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October 11, 2014

Today's (11th October 2014) IBPS PO Online Exam Review - Morning Session


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Hi friends, this is Suresh Kumar again. The guy who shared SBI PO Exam review. Today I've appeared for IBPS PO Online Exam (Morning Session) dated 11-10-2014. The exam is almost similar to previous versions of IBPS PO Exams. The difficulty levels of Apti and Reasoning are high. The questions are very tricky as usual. Merely knowing the formula won't help you here. You have to practice more. Remaining sections are ok. Those people who prepared for SBI PO may feel these sections are little easy. Here is my sectional wise review.

Aptitude : Most of the questions are from DI. Few questions from Basic Maths (these are very lengthy), equations and Mensuration.

Reasoning : Statements and Assumptions, Syllogisms (you have to choose which conclusion is NOT follows), I/O Problems and regular IBPS style Puzzles.

General Awareness : Most of the questions are from Banking sector. Very few from current affairs. Some regular GK questions are also there like Census 2011, composer of a song, full form and Countries Capital.

Computer Knowledge : Nothing to say about this section. All are standard questions. Cloze test is on Ebola virus.

English : Basic bank PO type topics with two Passages (no question from error correction).

I will try to add questions as soon as I reach home. All the best brothers and sisters. Wish me luck.

My Suggestions : Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the SBI PO due to some minor mistakes and negligence (I tensed alot during the exam). So I went today with complete planning. I went there expecting difficult level paper. This helped me unnecessary bothering. I tried to attempt 25 questions in every section. In computer I attempted all questions in less time (almost 18 of them are correct....because it is my core subject)Later I revised English and GA sections (I could only solve 19 questions in reasoning). Focus more on banking basics. All the best.

GK questions shared by Bharat Ranjan
  • Currency of Spain – Euro.
  • Capital of Arunachal Pradesh – Itanagar
  • Who is the father of atomic bomb – J. Robert Oppenheimer.
  • BKS Iyengar was awarded with – Padma Vibhushan.
  • Who is the head of Unclaimed funds of PPF – HR khan.
  • Who is the music director of mile sur mera tumhara song – Ashok Patki.
  • What is the full form of ADR – American Depositary Receipt.
  • Who is Mr Donald Tusk – Former Prime Minister of Poland. 
  • Question on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Question on Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Question on KYC
  •  Question on RTGS
  • Difference between ATM and Memory Card
  • Interest of Savings Bank decided by 
  • BOB Tagline
  • Question on Monetary Policy


  1. Could anybody tell some GA Questions!

  2. thank u. post gk qns

  3. Thanks Bro For Providing 1st Review.........All The Best to you too bro.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks for d review suresh.pls post d questions asap

  5. 1. Currency of Spain – Euro.
    2. Capital of Arunachal Pradesh – Itanagar
    3. Who is the father of atomic bomb – J. Robert Oppenheimer.
    4. BKS Iyengar was awarded with – Padma Vibhushan.
    5. Who is the head of Unclaimed funds of PPF – HR khan.
    6. Who is the music director of mile sur mera tumhara song – Ashok Patki.
    7. What is the full form of ADR – American Depositary Receipt.
    8. Who is Mr Donald Tusk – Former Prime Minister of Poland.

  6. thank you soo much and banking awareness current puchhe the ya traditional banking means terms... and etc

  7. plz share some banking awareness questions

  8. Some More Questions in General Awareness :

    9) father of atomic Bomb- j.Robert Oppenheimer

    (10) Pm want to build which city like Kyoto

    (11) Vijaya mallya defaulter for which firm of his

    (12) David tusk pm of

    (13) Curtain raisers written by

    (14) Serena Williams associated with

    (15) Rupay card launched by

    (16) NPA time limit?

    (17) Swach bharat yojna

    (18) LAF FULL Form.

    (19) What is s stand for in RTGS.

    (20) Japapn koyoto and varanasi related.

    (21) International bank of india?

    (22) KYC?

    (23) NPCHE full form.

    (24) How many languages are written in a note,

    (25) Atm card and memory card difference.

    (26) E commerce?

