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September 05, 2014

Online Practice Tests for IBPS and SBI Associates Clerks - English Language


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Directions (1-5) : Read the sentence to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5).
  1. To avoid any interruption 1)/ during the presentation 2)/ he checked all the system 3)/ he previous day. 4)/ No Error 5). 
  2. The Government will 1)/ refrain from intervening in 2)/ the dispute except the 3)/ Company requests it to do so. 4)/ No Error 5).
  3. The company has announced 1)/ a bonus for every 2)/ employee who 3)/ achieved their target. 4)/ No Error 5).
  4. The manager is 1)/ confident of engineer 2)/ ability to design 3)/ the required Software. 4)/ No Error 5).
  5. Meditation helps 1)/ us in acquiring 2)/ peace, tranquility 3)/ and satisfaction. 4) No Error 5).
Directions (1-5) : In the following questions, a sentence has been given with some of its part in bold. To make the sentence correct, replace the bold part with correct alternative given below. If the sentence is correct as it is, give (5) as your answer.
  1. A student was prosecuted for displaying indecently an art work.
    1. An indecent
    2. An indecently
    3. The indecently
    4. Any of indecent
    5. No correction required
  2. He did not like me smoking in presence of seniors yesterday.
    1. That, smoke
    2. My smoking
    3. Me to smoking
    4. Smoking by me
    5. No correction required 
  3. He was shocked when he heard of his debacle in the election. 
    1. Of his debacle
    2. Of being debacled
    3. For his debacle at
    4. To his debacle in
    5. No correction required
  4. He is bound to get disappointment if he is not selected. 
    1. Bind to get disappointment 
    2. Bound to get disappointed
    3. Bound to disappointment
    4. Binding to disappoint
    5. No correction required
  5. Had been presented he would have put an end to the dispute. 
    1. If he had been presented
    2. Had he been presented
    3. Had he presented
    4. Had he been present
    5. No correction required
Directions (1-5) : Fill up the blanks with the most suitable pair of words from the options given to make a meaningful sentence.
  1. Unless your father gives his ___________, you must not climb the steep ______________
    1. permission, high
    2. orders, peak
    3. assent, ascent
    4. permit, height
    5. allow, top
  2. The workmen will ______________ when they hear that we must __________ with their services.
    1. disperse, dispense
    2. leave, rusticate
    3. revolt, depart
    4. pleased, reward
    5. satisfy, continue
  3. Choose your specimens _________; do not make a _________ choice
    1. carefully, haphazard
    2. normally, absurd
    3. select, open
    4. in order, random
    5. willingly, hazardous
  4. Unless you suggest an ___________, we shall attend the meetings on ____________ Mondays.
    1. option, every
    2. advise, all
    3. alternative, alternate
    4. optional, alternating
    5. way, no
  5. There was an ______________ of snow last winter, which made our __________ impossible.
    1. abundant, approach
    2. excess, access
    3. array, rach
    4. abundance, arrive
    5. abnormal, ways
Directions (1-5) : Rearrange the sentences given below in a way which would make an appropriate and meaningful paragraph. Then answer the questions given below.
A) If the landlord fails to undertake repairs within a reasonable time after written notice, the tenant may undertake those repairs himself and deduct the cost from the rent payable to the landlord.
B) The issue of maintenance of rented premisses depends a lot on the provisions of the lease agreement.
C) According to these acts, the landlord has a duty to keep the premises in good condition.
D) The Rent Control Acts of various states also provide some guidance on this.
E) This is subject to the condition that the amount so deducted or recoverable in any year doesn't exceed 1/12th of the rend payable by the tenant for that year.
  1. Which one should be the first sentence after rearrangement ?
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D
    5. E
  2. Which one should be the second sentence after rearrangement ?
    1. E
    2. D
    3. C
    4. B
    5. A
  3. Which one should be the third sentence after rearrangement ?
    1. A
    2. B
    3. E
    4. D
    5. C
  4. Which one should be the fourth sentence after rearrangement ?
    1. C
    2. E
    3. B
    4. A
    5. D
  5. Which one should be the fifth sentence after rearrangement ?
    1. E
    2. D
    3. C
    4. A
    5. B
Directions (1-10) : In the following passage some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.

Pythons are       1          non-venomous snakes found           2            in damp places or rocky ledges near marshes or in      3         . They are considered to be the most primitive         4         the living snakes,            5          they retain the hind limbs of a         6           era in the form            7         horny claw-like spurs, which are present          8          either side of         9           anus. These hind limbs are functionless          10           female pythons.
    1. small
    2. tiny
    3. cute
    4. huge
    5. big
    1. mostly
    2. rarely
    3. occasionally
    4. hardly
    5. specially
    1. cities
    2. jungles
    3. hills
    4. towns
    5. areas
    1. between
    2. in
    3. over
    4. among
    5. most of
    1. so
    2. because
    3. and
    4. but
    5. therefore
    1. bygone
    2. latest
    3. present
    4. future
    5. recent
    1. in
    2. for 
    3. on 
    4. of
    5. to
    1. over
    2. above
    3. on
    4. in 
    5. at
    1. the
    2. a
    3. an
    4. that
    5. they
    1. with
    2. among
    3. on
    4. in
    5. between
Meanings to Difficult Words
  • Interruption = Hindrance, stoppage
  • Refrain = Abstain, forego, give up
  • Intervening = Intrude, Interfere
  • Dispute = Controversy, argument
  • Acquiring = Getting
  • Tranquility = Calmness
  • Prosecute = Indict, Sue
  • Display = To show
  • Debacle = Defeat
  • Assent = Consent, approval
  • Ascent = Mounting, rise
  • Disperse = Scatter, spread
  • Dispense = Apply, distribute
  • Rusticate = To send to a villiage
  • Haphazard = Aimless, disorderly
  • Absurd = Foolish, Senseless
  • Random = Aimless, casual
  • Hazardous = Dangerous
  • Access = Approach
  • Array = Arrange
  • Tenant = Renter, lessee
  • Provisions = Clauses, conditions
  • Lease = Hire out premises / land
  • Premises = Building
  • Non-venomous = Non-poisonous
  • Damp places = Wet places
  • Rocky ledge = Projection of rocks
  • Marsh = Bog, Swamp, Wet land
  • Primitive = Old
  • Retain = Keep, hold
  • Hind limbs = Back limbs
  • Horny = Like a horn
  • Claws = Nails of a tiger / reptile
  • Spur = Claw like projection
  • Tiny = Small
  • Bygone = Old, gone by, past

Useful Tips : Brush up on English vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms and basic grammar always helps. Try to learn atleast 10 new words every day along with its synonyms and antonyms. Watch English News regularly so that you can improve your English Language ability as well as knowledge of General Awareness. All the best.

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    Kindly arrange the alphabets and numbers both in the decreasing order.
    7th step would complete the arrangement .In each step , pick two terms and arrange -"first one word and then second a number". like this-- "ZZZZZ 99999 YYYYY 88888 XXXX 777777 and so on.Thanks !!

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