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December 08, 2014

IBPS Clerks IV Online Exam Experiences of 7th December 2014 - Afternoon Shift


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Review shared by A. Velaganni
Hi Friends, vanakkam.

This is A.Velanganni from Thiruchirapalli.

I want to share my IBPS Clerk 07/12/14 Evening Session experience.

First of all i started with General Awareness. I have attended all and kept six for review.

Then i attended Computer followed by English. I have attended 119 out of 120 in 45 minutes.

Then i went for Reasoning and at last Numerical. In these both I have attended 21 & 22 respectively. Overall my attempts were 162.

Let me share some of the questions:

1. World standards day 14 oct
2. Who hq - Geneva
3. Chairman of finance
commission- v. Reddy
4. Typhoon vongfong struck which
country – japan
5. Rural developement minister - birendra singh
6. 13th parvasi divas - gujarat
7. Currency of new zealand -dollar
8. Sardar singh sport - hockey
9. Nobel prize economics -jean tirole
10. Who author graduated from iitd and iima -chetan bhagat
11. Housing for all till which year
12. Securities transactions tax
13. Cng - compressed natural gas
14. Next asian games- indonesia
15. Operation lehar launched by navy for hudhud
16. State with highest international boundary -
17. Irnss 1c is of which country – india.
18. Which indian film .. Selected for oscar - liar's dice
19. Constituency of kalraj mishra – deoria in u.P
20. Headquarter of adb – manila
21. In bcsbi,
22. Capital of fiji – suva
23. Kisan vikas patra is what type of scheme - small savings.
24. Full form of gst- goods and services tax
25. Head of national disaster
management – prime minister
26. Pmjdy purpose - for financial inclusion
27. Fmcg-fast moving consumer goods
28. If you open demat account - purpose share trading
29. Housing for all till which year -
30. At first finance minister present budget where?

Some Computer Questions for you
31. Out of five number which is not binary?
32. Isdn - integrated services digital network
33. Wan - wide area network
34. Html - hyper text markup language
35. Vda - visual display unit
36. Bps - ?
37. What is intel?
38. In hexadecimal how many digits are there?
39. Cntl+2 in excel?
40. How many kilobytes in a megabyte
41. Linux is what? Open source
42. Latest android version - lolli pup
43. Largest computer among given five - mainframe
44. Function key among given five
45. How to shift a passage
46. What is ms excel
47. What is worksheet
48. Find input device
49. Find output device
50. Find which is not a pointing device among given
51. Regarding omr
52. Debugging
53. Which is not a operating system among given five
54. Which one is software among given

that's all i recollected friends.

Thank you very much gr8ambitionz team.

All the best to all the upcoming examinees.

Review shared by Ashish Lohani
Hi friends my name is ASHISH LOHANI
I would like to share my today's (7th December 2014) exam held in Evening

General Awareness i attempt 29 questions.
  • WHO HQ
  • Fiji's capital
  • SDR is the currency of which Organsation
  • Rural State Minister
  • Kalraj mishre belongs to which constituency
  • Foreign policy is made by which
I attempted 26 question
5 from arrengement
10 fill in blanks.
I attempt 35 questions with 100% accuracy
area of triangle,DI,Compound Interest,Partnership,Age calculation,Series,

Reasoning i attempted 36 Question with 98% accuracy
5 question on Square sitting.
Row sitting eyc
i attempt 32 questions.

All sections are easy. I think merit will be high this time.

My best wishes for upcoming exams

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  2. if the paper is easy it does not means that merit will be high . it will be depends on number of vacancy in state. There will be more exam in next date of clerk.

  3. WHO head office at geneva

  4. Who hq is Geneva Switzerland not manila, ur ans is wrong.

  5. Nice review and this really helpful for coming aspirants

  6. Thanku a.velaganni for writing such a fine review..

  7. hi can u please share the expected overall cutoff (written+interview) for IBPS PO 4 selection for all categories and also the no. of vacancies for PO4

  8. HI Guys,

    I am sadashiva mathad i have attempted total 148 marks. I was weak in quant section i have attempted 20marks in quant so with accuracy overall i can say from yesterday afternoon session quant attempts between 20-23 good attempts. other section were very easy. For karnataka state cutoff may go to 80-90 overall according to me.. for general category...