    (27) saving bank intrst decided by

    (28) in rtgs wat s means

    (29) bob tagline

    (30) smart city going to devopld by japan

    (31) jandhan schme releated to

    (32) Which freedom fighter was killed during protest of Simon Commission?

    (33) monetory policy includes?

  9. could anybody tell me total attemts

  10. how is it possible that u did 32 out of 40 in computer i had only 20 questions in computer section in which i did 17.

  11. give some tips. and gk questionfrom today exam

  12. 1. Currency of Spain – Euro.
    2. Capital of Arunachal Pradesh - itanagar
    3. Who is the father of atomic bomb – J. Robert Oppenheimer.
    4. BKS Iyengar was awarded with – Padma Vibhushan.
    5. Who is the head of Unclaimed funds of PPF – HR khan.
    6. Who is the music director of mile sur mera tumhara song – Ashok Patki.
    7. What is the full form of ADR – American Depository Receipt.
    8. Who is Mr Donald Tusk – Former Prime Minister of Poland.
    9. Pehla Kadam and Pehli Udaan is a savings account for children introduced by – SBI.
    10. What does S stands for RTGS – Settlement.
    11. The loan becomes Non-Performing Asset NPA when interest is not paid in – 90 days.
    12. RuPay Cards are India’s domestic cards launched by – National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).
    13. India’s International Bank is a tagline of – Bank Of Baroda.
    14. Who transformed annual Ganesha festival from private family celebrations into a grand public celebrations – Lokmanya Thilak.
    15. To which game Serena Williams is related to – Tennis.

  13. itys very difficult to attempt banking awareness questions ..plz give some guidance

  14. banking awareness current aa rahe hain yaa old type?

  15. plz tel guys which type of di qus r coming

  16. were there any quest. on sports in GA?

  17. 1. RTGS and LAF full form...
    2. One ques from india deal with japan.. Mou signed to develop which city - it is varanasi
    3. Which state has maximum number of h1 visa holder
    4. Union territory with lowest population
    5. One question on committe(don remember d exact ques)
    6.pehla kadam and pehli udaan for minor launched by - SBI

  18. Both. But maximum questions are of old type.

  19. As far as I know there are no Sports wala ques

  20. One question on programming language (artificial language or something)

  21. thank u gyess.........

  22. GA part was moderate but overall it was tough....
    please tell me hw many questions u attempted....

  23. plzz.. post more qouestion of computer section n gs

  24. what will be the minimum cut off for quants and overall

  25. questions asked today.....
    Which device has both input and output units outside the device
    Who wrote book curtain raiser
    One question on banking ombudsmen
    What is network
    Which city will be made as Kyoto
    One question on crr and slr
    In LAF L signifies liquidity
    In RTGS S signifies settlement
    Head of committee on ppfs HR KHAN
    Pehli udan and pehli Kiran by SBI
    Spain currency EURO
    Who was killed in lathicharge while protesting against Simon commision LALA LAJPAT RAI
    KYC for what?
    difference between memory card and smart card
    Through which application in mobile u can make e payments and pay bills WALLET CASH
    arunanchal Pradesh capital Itanagar
    One question on e commerce
    India's international bank punch line BANK OF BARODA
    Serena Williams associated with laun tennis
    One question on CBS I.e through which technology we can submit money in our account from anywhere in the country rather than in the home branch in which we have account
    One question on Jan dhan yojana - it is on Financial inclusion policy
    NPA DAYS -90
    One question on cheque truncation
    One question on BSBDA ACCOUNT
    one on Loan to value
    European commision head??
    Vijaya mallya companies name which is willfull defaulter-KINGFISHER AIRLINES
    least populous UT - LAKSHWADEEP

  26. Pi chart and ttabulation

  27. Thanku so much

  28. Yup the questions were very tricky...especially questions from aptitude... comparing to aptitude the reasoning was easy for me. Comptuter too was kk. In general awarness no question frm budget came. No dates were asked 1 que frm ga was thr frm census which is the union territory have least population . Could any one tell d last yr cut off n each section

  29. i want to know,,data interp...... detail,,,

  30. Which ut having Least population

  31. Is there input output section in today's exam??

  32. Hi I am from mumbai, appeared exam in Morning session today.
    My Attempt :
    Quanti - 15Q - 13 correct. - Hard++

    Reasoning - 22 - 20 Correct.Medium+Hard
    English - 26 - 18 Correct.- Easy + Medium

    C.A + Banking - 27 - 20 correct. - Easy.

