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October 22, 2014

Computer Knowledge MCQs


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  1. We cannot delete the ____________ icon, but we can made it invisible.
    1. Recycle
    2. My Computer
    3. Internet Explorer
    4. All the above
    5. None of the above
  2. A computer programmer
    1. can draw only flowchart
    2. can enter data quickly
    3. does all the thinking for a computer
    4. can operate all type of computer equipment
    5. None
  3. The RF communication can be broadly classified in how many types ?
    1. three
    2. four
    3. two
    4. six
    5. ten
  4. _________________ is sometimes said to be object oriented, because the only way to manipulate kernel objects is by invoking methods on their handles
    1. Windows NT
    2. Windows XP
    3. WIndows VISTA
    4. Windows 95/98
    5. Windows 7
  5. What is the meaning of "Hibernate" in windows XP/ Windows 7 ?
    1. Restarty the computers in safe mode
    2. Restart the computers in normal mode
    3. Shutdown the computer terminating all the running applications
    4. Shutdown the computer without closing the running applications
    5. Restart the computers all the running applications
  6. Which layer of OSI model, firstly make use of unit of data called “Packet”?
    1. Datalink Layer
    2. Transport Layer
    3. Network Layer
    4. Presentation Layer
    5. None
  7. Which of the following operating system is launched by IBM for personal computers?
    1. IBM-DOS  
    2. MS-DOS  
    3. OS/2  
    4. PC-DOS  
    5. None
  8. Communication between computers is established, maintained and terminated by _____ .
    1. Network Layer
    2. Session Layer
    3. Application Layer
    4. Presentation Layer
    5. None
  9. Which of the following is not available on the Rurler of MS Word Screen ?
    1. Tab stop box
    2. Left Indent
    3. Right Indent
    4. Center Indent
    5. All of them are available on ruler
  10. The four parts of a database listed in ascending order are?
    1. File, record, field, entry
    2. Entry, field, record, file
    3. Field, entry, record, file
    4. Record, field, entry, file
    5. None
  11. Which input device is used to read characters directly from an ordinary piece of paper?
    1. OMR  
    2. OCR  
    3. TSR  
    4. PCR  
    5. None
  12. The place where data or information is stored for a short time is
    1. Memory  
    2. Control Unit  
    3. Buffer  
    4. ALU  
    5. None
  13. The process of finding errors in software’s source code
    1. Debugging  
    2. Compiling  
    3. Testing  
    4. Running  
    5. None
  14. Primary Memory of a personal computer consists of
    1. RAM only
    2. ROM only
    3. Hard Disk only
    4. Both (a) and (b)
    5. All (a), (b), and (c)
  15. A Trojan horse is
    1. An ad ware program
    2. A virus disguised as a useful program.
    3. A program that blows up every time you use it
    4. A spy ware which steal information over internet
    5. None
  16. A computer-hoax is?
    1. A Trojan threat
    2. A computer hacker
    3. A program that blows up every time you use it
    4. A program intended to scare users into thinking they have a virus
    5. None
  17. Which generation of computer use Artificial Intelligence?
    1. Third  
    2. Fourth  
    3. Fifth  
    4. Sixth  
    5. None
  18. One piece or item of information in a database is known as a/an ____?
    1. Record  
    2. Entry  
    3. File  
    4. Field  
    5. None
  19. Locking was introduced into databases so that _____?
    1. Consistency can be enforced
    2. Keys can be provided to maintain security
    3. All simultaneous transactions are prevented
    4. Passwords can be provided to maintain security
    5. None
  20. A set of related records in a database is known as a______?
    1. File  
    2. Tuples  
    3. Field  
    4. Record-group  
    5. None
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  1. More related to dbms, osi model, data mining etc....... basic computer questions r few...... 12/20

  2. More related to dbms, osi model, data mining etc....... basic computer questions r few...... 12/20

  3. Rbi assistant out

  4. please suggest me vital topics to cover on current affairs for ibps po 2014

  5. thank u 😊 mam.

  6. thank you mam..gud questions 18/20 :)

  7. Congrats friends..

  8. satya narayan mishraOctober 22, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    Hi, admin plz correct the ans of ques no.13.....ans will be "testing".....(testing means to find error and debuging means to remove the error)

  9. process of finding error in software is testing.... debugging is for removing error .. i guss

  10. Mam.pls provide sample paper for assurance

  11. Thnks a lot for these questions.I am a daily follower of ur site

  12. good one..but still need some more qestion regarding gui,cloud computing,purpose of the server and their signifance ,diffent type of communication and their bandwith,pariety bit commanly used for diffent purpose

  13. Ans of no.13 will be Testing not debugging.

  14. Is SBI gonna publish Clerk result in this century or what? :-P

  15. Hi admin ,can u Plz provide study material for ssc Hse level xam..

  16. yes u r correct. i had seen this in many places like,model papers,tests,websites,........
    but they gave the answer as 'debugging'.........

  17. venkatesh gunaparthiOctober 22, 2014 at 10:04 PM

    wats the paper 1 cutoff brother...??

  18. my attempt is 66/200 in this po...almost 60 correct.. is there any chance?

  19. 1st answer should be all of the above...

  20. I m from Delhi..still waiting for the result.

  21. when will b the results of karnataka out

  22. 17/20....
    nice question...

  23. Is there any certificates verification during typing test??? Plz clarify. I from AP.should I have to submit my OBC NCL certificate... Plz clarify. I have my typing test on 31 Oct..

  24. hi friend how many marks u got in typing test my 82


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