    All the Best Guys


  10. Thnx for your reviews...

  11. wat cutoff can we expect in QA??

  12. please anybody share today's SBI clerk interview experience.....

  13. in order to bold

  14. A complete review.

  15. bhai i think chetan bhagat se bhut pyar h ibps walon ko

  16. Tibet origin-Brahmaputra
    excessively for Restaurant-

  17. Hey it is my humble request to every gujarati and all others,
    please share your marks of rrb po and clerk (gujarat section) ( share even if you know someone else marks from gujarat)
    this is my last chance.

    i scored 112 in po and 131 in clerk, SC candidate.
    please share.
    so at least i can guess my chances.!!

  18. How many vacancy for clerk in tamilnadu

  19. how u can attnd all questions in GA.which material u followed for gk..pls share

  20. hey velankanni, can u pls tll us frm how to prepr for GA section??

  21. united insurnce ka syllabs kya hai.......

  22. gujarati.?

    thnx yar. !

    do you know marks of other candidates.?

  23. hi sadas i wnt to ask u one thing u hv an idea tht wht will be cut off for maths only bcoz i hv atmpt only 19 in maths

  24. r u sure abt it bcz m also done only 19

  25. Yes gujrti. Give me mail.will discus

  26. i attempted a total of 144 questions in IBPS clerical but could only do 16 questions (100% accuracy) in Quant. Do i have a chance?

  27. english jumbled arrangement on 7th dec afternoon..............

  28. yes agar accuracy hai toh..

  29. ll give later. so r u belong to reserve cat or open.?
    and do you know marks of other.?
    let me know. please.

  30. ohh. cool. so do you know marks of others.?
    plus where are you from in guj.?

  31. Frm anand.i have 3 frnds who scores more than 140 in assistnt nd 110+ in po

  32. omg. :/ 110+ in po. damn hard chance for me.!
    clerk is tends to impossible.

  33. Dont worry.give me ur mail id we will discus

  34. don't worry yaar I also got 115 po and 142 clerk rrb sc category from ahmedabad
    my frnd nisha got 92 in po

  35. nahi yar, mere parents meri sadi karva denge. ! :/
    what are our chances.?
    do you know some other candidates marks.?
    please tell me.

  36. give me your email id. i ll add you on g+
    or tell me your fb name, i ll add you there.
    i cant disclose my email id here.!

  37. i am also from ahmedabad.
    from naranpura area.!
    i check out in liberty and mahindra but there is less people who score more than 110+ in po.!
    but still i want to know max people marks so i can know my chances.!
    but less gujarati on all sites and even they rarely reply.
    so stuck on lots of problems.
    Reply soon.

  38. Fb id add me.whts ur name in fb?

  39. Approx hw many banking related questions were asked

  40. are perhaps you disabled to search from email id so i cant search you.
    tell me about your dp. and cover pic or your name or school name.

  41. Vallabh vidhyanager,black jacket pic.clg charoter inst. Of technology,citc changa

  42. cool. check out inbox.!

  43. -->Ctrl+2 in excel --Bold(Ctrl+2)
    -->1MB=1000 KB or 1024KB

  44. Hello, are you going for SO(IT -Officer) or not ?

  45. rajkot gramin bank ni vacancy aavse thodu patience rakh thai jase be positive

  46. be positive rajkot grameen bank ni cut off 100 jetli hati appdu thai jashe

  47. hope so yar. :) i find out people who scored 126, 121, 123 , 119 in po. :/

  48. tamne su lage vac kyare avse.? nd honestly thai jase apdu.? bhu bdha hase ne mara jeva toh.?

  49. yes, obvs. i will go for so -15. ! i mean dis year.!

  50. if you have any kind of material then please provide me i m in ahmedbad just inbox me in facebook with same name thank you

  51. Hello ,
    kya ye ibps IT officer ki exam me esa hota h ki,

    cutoff k liye total marks count hote h par

    for final selection sirf interview k and vo particular section ke hi marks count hote h.?

  52. I thought you only replied wid "Ohh GOOD"
    Aw i am also from ahmedabad.
    i have some material. give me id. or facebook id. whatever you are okie with it. i ll send u


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