    Computer - 19 - 15 Correct. Easy.
    Total Attempt : 109.

    I never prepared for IBPS PO. But Exam fee is Rs 500 only thats why appeared for Exam. This was my second Exam after SBI - PO and I feel good.

    Quanti : section is tough. Be well planed about question that which question you have to attempt in Exam. If you planned for DI then be prepare for worst calculation Bcaz out of 20 question of DI minimum 12-13 question needs worst calculation which takes more than 60 seconds and within pressure ful situation if you did small mistake....OVER.

    1-table,1 line chart,1 -PIE chart (2 diagram) - 1 Bar graph. = 20 question
    No simplication.
    7-8 Number, find wrong number = 5
    5 Equation (X-- >,>=,<,<=,No relation ---Y). = 5
    (Q/360)*2pieR - > 1question - Diagram.+

    1 - Area -Diagram

    10 Mixed - Question. (All chapter of RS Agrwal)

    5 - Data sufficiency----> Train,Boats,Age,Blood,Highest,Mixture and Alligation.

    Reasoning :

    D.S + Machine + Inequality + Syllogism(which is not correct)+15 Puzzle+15 mix.

    English : Refer previous year paper.

    C.A + Banking : Refer Below Post shared.

    Computer :

    3-4 question on S/W + Internet - 3 question + Database -2 Question + No question of Microsoft office. + General.

    Any chances of my selection...? :) Share your Views.

    All the best.....

  33. Rahul Deepak ChowdaryOctober 11, 2014 at 2:29 PM

    how many passages i s given in english

  34. wow
    super dude....

    watta memory....
    :-) :-)

  35. frnds plz share inequalitie asking in which mannar they gvn directly r not

  36. And no question s from asiard or common wealth or any recent sports . Only one que 1 could find from sports that was of Serena William .

  37. Bhubaneshwarar PonnuchamyOctober 11, 2014 at 2:33 PM


  38. Jhoot kyu likha abhi to apne likha tha apne 32/40 questions kiye hai computersec mein...mere exam mein to sirf 20 questions hi aye the....ab ap likh rahe hai ki computer mein 18 question kiye apne...please sach to likha karo.

  39. atemp kitne kare hee apnee aurr agar 120 nahii atempt kare too mushkil ho jayegii kyoo ki other state 130 plus kiye he logo nee

  40. many places at bhopal server was too busy for many of hours and it seems it may be cancel the morning session exam of many centres.

  41. Your attempt sectional wise...? and Is 102 is succesful score to chase IBPS - PO Post..? I dont know How much marks require to chase this post. But it is confirm that This years paper (Quant and Reasoning) is tough than previous years paper.

  42. For Maths... what's DI?

  43. लाला लाजपत राय की मृत्यु कैसे हुई , ये भी पूछा था

  44. Today's (11 oct -14) IBPS PO-IV Morning shift Question

    (1) Serena williams is related to?
    (2) How many languages are
    there in indian currency?
    (3) BKS Iyenger has wo which award ?
    Capital of Arunachal pradesh ?
    (5) Music director of mile sur mera
    (6) ADR full form-
    (7) Unclaimed PPF committee
    currency of spain
    (9) pahla kadam pahli udan launched by -
    who is donald duck
    (11) father of atomic Infra structure in INDIA
    (12) RTGS Full form-

    (13)onw question related NPA(90 DAYS)

    (14) KYC is for

    (15)zero balence acount related one question

    (16)crr and slr related one question

    (17)pradhanmantri jana dhana yojana for-financial inclusion

    (18) kyoto and varanasi cites (india deal with japan)

    (19)low population union territoty

    (20)question related un and its affiliated-unicef

    (21)will full defaulter vijay malya comany-kingfisher airlines

    (22)rupay card introduced by?

    (23)17. What does L in LAF stands for –

    (24). Who is the author of the book Curtain
    Raisers – Eden

    (25). Who transformed annual Ganesha
    festival from private
    family celebrations
    into a grand public celebrations –

  45. guys i dint read tht in syllo they asked about whic 1 not follw n i marked which one is folllow so pls guys read que carefully...

