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October 16, 2014

General Awareness Online Practice Tests for SSC CGL 2014 - Set 3


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  1. Chhota Nagpur plateau is rich in _______________ resources
    1. mineral
    2. water
    3. forest
    4. none
  2. The Deccan plateau is a ___________ landmass.
    1. Rectangular
    2. Triangular
    3. Square shaped
    4. none
  3. The ______________ lie parallel to the west coast
    1. Western ghats
    2. Eastern ghats
    3. Nilgiris
    4. None
  4. Near ___________ the Nilgiris join the western ghats. 
    1. Trichi
    2. Gudalur
    3. Kanyakumari
    4. None
  5. The deltas are _______ developed. 
    1. traditionally
    2. culturally
    3. agriculturally
    4. none
  6. Ooty is located in ?
    1. Nilgiris
    2. Seshachalam hills
    3. Himalayas
    4. None
  7. Andaman and Nicobar islands are stretched in ?
    1. Arabian sea
    2. Bay of Bengal
    3. Indian ocean
    4. none
  8. ____________ islands stretch in the Arabian Sea. 
    1. Lakshadweep
    2. Andaman & Nicobar
    3. Philippinean
    4. Indonesian
  9. The water body between the three continents North America, South America and Africa is ?
    1. Atlantic Ocean
    2. Pacific Ocean
    3. Indian Ocean
    4. Bay of Bengal
  10. Nepal is to the ____________ of India.
    1. South
    2. North
    3. East
    4. West
  11. The Indian state between Nepal and Bhutan is _____________ ?
    1. Uttar Pradesh
    2. Madhya Pradesh
    3. Sikkim
    4. Manipur
  12. The river that flows between the Mahanadi and the Krishna is the _____________ ?
    1. Ganga
    2. Kaveri
    3. Penna
    4. Godavari
  13. The easternmost state of India is ?
    1. Arunachal Pradesh
    2. Mizoram
    3. Nagaland
    4. Assom
  14. India lies totally in ?
    1. Northern hemisphere
    2. Southern hemisphere
    3. Eastern hemisphere
    4. Western hemisphere
  15. Indira Point is the end point in ?
    1. Thar Desert
    2. Lakshadweep
    3. Andaman Islands
    4. Nicobar Islands
  16. North to South, India covers a distance of ?
    1. 3,214 km
    2. 972 km
    3. 2,933 km
    4. 13,200 km
  17. Patkai hills are the part of ?
    1. Shivaliks
    2. Himadri
    3. Himachal
    4. Purvanchal
  18. The only river present in desert region.
    1. Sony
    2. Luni
    3. Lava
    4. Son 
  19. Which landform feature was a part of Gondwana land ?
    1. Peninsular Plateau
    2. Nagpur Plateau
    3. Deccan Plateau
    4. None
  20. Which plateau lies between the Aravallis and the Vindhya Range ?
    1. Peninsular Plateau
    2. Nagpur Plateau
    3. Malwa Plateau
    4. Deccan Plateau 


  1. Mam quiz is entirely based on geography..... post quizzes which comprise of polity, geography, economics, history, science n current affairs

  2. Post questions in different sections.... Please post some previous questions here so that it will be helpful for lot of aspirants....

  3. 20/20 Thanq gr8 ambitionzzz :)

  4. Tu cgl me top krega

  5. Mam pls post more n more quizzes only 2 days left for cgl 2014

  6. Hey are u selected in typing test?
    How they consider marks?
    Please inform me are they consider phase 21 marks also in final selection or else phase 2.
    Please explain me procedure how test will be

  7. Hi my xam is postphoned 18th oct at visakapatnam....also vizayanagaram and srikakulam centres in andhra pradesh... Due to hudhud power till now...

  8. chsl exam on nov 2? how u know

  9. Dear Candidate - Due to adverse weather condition and floods impact in Vishakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam, both the shifts of CWE for recruitment of Probationary Officers/ Management Trainees in Participating Organisations examination to be held on 18th Oct 2014 has been postponed. Fresh date will be intimated. Inconvenience caused is regretted.

  10. hai anyone know the chsl exam date for south region? on nov 2nd or nov 9th plz reply

  11. Hahaha..i think you believe in spreading knowledge everywhere i read the same post on bankers adda too. :)

  12. too in :) 76 Obc :) urs?

  13. include questions on current affairs like awards, etc. Kindly do not include questions which are too silly. If it is difficult to prepare 20 ssc cgl level questions then reduce it to 10. sorry for such straight forward comment.

  14. cngrts to u too :) me too got shortlistd :)

  15. Congrats...mine 76 obc :)

  16. ya bro... u can :) mine is also on 30th

  17. Typing test and data entry test both are of 15min duration each and carries equal marks(100+100)..for general 80marks and for obc 74marks is the qualifying cutoff out off 200marks...however there is no sectional cutoff for D E or typing....u better go through the PDF given in your result page after login i.e.,evaluation criteria.PDF......go through it bro

  18. thnq. when n wr is ur exam centre?? hw ws ur typng practise??

  19. mam plz provide more set for polity, history, science related questions

  20. nizam clg of engg smthn near ramoji film city....
    going fyn :) urs ?

  21. Mine is the same on 30th. Wr r u from???

  22. Hi prasad I am also selected 4 paper 2

  23. SSC 10+2 exam Nov 9 th

  24. sir please tell there any weightage for computer skill test marks in final merit list? they didnot mention in notification that skill test only for qualifying basis...isn't it?

  25. mentioned in ssc official web site

  26. no weightage for typing test is of mere qualifying in nature...

  27. Thanks For the Questions..But SSC does not asks That easy questions any more..Please raise the difficulty level..Thanks again This is the best available sites for banking Exams.

  28. Don't worry keep practicing..:)

  29. thank u soo much mam..this is very helpful

  30. When is u r exam and where

  31. ohh :) exam centre?
    all d best :)

  32. Same as yours. On 30th

  33. nepal is near its to the east of

  34. As per offical key..I got 74 there any chance for getting job....

  35. 76-78 will be the safe score for general candidates for final allotment And 74-76 will be for obc candidates and 71-73 for SC candidates and 65 for ST candidates ..

  36. My typing test is also on same day and same centre.

  37. All the best my dear friends who r qualified for typing, am not in i got only 71. Competition is high at typing nearly 1:6 . So maintain accuracy you definetly through this, once agin do your best

  38. Mee too from kkd what is u r score

  39. Nijam college Hyd. Thnq. All the very best fr ur exam.

  40. 74. When n wr is ur exam??

  41. venkatesh gunaparthiOctober 17, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    thanku bro... does the computer test score counts in for final allotement...?

  42. Which category ? My exam is on 2 nov same center as u mentioned. This is kavya from kkd

  43. check detailed notification

  44. hi, me too same center

  45. I hv got qualified 4 ppr. hw 2 prep 4 d type test??

  46. ohh all d best bro :) timings???

  47. try to get 30wpm ...practice well. wats ur score and catgry?

  48. u can try to convince by saying a acceptable reason :)

  49. ohh gud..:) wat is ur marks bro

  50. actually i dnt knw my marks my category is sc

  51. What will be the salary of PA/SA ?

  52. Hello sir..i'm student of 1st B.Tech..i want to write postal i have to prepare for that.? wat sort of books i have to refer ?


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