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September 07, 2014

Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Officers Online Exam of 6th September 2014 (Morning & Evening Shifts)


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Morning Shift Questions shared by Sandeep Karukuri

Hi Friends, I have finished my IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Exam (Morning Shift) succesfully. I wanna share some of the questions that were asked with you.
  • Capital of Bhutan – Thimphu.
  • Children under 10 cannot hold which account – Current account.
  • External affairs minister – Sushma Swaraj.
  • Comedian Rran kumar sharma who died recently is a creator of – Chacha Chaudhury.
  • Bagat Sanctuary in – Uttar Pradesh.
  • Currency of Italy – Euro.
  • World Habitat Day – October 6.
  • CSAT Full form
  • Current CRR – 4%.
  • Rural population as per 2011 census – 68.84%.
  • Minimum RTGS Transfer Amount – 2 lakhs.
  • Face to face video communication in which bank – IndusInd Bank.
  • Palestinian Hamas is – Palestinian Islamist political organization and militant group.
  • India and Brazil agreement 2014 – trade and investment flows.
  • Ebola first discovered in which country – Sudan.
  • Which memory will lose its data when the system is suddenly turned off – RAM.
  • which author was awarded with Padma award recently – Ruskin Bond.
  • Cauvery wildlife sanctuary located in – Karnataka.
  • Sania Mirza is aappointed as brand ambassador of which state – Telangana.
  • Work of Banking Ombudsman – Solving customer complaints.
  • Prakash Nanjappa related to – Shooting(India).
  • Which International passenger Airline crashed down – Malaysian Airline.
  • Maximum antibiotics consuming country – India
  • Kms for train routes in rail budget – 14,500 km (9,000 mi)
  • Kyc for what purpose – a term used for customer identification
  • G20 summit place – Australia(2014).turkey(2015)
  • • Parupalli kashyap which sport – Badminton
  • Boeing plane crashed down in which country- Ukraine –
  • ISIS – is a Jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria –
  • Mettur Dam on Kaveri River is in which state? Tamil Nadu -Scanner & monitor ?--peripheral device
  • Time taken by process in comp called ?--processing time
  • “aajeevika” scheme” is also now know as—NRLM
  • Oslo accord between.—israel and palasten
Sectional Wise Review
  • Reasoning - OK
  • General awareness - OK
  • Quant time taking - Moderate
  • Computher knowledge - Easy
  • English - Moderate
Evening Shift Questions shared by Kavin AKP

Yesterday I took IBPS RRB exam... Exam was moderate n mathematics is somewhat tough. I am sharing some questions which where asked on 6th evening shift
  • Full form of TFA - Trade Facilitation Agreement
  • James bond 007 journalist and author-- Ian Fleming
  • Ganguar festival is celebrated in - Rajasthan
  • Strictly Personal, ManmoHan...."
  • Author
  • SEBI recently barred Satyam computers Ramalinga Raju for how many years
  • Movement of physical cheque to electronic form is called
  • 44 MW chutak hydro power plant is in which state
  • Tax administrative reforms commission head
  • ARJUNA award committee was headed by
  • National capital of Brasil
  • 18 th SAARC 2014 held in
  • Who is the regulator of Commodity market in India
  • Road transport, highways and shipping minister
  • In the budget 14-15 number of Unmanned level crossing is
  • BBPS abbreviation
  • Prime.lending rate s replaced by
  • World AIDS day
  • Republic of Austria currency name
  • The scientist who discovered EBOLA strain in 1976
  • 2014 Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana awarded to
  • NTCA full form

Morning Shift Reviews :
Evening Shift Review :
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  1. dear sir please provide financial awareness material for RRB SCALE-2(BANKING OFFICER).

  2. Today rrb morning shift horrible GA questions :(
    Reasoning and maths standard questions
    English moderate
    Comp essy

  3. thanks for the information and wat about the apttitude

  4. 6 th eveng exam my attamp 150 with 4 question surely wrong attamp

  5. asked about "Austria" not Australia .. Both r different :P

  6. for the question : which famous indian author was recently awarded with padma bhushan , i have both anita desai and ruskin bond as options!! since both were awarded with padma bhushan , i was confused. but i went with anitha desai since ruskin bund was an indian author of british descent. wat about others? do anyone have anita desai as an option?

  7. how to prepare for current affairs plz give idea

  8. Second language is an important aspect for any person to improve job career significantly.

    TOEFL reading questions


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