  46. wat about machine input que of reasoing? easy or lengthy?

  47. Thanks for your copertation

  48. not memory copy paste from mahendras

  49. Rahul Deepak ChowdaryOctober 11, 2014 at 2:51 PM

    brother what marked i am not understood pls tell one example please help me

  50. i attemped 14 in quant,19 in reaso but 5 syllo galat kr diye bcoz i dint read they asked abut which 1 not follw,25 in eng,14 in computer,20 in GA

  51. Rahul Deepak ChowdaryOctober 11, 2014 at 2:52 PM

    yu are a.p please give me number

  52. i think it was asked abt father of atomic homi bhaba q-3

  53. there were 4 statement and conclusion were in option you have to choose which 1 is not follow

  54. i attemped 14 in quant,19 in reaso but 5 syllo galat kr diye bcoz i dint
    read they asked abut which 1 not follw,25 in eng,14 in computer,20 in

  55. Rahul Deepak ChowdaryOctober 11, 2014 at 2:58 PM

    no whats ap my number 9347738134 give missed call i called

  56. kuch puchna chahte ho

  57. Rahul Deepak ChowdaryOctober 11, 2014 at 2:59 PM

    yu are which state

  58. apart frm hindi and many language are their on indian note? question was asked mrning session

  59. i attemped 14 in quant,19 in reaso but 5 syllo galat kr diye bcoz i dint
    read they asked abut which 1 not follw,25 in eng,14 in computer,20 in

  60. hi anju,,i want details adt apps only,,i mean di like wise sbi po or easy ???

    then in di ,,either 2 or 3 figure giving per chart,,,what type of chart asking,,,

  61. hello friends sai santosh boyanapally from hyderabad. todays ibpo po was quite easy compared to idbi and sbi po. guys my sincere and friendly suggestion is that be thorough with all the materials available on gr8ambitions . dont think about diificulty level be thorough with the basics

  62. Plzz share some computer questions....
    And what about DI how many questions they asked from DI and what was the level.. Single chart based or double chart base Di plzzz share....

  63. today i wrote the exam ....aptitude and reasoning very very difficult... no time... very lengthy and tough.. even regular practice is not enough... extraordinary commitment is needed...

  64. my attempts were 113...

  65. Hi
    I m pawan
    I got first morning session
    GA was totally different as compared to previous year
    I.e no filmfare, no major questions on sport (as we expect fifa,Asian, cwg) nothing
    Only banking related questions were more in no.

  66. very nyc analysis........plz tell ur no of attempts

  67. pls, some one told cumputer question..

  68. The question was on atomic energy not on ans is baba..u r wrong..please check it..

  69. Captain Jack SparrowOctober 11, 2014 at 3:39 PM

    how many sets of DI there??or number of questions from DI??
    anyone pls post the correct number of DI sets..thanks !!

  70. Thank you
    All the best !

  71. 4 sets and 20 questions

  72. input and out put-1,
    no ms office questions,
    use of networking-1,
    FAT- File Allocation Table,
    and some abbreviations,
    access time, and read some types of time friend,
    difference between smart card and memory card,
    terminalogy in database(record, tuple, entity, record etc)

  73. Thank you so much for sharing the details..All the best

  74. 4 sets and in that one set is very very simple

  75. GA Questions - IBPS PO Exam - 11th Oct 2014 (Morning Shift)

    (1) Music director of “Mile sur mera tumhara”- Ashok Patki

    (2) ADR - American Depositary Receipt

    (3) BKS Iyenger got which award - Padham Bhushan

    (4) Unclaimed PPF committee- HR Khan

    (5) Currency of Spain - Euro

    (6) Pehla kadam pehli Udan is a- two new savings bank products for children above 10 years
    launched by Arundhati Bhattacharya (SBI)

