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November 11, 2014

Computer Knowledge Quiz


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  1. Which type of the software is used in the design of products, structures, civil, engineering, drawings and maps ?
    1. Desktop programs
    2. MS Paint
    3. Drawing programs
    4. CAD programs
    5. PowerPoint
  2. Advanced word processing features include all except creation of ?
    1. columns
    2. detailed architectural drawings
    3. alternate headers and footers 
    4. stylesheets 
    5. None of these
  3. The computer that hosts your e-mail account is known as a(n) :
    1. Host
    2. E-mail client
    3. E-mail server 
    4. listserv 
    5. None of these
  4. ____________ can interpret voice data into words that can be understood by the computer 
    1. speech input hardware 
    2. taking software 
    3. word recognition software 
    4. speech recognition software
    5. adobe reader 
  5. A touchpad responds to 
    1. light
    2. pressure 
    3. clicking 
    4. the sense of heat from fingertips
    5. None of these
  6. What is the term for calculations used within spreadsheets ?
    1. analysis 
    2. ranges 
    3. formulas 
    4. recalculations
    5. values 
  7. This is a set of values that you want to chart in Excel 
    1. Object
    2. Numbers 
    3. Date Mart 
    4. Formulas 
    5. Data series 
  8. Before you can begin using e-mail, you must have a (n)
    1. Browser 
    2. Modem
    3. Server 
    4. Scanner 
    5. Account
  9. The button that displays the window over the entire screen is 
    1. Scroll box 
    2. Downsize 
    3. Restore down
    4. Minimize 
    5. Maximize 
  10. The .xls extension is used for ____________ files 
    1. Windows 
    2. Access
    3. Powerpoints
    4. Word
    5. Excel 
  11. Which of the following is a transaction ?
    1.  A group of SQL statements consisting of one read and one write operation 
    2. A group of SQL statements consisting only of ready operations 
    3. A group of SQL statements defining a user-oriented task
    4. A group of SQL statements consisting only of write operations 
    5. None of these
  12. In order for computers to communicate across a network, they must be connected through a(n) ______________
    1. TCP/IP
    2. Topology
    3. Ethernet 
    4. Thin Client
    5. None of these
  13. The ______________ stored on a ROM chip, is responsible for loading the operating system from its permanent location on the hard drive into RAM
    1. BIOS
    2. API
    3. Device driver
    4. supervisor program
    5. display 
  14. What are the four basic connecting hardware devices 
    1. Repeater, Bridge, Router and Dell
    2. Repeater, Connector, Router and Gateway
    3. Repeater, Bridge, Router and Gateway
    4. Amplifier, Bridge, Router and Gateway 
    5. None of these
  15. A device operating at the physical layer is called a
    1. Bridge
    2. Router 
    3. Repeater 
    4. All of these 
    5. None of these
  16.  Use this when you want to make all letters capital without having to use the Shift key for each character 
    1. Shifter 
    2. Upper Case 
    3. Caps Lock
    4. Icon
    5. None of these
  17. Which of the following is not a type of hub ?
    1. Passive hub
    2. Inactive hub
    3. Switching hub
    4. Intelligent hub
    5. None of these
  18. To get to the "Symbol" dialogue box, click on the ____________ menu and choose "Symbol"
    1. Insert
    2. Format
    3. Tools 
    4. Table 
    5. Help
  19. ____________ allows you to print
    1. ribbon
    2. monitor
    3. go now
    4. ctrl + p
    5. None of these
  20. In a document what is the maximum number of columns that can be inserted in MS Word Table ?
    1. 35
    2. 15
    3. 63
    4. 65
    5. 70
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  1. out of 14/20 i want more updates

  2. Thanks a lot for this mam...It so useful for our next exams

  3. But mam plz help me how I download this computers questions.....Plz ans me soon..m waiting u..

  4. Thanks a lot team ...

  5. i had a doubt in 12th question is that answer is correct i thought answer should be TCP/IP,

    Please correct me if i am wrong ...

  6. Thank you :)
    hey i have doubt in the 5th question plz clear it

  7. Thank you Ma'm. Can you also submit materials for United India Assurance Administrative officer?

  8. i think that web cam is both input n output device

  9. there are many question the answer of which are different from those posted last time-.......and this makes your question doubtful..

