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September 10, 2014

10th September 2014 - Daily Current Affairs updates


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National Affairs
  • The Commerce and Industry Ministry is likely to unveil the new five-year Foreign Trade Policy (2014-19) “ very soon”.
    • The new policy will be different from earlier policies. 
    • Commerce minister - Nirmala Sitharaman 
  • Initiating measures to strengthen consumer rights, the government today said, that it will amend laws to set up a regulator to address consumer grievances and take penal action against defaulting companies, and also bring more products under the ambit of mandatory quality certification.
  • The Bombay high court today directed Maharashtra government to provide medical screening facilities at Pune and Nagpur airports to detect Ebola virus among passengers arriving from affected countries, on the lines of existing amenities at Mumbai and Delhi airports.
  • India has expressed deep concern over children increasingly getting involved in the "vicious grip" of armed conflict and said it is committed to addressing the impact of left wing extremist armed groups on its own children through law and robust policy initiatives. 
 International Affairs
  • Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk resigned today.
    • At the last EU Summit in Brussels held on 30th August 2014, the European Union leaders have appointed Donald Tusk as the next President of the European Council.
    • He is due to take office on 1st December 2014, succeeding the current President Herman Van Rompuy.
  • US President Barack Obama to address his countrymen tomorrow night to spell out America's policy on terror group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).
  • As Afghanistan prepares for a democratic transition of power, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Afghan President Hamid Karzai today held wide-ranging talks on political and security situation in the war-torn country and agreed to intensify cooperation in areas like security and defense
    • Committing to rebuilding of Afghanistan, India today said it will always remain the war-torn nation's first strategic partner.  
  • Modi received Singapore's Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong today.
    • He said India was keen to partner with Singapore as part of its effort to get funding and expertise to emerge as a global manufacturer.
Business & Economy
  • India has decided not to impose anti-dumping duty on imports of solar panels from countries like the US and China, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said today.
  • Total telephone subscriber base in India rose marginally in July to reach 94.64 crore, with 34.5 lakh users added during the month, sectoral regulator Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) said today.
  • Kicking off the mega disinvestment drive, government today approved the sale of shares in Coal India , ONGC and NHPC to garner a combined Rs 43,000 crore.
  • Government reviews progress of Jan Dhan Yojana; Till date 3 crore bank accounts opened
  • Government approves an over Rs 5,300 crore project to boost telecom infrastructure and connectivity in North East India.
People in News
  • Ferrari Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said today that he was resigning after 23 years at the helm, in a move that had widely been expected after his record was questioned by parent company Fiat-Chrysler.
    • Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne will take over.
  • George Kourounis, currently known for his television series Angry Planet,  takes selfie inside active erupting volcano
Awards & Honors
  • R. Kamal Bawa, president, the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), India, and distinguished professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston, is among the three winners of the MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity 2014.
Science & Technology
  • Scientists have discovered the first evidence of water ice clouds on an object outside of our own solar system, about 7.3 light-years away from Earth.
    • This scientists team led by Carnegie's Jacqueline Faherty
  • The US space agency, NASA, is developing the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) Lidar device to map forests on Earth in 3D and increase understanding of their role in the carbon cycle.
  • Apple today announced its long-rumored wearable device, the Apple Watch, on sale next year at $349.
  • The Women's Squash Association (WSA) and Professional Squash Association (PSA) today announced the sport's first professional circuit in India -- the JSW Indian Squash Challenger Circuit -- to be held in October across Jaipur, Mumbai and Chennai.  
  • International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach met on Tuesday with Ronald Noble, secretary general of the international police agency and announced that the IOC and Interpol jointly fight against match-fixing.
  • Ace Indian women's doubles player Jwala Gutta has pulled out of the prestigious Asian Games after sustaining a sprain in the right knee ahead of the multi-sport event in Incheon, Korea.
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  1. Admin could you please come up with the required material for rrb assistants ? Can someone tell when will the results of sbi clerk be released ? Did sbi release the marks list for sbi po ? Thanks in advance......... Tryphena

  2. gr8ambitionz is a website of which institute. I am a new comer. I want to join a good banking institue .suggest me.

  3. sbi clerk result in october 1st week

  4. Admin can you please comeup with the prepration process along with the material for RBI assistants

  5. Materials are already there...check under respective u need is practice...

  6. Materials are already there...check under respective tabs..

  7. respected mam I have a query i.e during the interview of SBI exam do we have the choice to answer in regional language rather than english. plz reply....

  8. Lol...what i meant is it is not easy fr admins at present....they have to find questions of that level(overall)...have to design a test needs to compare scores,set timer etc......can't compromise on quality......

  9. Dear viewers ... Today i would like to share my experience of BOB interview ...which was held on 11-Sep-2014

    As this website helped me a lot with interview experiences i would also like to help few who are eagerly working towards getting a job in bank.

    My GD was started at 10:05 AM after the docs verification.

    there were 13 candidates in my group..... the topic was ARE TV CHANNELS FOOLING US BY MEANS OF TV SHOWS?

    we were given 2 minutes to think and jot it down on paper.

    then each candidate was given 2 minutes to speak individually ....(EXTEMPORE)

    then an open discussion was help for 10 minutes....only 5 of us were talking of them were sitting quietly .....dont be that person....speak ....and do not gentle and also listen very carefully to others and reply to them in a polite manner.

    then my interview was taken at 10:50 AM

    there were 5 panelist ....left to right lady- L1 male1- M1 male2(head)-M2 male3-M3 and male4-M4

    first of all the head panelist started asking question....

