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August 17, 2014

SBI Clerical Exam Review of 16th Aug 2014 Evening Shift


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This is Rahul from Himachal Pradesh. I'm not going to write a story here, just giving you a short synopsis of yesterday's SBI Clerk Exam.

It was my first online Exam (I have not given such type of exams till now). 

So for those who are also going to write this exam for the first time like me, these suggestions may helpful.. 

Don't be panic over Online Exam Pattern, It's very easy and I personally prescribe it over "ritual-traditional-paper-exam".

Place : Himachal Pradesh (North India)

Time : 01:00 (is the entry time) 02:00 (Test start)

Ok! Let's have a look.

Q. How I attended?
A. English -> Marketing&Computer -> Reasoning -> G.A ->Quant

My Attempts : 141 (still had enough time to check other questions or those I left for later reviewed)

Difficulty level? (in Ascending order)

Note : This Difficulty level may vary for you

Computer was so easy;
Question were like

  • CPU fullform
  • Bits?
  • binary Code?
  • Hard Disk?
  • RAM full form?
  • and other basic concepts

Marketing was also easy;

  • segmentation
  • seller market
  • buyer market
  • marketing concept related question
  • 4P's
  • hair dresser gives you what? (Goods? or Services?, I know you know its answer :) ) 
  • wholesaling?
  • retailing?

Note: just clear your basic concept and it'll be a "piece of cake".

I know some guys are saying "Don't read this" "No need to prepare" and other things.
Let me tell you, They prepared well and so they are saying it.
what I think? Yes, It was easy. :)
But Prepare well for this too. Don't underestimate this section. It might be a plethora of extra marks.

1 was sitting pattern (in and Out)
1 was 7 people 7 car 7 days...
1 was on younger and older...
4 questions were on < > <= =>
4 questions were on syllogism ("Atleast" concept was also there)
4 questions were on age problem, direction, blood-relation

Q: U,V,W,X,Y,Z are 6 peoples having different ages. only two are younger than X.
Y is younger than W and older than U. W or Z are not older. U is not younger.

Reasoning was moderate type. I could solve them all but......T.I.M.E.T.I.M.E.. 

If one have had basic knowledge of Quant, one can solve at least 16 or 17 questions easily without using any formula or concept.
Rest was also easy.

General Awareness
I was not prepared well into this So what i've done there I cant tell you.
But as much as i know, It was easy and good.

Hope it's good enough(in my knowledge) to give you a raw concept.

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  1. we are accepting what ur saying ...but starting...exams ws hard dear....

  2. upload the rrb scale 1 2013 paper

  3. 40s
    buyers market
    sellers market
    capital republic of cyrus
    suadi arabia currency
    types of software
    cpu expansion
    100rs notes signed by
    market means

  4. golden foot award
    drona cup related to
    air india carrier head quater located at
    brics decide to built up head quater at

  5. gonna apply for IBPS clerk IV under OBC category. my OBC (non creamy layer) certificate issue don 2010.
    In notification:
    OBC caste certificate containing
    the Non-creamy layer clause should be valid as on the last date of online registration i.e. 01.09.2014
    (issued within one year prior to the last date for online registration)

    Am i eligible for written examination? do i need to renew my certificate before registration?


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