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August 03, 2014

Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Officers Exam held on 3rd August 2014


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Friends, I am  Prem Rohit Lawaniya. Here I am sharing today's (03-08-2014) RBI Grade B Officer Exam's questions (Morning Session). All the Best.
  • Which country does not have 'rupee' as its currency?
  • Highest minister in narendra modi's cabinet are from which state?
  • Which minister is oldest in age?
  • Shanti swaroop bhatnagar prize 2013 is given to?
  • Fifa 2014 held at?
  • Recently Barak obama is compared with which previous pm and found less popular?
  • Rbi give banking license recently to?
  • CM of Telangana?
  • No. Of women in lok sabha?
  • Which organization is not an part of world bank?
  • Which is a work of WTO?
  • President of IMF?
  • How to contact PM of india(given the web addresses)?
  • Attorney general of india?
  • Ajit kumar doval is?
  • Which is not a work of SEBI?
  • SLR consists of?
  • What rbi do to reduce liquidity from market?
  • Which is not related to foreign exchange(give Fema,fera etc)?
  • Foreign reserve on 31.3.2014?
  • Which of following is not a work of rbi?
  • As rupee value is depreciating what will be its effect?
  • Which is used for real time transactions one after another in a row?
  • As govt leaves some agriculture loans where these are mentioned in bank balance sheet?
  • G Padmanabhan committee?
  • CEO of apple?
  • Actor in Mr. Bean serial?
  • Who played the role of detective in bobby jasoos?
  • New finance Secretary?
  • How much budget for bullet train project?
  • CEO of Infosys?
  • Germany Chancellor?
  • Which company of anil ambani signed an agreement with sbi?
  • Which airlines of india have contract in Air asia?
  • One question Alfanso mangoes?
  • Largest power plant of india?
  • Fdi limit in pvt sector banks?
  • Which city is not in which plastic currency will be issued as a test?
  • What is overdraft facility provided by rbi to govt?
  • When rbi issues new currency?(which system like minimum reserve like that)?
  • One question on CTS 2010?
  • How much invest levied on investment of more then 25 crore of SME's?
  • PM dedicated first to navy(vikramaditya)?
  • Most expensive city to live?
  • World woman day is celebrated on?
  • One que on export & import rules?
  • Which have the data of all loan takers(cibil rating)?
  • Banks show their data sheet in newspapers which of following is not included?(like name of defaulters ,csr activities, CAD etc)
  • Which of following can be a mortgage?
  • Which of following can not be put as security against loan?
  • Intangible assets?
Thats all only these questions i have remembered. There may also be some mistakes please ignore them.

Prem Rohit Lawaniya

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  1. Thanks what is the expected cut off ? How much u attempt?

    1. Paper was tough this time. Barring last two occasions, cut off has never been too high. Last time it was 126, highest so far. This time it is expected to fall back again around 100-110 range.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Plzzz share ur attempts friends

  4. I wanna tell my review of RBI Grade B -8/3/2014

    Exam was Moderate overall i can say.A person Preparing for PO can easily crack it.
    Reasoning(60Q) was good full of puzzles like 1 on floor, on on sittng in a circle and 1 was confusing that 4 facing north and 4 facing south wth related to diff professions,1 on syllogism, Equality ,input output tracing was confusing sufficiency,,cause n effect ..and weaken and strengthn lyk dat statements
    Maths(30) was so so with DI Pie chart was very confusing along with ratio were from find out odd no..quadratic sufficiency.boat n stream and work ...
    GA(80Q) was also not bad a persn wth good banking knowlegde can easily crack...
    English(30Q) was also good there was a passage on savings and cloze test ..jumbled sentence...

    i wanna say believe in urself and prepare well and calmly .All the very best to all.

  5. was the exam very difficult or average difficulty???

  6. 134 attempts, but aptitude 12 so please share urs too..

  7. Today's RBI Grade B Officers Exam Experience

    Done with RBI grade B exam...did 119..
    Feeling sad ..not bcoz questions was hard..just bcoz I expected it would be tough exam, I studied all the finance related data, including budget, railway budget..surveys, monetary policies, recent schemes etc..
    To my surprise just 5-7 question were there from these topics.Mostly questios were direct, banking & financial terms like role of RBI,sebi,banking ombudsman, derivatives etc.
    It was DI which ruined everything..
    English was equal to IBPS clerk exam.
    Reasoning was same as IBPS PO exam..

    Source : Facebook

    1. totally agree wid u...DI spoiled my hopes also....atttempted 114...

  8. RBI Grade B exam conducted on 3-8-2014. my experience

    I have attempted 129 questions, 65 from GA, 21 from ENGLISH, 14 from QUANTITATIVE, 29 from REASONING.

    Quantitative was really time taking, we would end up doing nothing if u stick to quantitative section.