    M2- you are from WB how come u are in UP?

    Me- i told them about my fathers job and his transfer before my birth.

    M2- why didn't you join sports like your father?

    Me- cuz i mentioned in the last answer that he was a sports person they asked me this.

    M3- what was your previous job?

    Me- i was working in BEL on contract basis.

    M2- why did u left it- even that was a PSU job?

    Me- as this was on contract basis....less salary and no job guarantee

    M1- what was your role in that job?

    Me- project management and execution.

    M2- how many total enrollments done in AADHAR?

    Me- they asked this b'cuz i was in this project under BEL.

    M3- what is disinvestment?

    Me- couldn't clarify picked up that days news on coal allocation disinvestment by CIL, NTPC, ONGC and the amount of disinvestment, and told them that i couldn't understand the real fact of disinvestment.

    M1- which company recently bought shares in banks?

    Me- can't recall...they said LIC

    L1- what is retail banking?

    Me- told them

    L1- what is MSME

    Me- told them

    M1- what is cardless cash transaction system?

    Me- told them about icici bank news and also BOI news few months back.

    M3- explain the transaction procedure.

    Me- by pin system...6 digit and 4 digit.

    M2- name 3 previous presidents of India...not including the current one.

    Me- i was so stupid at this time that after naming APJ and pratibha patil ....i took CV raman instead of sarvapalli radhakrishnan....they smiled at me....then they asked me to think again....all the questions were asked too fast i couldn't remember....all what i was thinking that could i name CV raman here....he he...chillax...if this happens to u.

    M3- why you opted for instead of

    Me- tried my best to explain.

    M2- why is better than other traits?

    Me- started bragging about field trainings and all.

    M2- hows your graduation helpful in banking?

    Me- analytical power and all stupid things...then again started talking about field training and many subjects to mug up.

    M2- what is TEV? something in technology.

    never heard of it...completely denied for this question....M2 asked me... u r a must be knowing it...i said no sir...sorry i can not remember...

    then they said thank you...u may leave of luck.

    so that was my total interview experince...i am still forgetting 2 questions...which were from current news....

    it was a rapid fire interview....all these questions were asked and answered in 10 minutes only....i was out in 11th minute....the girl waiting for her turn after me , even asked me...didn't they asked you any question??? i was surprised and also happy at that time that i didn't took the pressure of fast questions.

    so friends i would only suggest you not to mug up all the answers and try to be genuine if you dont recall or know the answer.

    they are just checking your patience, communication and a lil pressure testing :P

    so go and take your interview as a u'll be more confident.

  10. Well Thanks For Your Suggestion I like it your Attitude one thing i ask to you Jisha JI How do U know it's not easy for admins R U Admin Group MEMBER

  11. covered last 1 month current affairs... need to cover last 4 monts r 6 months ?? having very less time how can i manage ??

  12. I am a computer engineer i know how it goes....I AM NOT A MEMBER OF ADMIN GROUP....

  13. Arihant has published some Practice sets & a dedicated book for Preparations, I think that would help.

  14. sir i am in sc for up circle i got 60 marks

  15. 60 marks in up circle for sc am i selected in paper 2

  16. thnx bro.......:)

  17. Really helpful..... (y)

  18. thanks mam...................

  19. hai usha i too belong to ap circle where are u from i mean which postal division

  20. i belong to rangareddy division, what about u? how much would be the cut off and can u expect my fate regarding this exam

  21. hi admin, i am prachi singh from gaya (bihar), i have been following ur site for last six months, its really been very useful. i have been selected for rbi assistant, this was my first attempt for any bank exam and this will be my first interview , i am feeling very nervous and confused, i have seen all the posts u have posted for interview but i am unable to find suitable answers to them, as i am a b.c.a student, what questions cud they ask from me.....plz help me!!!!!!!!!

  22. and plz also tell me what could be the tentative dates for interview of rbi assistant

  23. Hello I need to know whether the same material is useful for ICICI Bank PO Interview as I have my interview at the end of this month.
    Thank you


  25. Mam if possible can you please provide me the material for RBI Asst Interview.. Thanks in Advance :)

  26. Its Very Helpful.. Thanks

  27. wat a grt help.....nothing more than this sum1 can give me... thnx for helping me win the written battle too. gk section mainly ...... u made my scores.....:-)

  28. plz give me your linkedin id... i want to be in your connection.....

  29. Hi,

    Is there any one from Patna selected for IBPS PO interview?

  30. Admin.i got selected for Sbi Clerk,i am gonna attend interview of bank for the first time. i need clarifications for registration for Medical council,Certificate regarding Medical category-i dint understand what this 2 enclosures exactly means.Can you post sample picture or explain in simple terms about this?

  31. how can i know my score in ibps po?

  32. hello! i have SBI CLERK interview on 9-12-14.
    i have completed B.E IT 2013 passout and Fresher.
    i have some interview questions in my mind,how should i answer them
    1)u r B.E why u have applied for clerk?
    2)where u want to see urself after 5 yrs from now?
    3) what benefit can we get from you as B.E for our organization?
    4)why banking only?why not software job?

  33. very great efforts.. thank you gr8ambitinzz

  34. very useful

    thank u very much :)

  35. hello mam,,
    i am already working for a govt bank since last 2 years.
    please guide us in the preparation of ibps po interview?

  36. what is your result? i have also given interview at dena bank inahemedabad

  37. Mam kindly share some interview experience of candidates from Odisha.


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