  10. In question 3 how could be email client? Email server is hosting email?

  11. .
    eight friends raju, akbar ,birbal,phani,kevin,vineel,lavish,simon are from diff continents asia,africa,and europe and they speak diff language bari,andoke and chimila .atmost three and atleast two persons belong to each continent .at least two and atmost three persons speak each language .no two persons fromsame continent speak same language .lavish is from africaand speaksbari language.raju and akbar are from same continent but the continent is not europe .birbal and phani speak same language but not chimila.phani and the person who speaks bari are from same cintinent but it is not africa .lavish and birbal speaks diff language .only two persons beling to africa .simin is not from asia but speaks andoke .vineel and lavish speak same language .kevin and vineel are from same continent .the person who speaks chimila are not from africa.akbar speaks chimila .lavish and simon are fron diff contine

  12. Asia.....Raju-Bari,Akbar-chimila,Phani-anfoke

  13. Editing : Modifying the document or a part of itself like renaming or changing the data inside or correction of spelling, or whatever. Editing is sort of an "end-user's" perspective with primary intention being editing and secondary intention being scrolling.
    Scrolling : Moving horizontally or vertically, going through the data downwards or upwards, WITHOUT modifying the data itself. Scrolling is sort of a "viewer's" perspective with only one perspective, viewing.
    And then there is, scrolling to check if modification is required and then editing, if needs be, which is what editors do. :)

  14. The question goes, "to modify a part of document on screen, we use the facility of?".
    One can see that the question basically asks "to modify...we use?"
    We can get the help from a dictionary to find:

    prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.
    And, now we can try and see if it does really mean that when we try to modify a part of a document. Oh yes, it does work that way! :D
    If you can't understand a question as a whole and get confused so as to what the question is actually asking, try breaking the question in parts and see if it helps. :)
    "To modify a part of document on screen, we use the facility of?"
    "To modify (-break-) a part of document on screen (-break-) we use the facility of?"
    As this is a question under "computer awareness/knowledge", you need only part 1 i.e. "to modify" and part 3 i.e. "we use..." and completely ignore part 2 i.e. "a part..." if you practice speed reading because in this area "Edit" is the most commonly used term in almost any editor/document-creator/etc. that is used "to modify" data/part of a document or whatever.

    Searching is not an action for "modification", my friend. It's, just like scrolling just because both searching and scrolling are actions "for view" only(and mind you, I'm not saying scrolling=searching, I just mentioned a point why these two are similar). Modifying is an action for editing. Use edit function to modify a part or the whole document itself.
    I hope, I was of help. If not, please let me know. Have a good one, mate! :)

  15. sir please ye jo ad aate h is site pe gande ekdm use ban kijiye koi family wala pas me baitha ho to bht bekar lgta h

  16. There is a mistake in Question - 2.
    The answer should be option - 2.

  17. is the answer of question no. 3 is correct. is it e-mail server? plz clarify.

  18. 20/20 easy ques..pls update some tricky ques mam..thank u

  19. TCP/IP is a protocol. But one needs a connection to communicate. Topology gives the idea of the connection over internet(How the nodes are connected to each other).

  20. It works on Pressure given to it, finds the coordinates and acts up on the users wish.
    You can think ( or remember ) it this way :
    Though the name "touch" suggests a gentle approach for us ( human) Its a bit Pressure on the system. :P

  21. email client is the application on which u r using ur email service .Eg. Microsoft outlook

    the answer is wrong.

  22. computer +english class :P

  23. Work on pressure But why it does not work when i tried with the pencil,pen,ear buds etc ???

  24. Dharmendra Singh ChoudharyNovember 12, 2014 at 11:42 PM


  25. How can i get the computer awareness quiz all at one place..plz reply me admin..

  26. Admin plz provide computer quiz all at one place like banking awareness sets and general awreness sets..

  27. 3rd should be program counter only.

  28. LOL! I should charge him for the English class then. :))))

  29. Good question. Maybe you should read this. I could try to explain it to you but Wikipedia does everything better. ;)


  31. Hello this site s vry useful pls put information in pdf format..........

  32. hello guys when is the last exam date of sbi associate clerial exam..........


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