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August 25, 2014

Reviews of SBI Clerks Online Exam dated 24th August 2014


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Review shared by Kottairaj S

Hi i am kottairaj from Tamilnadu 
                                           i have attend exam on 24.08.2014 & second shift (2.00 pm - 4.15 pm)

i reached exam center 12.55 pm. i have permitted to exam hall 1.00 pm 1 hour they verified my admit card, photo identity proof, then i sit my place i dnt waste my time so i wrote important formulas and cube up to 10 nd square up to 50 ,
then sharply 2.00 pm exam was starting 1 st i attend GA section not very hard i attend 36 qn, 
some of GA  questions::::
1. Australian currency - Australian dollar 
2. national science day - Feb 28
3. 1 qn about minister of state 
4. IBSA 2014 held - new Delhi
5. 3 or more qn about budget so concentrate it...
6. next FIFA 2018 world cub- russia
7. world bank president - jim kong
8. pirithvi II range - 250 km
9. one qn about book author 


 this section not hard computer section so easy marketing moderate i attend 32 qn if u read twice you know answer 

1. marketing is a-------
2. cut shortcut ctrl+x
3. the arrow are wheel in mouse what - pointer
4. which of the following term networking related-- NIC

 next i attend English section i attend 25 question not so hard , moderate but passage so lengthy time consuming , cloze test, error spot, phrase , 


        moderate but time consuming so try to solve very fast every question i attend only 22 qn because of time not enough i waste my time in other section (reasoning ) DI easy , simp 5, ci& si 3 mixture 1, time & work 2 etc


           1 st attend syllogism 5 marks then i attend blood relation, data sufficiency 5 mark, circular in and out, another also circular but 8 person like 8 color like this so time consuming and another one 7 person born 7 diff day and like 7 food i took more time to solve if you very well in thi section you will  solve it..

 overall moderate my total attempt 125 qn 90 % accuracy all the best frnds who will write on nxt week...concentrate speed maths and reasoning .

Review shared by Sai Himabindu 
hi...i attended sbi clerks exam yesterday..that is on 24/8/2014...
i just want to give you brief update on the exam..
overall paper was easy except general awareness section for me...
my overall attempt was 159...
coming to section wise analysis, quant is easy but some questions are time taking. reasoning has 3 seating arrangements, which are not easy easy to solve..other than these, all other questions are easy to answer.
general awareness is some what difficult for me... but i think it is easy for those who prepared well...
computer is easy to the core... you can attempt in a single glance...
marketing is also easy...but includes some tricky questions...

Questions shared by Punit Bansal
when banks 19nationalized wehich bank not there--- bank of maharastra or sbi mysore????
ibsa where going to held-??
culture minister -- Yesso Naik
iit announced in purvanchal, xxxx and xxxx ,4 one is in ??---vadhavan
nightlingen award is related with which stream --- 
grand prix related to -- automobile race
sri lanka official capital- jaivardane
world bank head- jim young kim
priority sector lending in agriculture- 18%
comercial paper
the test of my life book's autor-yuvraj singh
Republic of Austria currency--euro
one qon on censex 2011
science day >> 28 of
one qon on letter of credit
one qon on liability
intrest to customers by banks acording to== base rate or bank rate
prithvi 2 can target at how much km distance
sania mirza brand ambasseder == telengana
nurodeficency in which membranes weaked due to which== vitamin b1,a1,c,d,e

reasoning 15 qon on puzzles toufh ,5 coading ineqialities easy,5 sylogims basic and 10 statement conclusons qon (1.a
apptitude 20 (statement + di)waitage of time( moderate),, 10 symplification 5 others easy
marketing little tofh computer and english very easy

Review shared by Satya Madanmurthy

Dear friends, this my online exam experience of Yesterday's (24/08/2014) SBI Clerks online exam (Afternoon Session) 

Name .satya Madan  murthy , NARASAPUR, WESTGODAVARI 
Exam  attended . Rajamundry Andhrapradesh

Quantitive Aptitute:

It is very tough to me, I was attempted only 18 with 90 % accuracy,
Number series five questions, 
Simple and compound interest 2 questions, 
Boats and streams one question, 
Area of rectangle and square related,
Time and work PO level,
Tap s 2 open , after one closed ,,,,,,,on taps,
Simplification 3 to 5 questions, 
Time and distance ,
Two persons salary in some ratio what is one person salary
Data interpretation 5 questions of bakery items of 5 different companies in 4 weeks,
In an election  25% are ineligible , 63 % are males , remains are females   are equal to 10080 What are  total number of people both eligible and ineligible candidates, 
square root question of r 6084-1 = X +,,,,

Reasoning :

Better to prepare puzzle questions
Puzzle questions are in PO level,
Circular arrangements inword and outward directions, colours and people, 
P, q, r,s,t, having money with different amounts comparison who is having more amount and less amount , who is second lowest, 
Statement's and assumptions,  syllogism 5 questions
Coding and decoding of the following
Work for hard noun - xt ht re ot
Work noun and travel - XT Le yj tk
Travel with new exp -dk yj ot bs
Work for new life - bs re Ar xt,,,... not exact but seems like this,
Inequalities 3-4 questions, 
Blood relations one question,  directions one question, 
Not remembering morethan this,,,,,,, it was 22 attempted by me


Very easiest part, noneed to hurry about it,
Very easy comprehension passage of selling ideas with one shakem by aboy,,,,,,,regarding, oppsites brilliant X fool, sweet X sour, 
Correction of sentence, two word substitutes,  close test very easy, sentencearrage ment regarding to ant and butterfly, my attempt inthis is 34 ,

General awareness:

This was tough to me,
Focused on budget, railway budgets, science day observed on,
Worldbank president, human development index India place, regarding to kick movie in telugu film, sandals mirza ambassador of which state,  tourism minister, slr maintains in which forms , rbi monetary policy meeting conducts in which manner yearly,  bi monthly,,,,,,,,,,,ooh not remembering, 

Computers and marketing:

Computer bits very easy 
Smtp stands for, mouse is what of device,Excel regarding cell , booting process,networking, what is main computer- server, ,,,
Marketting: little bit tough,
Marketting stands for, ,,,,,, etc

General awareness :26

Quantitive Aptitute :18 
Reasoning : 22
Computers and marketing :37 
Totally,,,,,,,, 137 with 90% accuracy, 

All the best to all banking aspirant for the future exams, ,
Yours Madan!!!!!

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  1. Thank you Shivani madam,,
    You are amazing person to us,
    We so great fun for your hard work towards us,

  2. Hello mam can you tell me what will be the cutoff for sbi assistant..I have attended 149 questions with 85 to 90% accuracy

  3. Prithivi II range is 350km kw?
    in Mr. kottairaj's reviw it is 250.....


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