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August 24, 2014

Reviews of SBI Clerks Online Exam 24/08/2014 (Afternoon Shift)


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Review shared by Chinmayananda Biswal from Odisha
Hi , I am Chinmayananda Biswal From Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I have attended the Exam on 24/08/2014 on 2nd sitting (2.00 P.M to 4.15 P.M)

I reached the exam hall 2 hour before the exam i.e. 12.00 P.M but one hour before the reporting time 1.00 PM. First of I that say overall exam was not so easy , it is easy-moderate.

I have attended 145 questions .

Here is my Sectionali Wise Review :

1. First i have come to the Aptitude Section because in previous review i read that aptitude was so time consuming , i spend 45 minutes but i have attended 20 questions . all the question that  i have attended are correct.

You can find 10 questions for simplification , 5 on series , 5 on D.I , and 20 questions from ratio , CI , SI, Mixture , time work etc.

2. Second i have come to the Reasoning section  I have spend 35 minutes but i can attended 22 questions.

You can find 5 question s from syollgisms , 3 puzzel ( one puzzel from 4 friend sitting facing center and 4 friend sitting faces outside, second puzzel from five friends sitting north i.e row 1 and second friend sitting south i.e. row 2 , third puzzle from 7 boys each have birthday starting from sunday to saturday liking various type of chocolate etc.) , 5 questions from euality , 5 questions from analytical reasoning etc.

3. i have come to the English section this section I have to say it is easy , if your concept is so clear that you can easily get 30 + marks . i have spend 25 minutes and attended 38 questions .

you can get 10 question from RC (it is a story based but very lengthy) , 10 from Close test ( story based) , 5 questions on para jumbled (story based )  , 5 from grammer correction and others.

4. i have come to the computer section and marketing section  , As i am Master Degree in Computer Engineering (M.Tech.) i felt this section easy and marketing is conceptwise , if you read twice the question before reading the answer , you can easily answer it. i spend 15 minutes and attempt 36 questions

one thing you find that though it is a combination of  Computer and marketing section , in on line exam you can find one question from computer then one question from marketing and so on.

some questions ::
1. SMTP full form    == Simple mail transfer protocol
2. Mouse is a which kind of device == input
3. Which is used in networking --- the question i have not remembered but the answer is NIC.

5. Lastly i have come across the General knowledge section and i have attempt 29 question within 15 minutes.

this section you can get 2-3 question from budget , one question from kick movie i.e. who is the producer of kick , one question from minister protofolio , and many other .

One Thing i want to say that Do not be panic in exam hall , give the exam in a cool minded manner , do not brother about the cut-off , no one can say about the cut-off , it is wholly depend on the recruitment department . try to give answer as more as correct , do not try for more attempt.

Review shred by Shiva Prasad. C from Karnataka

Hi, I am SHIVAPRASAD C from karnataka state mysore i am going share
some gk questions evening session of 24 august 2014

Few GK questions were like :-
1)australia currency
2)srilanka capital
3)IBSA SUMMIT NEXT where in 2015?
4)NATO summit
6)minster state of culture and tourism
7)world bank president- jim kong

English ­­­­ This section was easy

circle seating arrangement
parellel line seating arrangecment
data sufficiency

computer section was easy imarkeing little bit tough

simplication 10 marks
number series

MY advice pls do maths fast and perfectly maths simplification little
bit time consuming
exam was moderate
my attempt 120 accuracy


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  1. Thank you friends. Good luck

  2. Toughest of all the exams. PO exam se equal tha :(

    1. Gk for SBI PO was much easier than SBI clerical comparatively(I feel so).....(Swagat)

  3. GA Questions 24-08-14 Evening Shift

    1. Telangana Brand Ambasidor - Saniya Mirza
    2 World Bank Pressident - Jim Yom Kim
    3 IBSA 2015 Summit will be held in - India
    4 Prithvi II Range - 350 km
    5 Nightingale Award given Which field - Nursing
    6 Test Of My Life writer - Yuvraj Singh
    7 AIIMS Setting Which place in Maharashtra - Vidhraba
    8 Germani Grand Phrix Related to - Automobile Race (Formula One )
    9 Minister of State Cultural and Tourism - Shri SriPad Yesho Nayak
    10 Capital Of Sri lanka - Jayavardhane Pura Kotte
    11 NATO Summit 2014 Summit will be held in - England
    12 Which of the Following is Public Sector Bank - Bank Of Maharashtra
    13 Austria Curency - Euro
    14 India Rank in Human Development Index 2014 - 135
    15 KICK Story Writer - Vakkantham Vamshi
    16 Tiger Woods Belongs Which Game - Golf
    17 Next FIFA held in - Russia
    18 Facebook users in the world - 1.23 Billions
    19 National Science Day Observed on - Feb 28

  4. I attempted 149 questions.. thnkew gr8a

  5. This is jai chandra General awareness questions in afternoon session
    Austria currency euro
    Test of my life author yuvaraj singh
    Nato 2014 london
    2018 fifa russia
    Bank lending money called bank rate
    Basal norms used in banking sector
    Independent charge minister of culture and tourism naikk
    Aiims in Maharashtra vidarbha
    Railway minister ecotourism on northeastern states
    World science day
    Jim pong yong world bank
    Nationalised bank bank of Maharashtra
    Rbi monitory policies once in 2 months
    Human development index india 136
    Sidbi provides loan to
    Sania mirza ambassador of telangana
    Pruthvi 2 missile range
    Germany grand prix automobile racing
    Kick movie screenplay chetan bhagat
    Srilanka capital
    Tiger woods golf
    Bisa next held at

  6. I think this year cutoff will be low

  7. abbrevations for following also asked in computer
    JUST GO THROUGH BANKERS ADDA.COM MATERIALS. SO that u can easily answer computer and general awarness....
    all the best friends.....
    don't tense . be cool ..

  8. there were both easy and difficult qs. you just have to manage your time and attempt the easier section faster.

  9. done 180 including 10 guess in ga and marketing section..:(


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