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December 14, 2014

IBPS Clerks IV Online Exam Review dated 14th December 2014


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Hello I am Siddhartha Singh  from Himachal  Pradesh. I gave my clerk exam today  at Dharamshala. First of all...its been raining here since yesterday..and the weather is extremely cold here..not the best time to arrange such exams.

Well lets discuss about the exam..the exam is of moderate difficulty  level.

Sectional wise review 
COMPUTERS :- mixture of tough and easy questions...well I can say that the questions are difficult than the PO exam...some questions were almost impossible to answer for those having  no computer background..but still one could attempt 20-25 questions easily.

Reasoning :- easy...but too much time could easily attempt 25-30 questions...

Quant :- This section is very easy to those having good mathematical skills...but unfortunately I Dont belong to that category ...10 simplifications  5 DI questions of moderate leve 5 completion of series questions..there were no data sufficiency  questions as mentioned in some previous  reviews...overall moderate section but time consuming..very calculative. Speed is the main key here.

English :- this section also seemed tougher thn PO exam...questions were easy but options were very confusing...u have to be super accurate to answer correctly...don't  fall for previous reviews and attempt this section carefully...questions may appear easier...but this section not that easy to attempt.

GA :- Easy to moderate questions....
  • mostly from banking awareness.
  • questions like
  • Who provide guarntee to investors in saving accounts DICGC
  • Max limit on kisam vikas patra NO LIMIT
  • Capital of bhutan Thimpu
  • saving account limit
  • one questions on FD
  • will share more questions..coudnt recall nw..
Overall  this exam reminds me of the RRB exams..and only thing m worried is of high cut offs...hooefully that won't  be the scenario  in clerical.
And as always  gr8ambitionz  banking capsule  and daily current affairs ruled the exam.Thank you gr8 team.

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  1. eng its really confusing nt easy ...hope cut off clear ho jaye ..attempted only 24 passagae k 10 k elawa no accuracy idea...jai shree raam

  2. could u please elaborate in detail

  3. G.k questions asked in today's exam. 1) youngest noble prize winner- malala
    yousufzai 2) who appoints banking ombudsman 3) capital of Bhutan-
    thimpu 3) VAT full form- value added tax

  4. ga question asked were

    1)baichung butia related to which game
    2)ECGC full form
    3) savings account rate decided by whom?
    4)Ombudsman appointed by whom?
    5)Question on sivaramakrishnan committe report?
    6)Human rights day?
    7)Half girlfriend written by who?
    8)Shortcut to undo in excel
    9)Shortcut to delete word on the right of the cursor
    10)Overdraft limit under Jan dhan yojana
    11)person who is not in the list of billionares form India(top 100 list)?
    12)capital of bhutan?
    13)currency of peoples republic of china?
    14)who gives guarantee for deposit in savings bank?
    thats all i remember

  5. is anybody here who fill challan for Prathma Bank, pls tell me nearest branch from Moradabad station

  6. ya right i can't say it tough but time is not there to answer for me attempted
    with reasoning 40
    quant 22
    comp 34
    gk 27
    eng 23

  7. go to amroha

  8. some questions that I recall-
    1-sitara devi famous for --kathak
    2 pmjdy overdraft limit
    3 - bichung bhutia - football
    4 - ghumar dance form
    5 - china currency
    6 Redmi 4G tablet launched by - Xiaomi
    7 human rights day observed on
    8 MP famous for the river - Narmada
    9 one qn related to shanti swaroop bhatnagar prize
    10 UNIDO headquarters - vienna
    11 magnus carlson chess winner belongs to - Norway
    12 - author of half girlfriend - chetan bhagat
    13 - who can open small bank accounts?
    14 - saving account rate decided by

  9. it was complex calculations

  10. Whats your attempt in quant n overall?

  11. have solved seating arrangement question in logical re.

  12. if you that type practice question please forward me

  13. wording problems kaise the
    and number series kaise thi

  14. My exam was on 7th. I attended 152.
    Comp- 34
    Gi- 31
    Eng- 36
    Math- 19
    Do I have any chance to crack it ?
    Help me out guys


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