    (7) Capital of Arunachal Pradesh- Itanagar

    (8) Who is Donald Dusk - Ex Prime Minister of Poland and next EU council head

    (9) Father of atomic Bomb- J.Robert Oppenheimer

    (10) Pm want to build which city like Kyoto- Varanasi

    (11) Vijay Malya defaulter for which firm of his - Kingfisher

    (12) Author of Curtain Raiser- Kandathil Sebastian

    (13) Serena Williams associated with - Tennis

    (14) Rupay card launched by – National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

    (15) Who started the celebration of Ganesh Puja festival - Bal Gangadhar Tilak

    (16) NPA time limit: 90 days

    (17)One question from Swach bharat Yojna -

    (18) L in LAF Stands for- Liquidity Adjustment Facility

    (19) S in RTGS Stands for- Real Time Gross Settlement

    (20) 2011 census which city has less population – Lakshadweep

    (21) FTA full form- Financial Trade Agreement

    (22) One question on KYC

    (23) One question from Mutual Funds

    (24) How many languages are written in a currency note – 17 languages

    (25) Atm card and memory card difference.

    (26) E commerce? Trading of services using online method

    (27) Saving bank interest decided by – Individual bank

    (28)One question on Cheque Truncation System

    (29) India’s International Bank Tag Line for which bank- Bank of Baroda

    (30) Jandhan Yojana main objective – Financial Inclusion

    (31) Which freedom fighter was killed during protest of Simon Commission- Lala lajpat Rai

    (32) Monetary policy includes?

  76. Friends read some simple banking abbreviations. today 4/5 given(all are basics)

  77. Be computer science wale kis post keep liye eligible hai .plz rply

  78. Kya generalist me apply kar sakte hai .

  79. Hey tell me anyone I finished Eee dept which one am eligible to apply

  80. Mam is it online exam? or is it like the last year's NICL exam...I hope its not online..plz reply..

  81. mam pls provide any sample paper of its my first attempt plsss ..i am hoping u will reply me

  82. i dont know howz it n what is its syllabus atleat provide syllabus plssssssssssssss

  83. Mam..I belong to Computer Science Engineering...Am I eligible ?

  84. Generalist is the post that i am hearing it for the first time..can anyone please explain to me the work profile of the same

  85. I done MSC(CA & IT ) can i apply???

  86. Plss post the model question paper & syllabus study material fo

  87. mam i completed engineering in ece . but there is only 25 post. and generalist has more than 300. can i apply both. if not then which shoud i apply ?????????????????

  88. For New India Assurance 2014 Exam Study Material Tips Tricks Question Papers
    Preparation Plans Log On To

  89. MAM Please upload some previous paper fro this exam. i am confused . i am postgraduate in accounts field which field should i apply. generalist or finance.

  90. mam,plz post previous papers and study materials as soon as possible...................

  91. Considering the vacancies, which one to go for specialist or generalist?


  93. MAM PLz guide me about what OBC candidates have to do for Pre-exam training i mean do we need to go to the office of NIAC company n register there or what plz help ?????????

  94. plz tell me that what will be asked in technical part? means thats the syllabus??
    n whether sectional cut off is there??
    what is the overall cut off for last year...
    if anyone have paper plzz share

  95. hello mam,i have completed my engg in cse ,whether i eligible or not for gen. post???

  96. mam can u plz upload its previous year paper

  97. mam,plz upload its previous paper....what is the syllabus & difficulty level of it???plz post articles........

  98. plz post model paper for this exam

  99. hii... is there any individual cutoff for sections.. and pls if u can then provide link for last year paper and cutoff.. dat would be very helpful..

  100. I've completed my E&C engineering. Can I apply for the generalist post instead of engineering vacancy??

  101. can someone tell me if this exam has sectional cut offs ?

  102. Mam,i'm completed my application process but i want to change my centre .........So,what can i do for this...............

  103. mam simple graduate k liye kaun sa post hai?plz reply

  104. i m not able to fill form as security code is not displayed in basic information tab..kindly suggest

  105. mam pls provide previous year papers for this exam

  106. please provide new india assurance ao materials of gk and english and maths ressonging ...............thanks gr8 ambiitions a...............i hav exam in januranry i dont hav material for this exam plz upload sm previous queesitons which had been asked in privious exams..

  107. sir is this sectional cut of marks

  108. mam I have applied for the finance specialist post....could you prescribe some good book to prepare for the finance part?


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