    General awareness was slightly better and

    english was good except jumbled sentences which will ruin our whole time,

    reasoning was pretty good though has good standard questions should pour our whole mind to get them right.

    overall iam expecting around 80 marks.. hope this time cutoff mark go down.

  9. Modis first visit to which country after becoming pm,in june mumbai hit by which cyclone,fathers day on? World bank chief?question on glitz securities,commercial paper?first pm visit to other country along with which minister, rbi governor before raghuram rajan, fifa world cup final venue? Question on mortorage? These are few afternoon questions

  10. Got the Hit in reasoning. Rest was fine one. GA was quite easy. But in Reasoning too time consuming in eve session. was not able to meet with time mgt. Thnx/Raj

  11. Attempted 141 questions ,clearing cutoff of all sections :) It was my first attempt and third banking exam after SBI PO and SBI Clerk .Going next for Bank Of Baroda on 14th August ...

  12. iam venkatesh.. i have attended today's rbi exam. for me, aptitude section is very difficult, remaining all are easy. my attempt
    english 25
    reasoning 37
    gen awareness 75
    aptitude 16

  13. I have attempted 125 questions.
    GA- 52
    Sad that I attended only 9 questions in aptitude... belong to SC category.
    Do I have any chance?

    1. SC par to Mandal baba ka ashirwad one can stop you........relax and enjoy your life full of reservations

  14. i think jumbled question was wrong...bcoz starting sentence should be E bt there was no option for that...attempted 120,bt reasoning only 27,,,

  15. i attemped 134 q.
    GA- 69
    and QA -only 10 prey god to comedown cut mark with trembling hand ....

  16. I attempted 108 questions
    GA 46
    RS 20
    EG 30
    QA 12

  17. I have attempted total 138 Question.
    GA: 72
    Eng: 16
    Quant: 16
    Reasoning: 34
    Little worried about english as i have attempted only 16 otherwise i am very confident to get in.

  18. 2nd sitting

    GA 38
    Eng. 23
    QUANT 15
    REASONING 24. This was my first ever exam and found time management issues....

  19. attempted 140, no time left for gk... attempted only 54. :( Though the ques of ga was 2 easy to deal with..

  20. i have attempt only 132 question GA-55

  21. GA : 63
    Eng: 21
    Rea: 29
    QT : 13

    In my opinion, cut off should go down by 10-15 marks this time considering DI which was time consuming. Sectional cut off for Quants...may go down by 2-4 marks.
    Most of the SERIOUS candidates have attempted between 125-145(not more than 5-10% of candidates share their marks in online forums).
    Yes, there is also a minor group which has attempted between 145 - 155, still there would be very very few who would have attempted above 155. So conservatively we can take a band of 125-145.
    @90% accuracy cut off for General Category should be around 115.

  22. What can be the Sectional Cut off this year and Over all cut off

  23. Dear Friends,
    I found the paper to be easier than what i had anticipated given that the SBI PO was tough, the paper was very doable, DI was a tad heavy on calculation and the options given as mixed fractions did not help the case, key is to identify questions which can be done, cut off should be around 110+ for general,
    total attempts- 173 (no guess work involved)
    any idea when the second round might be...

  24. attempted 132 with 80% accuracy!!!!

  25. i think cut off would be in between 105-110 for gen candidate

    1. Why ??? Any reason.
      I have just asked about it because I found paper much easy then previous year and last year cut off is 127 for general.

  26. My attempt

    GA - 71 out of 80
    English - 25 out of 30
    Quants - 24 out of 30
    Reasoning - 45 out of 60
    Total - 165

  27. Hi,
    My exam was in first phase (morning) and attempted total 119 questions:
    GA 51
    Eng 19
    Math 20
    Reasoning 19
    I think, I have attempted more then required in the Mathematics section hence cannot gave enough time to reasoning section to score high. Only positive point to me is my my confidence at my attempted questions. Can I pass the overall boundary of the exam?
    Guys! need expected cut off, so that I can prepare for the next level.

  28. GA-58

    Paper was easy............

  29. Attempted 121..any chances? I think no.had no idea of cut off as it was first tym wdout prep ..I'm sure all sectionals WL b cleared but overall no way..disheartened

    Sm1 pls help me how to prepare for RBI ga so that next time I can also attempt abv 70 in ga n get in for part2

  30. guyzz in this exam there was new type of blacks can anyone tell me how to solve that !

    gr8ambtionz team plz provide this new type of blanks model papers !

    thank you :)

  31. What will be the overall cut off this year??I attempted 143 with 80 percent accuracy

  32. Attempt 150 q
    Gk 70
    Eng 27
    Reas 17** (will lost due to it)
    Qa 20

  33. I think I am the one here who has attempted least no of questions 104 only... :(

  34. Hey. Someone please share evening session questions

  35. my attempts:-

  36. dont consider previous year cut off

  37. because usse phle cut off 51 thi usi ko consider karne ki vajah se me pichli bar rhe gya tha


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