and you are currently working with TCS.Then why can’t you try for MBA or MS or some other IT jobs?
M1: What is the cab service app recently in the news?
M2: What is your native? (He asked this question in Tamil)
M2: Tell me about your native
M2: Do you have any savings bank account with SBI?
M2: Tell me the top 5 public sector banks
M2: Tell me about recent happenings in SBI
F: Why do you want to join SBI as you are already working with big brand TCS?
F: What is NBFC?
F: Tell me the name of a NBFC which has been converted into bank
M3: Tell me about the relation between SBI and TCS
M3: Are you aware of TCS projects in China?
M3: Recently TCS is making good profits. What is the reason behind that?
M4: You are good with academics all through you carrier. How you got this capability?

 I have answered to all questions with confident (don’t know whether my answers are correct or not) and my interview went for 10 – 12 minutes. They are just looking how confidently and how boldly you are speaking. So be confident while answering. All the best friends. Hope for the best  

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  1. any one frm bhopal on 14

  2. study of algae- phycology
    study of eyes- opthalmology
    study of blood- haematology
    study of liver- haptology
    study of fungy- mycology
    study of kidney- nephrology
    study of skin- dermatology
    study of cell- cytology
    study of joints- arthrology

  3. Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank Declared Interview Schedule for Office Assistants.

  4. mine on 15th same centre...i am from pondicherry tell me bus route bro

  5. Thanks suresh..really helpful

  6. Thanks Suresh for ur review
    Could you please share what have u answered for your first question i.e.
    Currently working for TCS then y ru looking for SBI clerk job?

  7. hi mine is on 17th .. same centre... could u tell me the shortest route from soon as u come to know

  8. friends can any one tell me if im not done well in sbi interview means whether they put minimum mark or just fail?

  9. Friends anyone having interview dated on 18th december SBI learning centre Nungamakkam 9AM.................

  10. Hi, i am too from pondicherry :) same timing for me

  11. i heard from koyembedu it takes maximum 1 and half hours ... dont know about shortest routes

  12. There is a small correction..

    Study of Liver is Hepatology not Haptology
    Study of eyes is ophthalmology not opthalmology

  13. Thank you.


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