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August 15, 2014

Questions Asked in BOB Manipal PO Exam held on 14th August 2014


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Hi friends, I'm Prem Rohit Lawaniya. Yesterday (Dt. 14-08-2014) I've attended the Online Exam of Bank of Baroda Manipal Scool of Banking PO Recruitment 2014-15. Here are the questions asked in my exam. 

Questions asked in Bank of Baroda Manipal Exam evening session

  1. Writer of two states book? 
  2. Foreign reserve in india is maintained by? 
  3. Coins are minted in india by? 
  4. ISIS stands for?
  5. Visa on arrival facility suspended for which country?
  6. Salman rushdi got which award recently?
  7. Which of following is not a priority sector? 
  8. One question on capital-country mismatch?
  9. Ebola highly spreading in which country? 
  10. Why ukraine is in news recently? 
  11. Card name given by NPCIL? 
  12. Which provide insurance for bank deposits?
  13. Full form of NEFT?
  14. NEFT is maintained by ? (RBI)
  15. NPA stands for?
  16. Organization for HUMAN RIGHTS is situated at?
  17. Recently rbi issued banking licenses to?
  18. Call money is given for how much time?
  19. Which of following is for small & medium industries?(sidbi)
  20. Japan provide loan for water project for which state?
  21. The fuel in kudankulam reactor is maintained by which country?
  22. H.Q. Of new development bank of bricks?
  23. R & C in BRICKS stands for?
  24. Chemical name of P.O.P.? 
  25. Which of following govt schemes started in 2000?
  26. First lok sabha polls in india in which year?
  27. GIFT stands for?(Gujrat international finance tech-city)
  28. Telngana state do not share border with which state?
  29. FIFA full form?
  30. JNNURM mission is started for?
  31. Who take additional charge of Chandigarh governor?(states are given)
  32. Who is known as little master?
  33. Range of Agni-IV missile?
  34. ViSu hindu festivel is celebrated on april in which state?
  35. Which following have systematic investment plans?
  36. Mark & spencor is famous chain stores of which products? 
  37. UN's Food & Agriculture organization have H Q in? 
  38. Anti trafficking & drugs is celebrated on?  
  39. Flipe VI was in news why?
  40. Who is Secretary-General of the United Nations ( UNSG)?
Thats all .....
only these questions i have remembered .Friends some mistakes may also be present in the given information so please ignore them.

NOTE:- pls note one thing here all the subjects pattern are same as previous exams except the english section. It is little bit changed now it is composed of 5-10 questions of cat pattern in which they provide a para of 3-4 lines and give three options & then ask that which sentence can be a starting sentence for given para.

Thank u guys
Prem Rohit Lawaniya

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  1. visa on arrival suspended in which country?is myanmar correct

  2. headquarters of FAO-
    Secretary General of UNO-
    Telangana shares border with which of these states?
    international day of illicit trafficking -
    SIP is related to-

    GA was child's play for this paper.
    Eng was of some good standard.

  3. plz provide last year's cut-off or diz year's expectd cut-off of BOB PGDM exam..........

    1. Last year 89/250 ..including descriptive... This time cutoff should be lower than 80..

  4. Replies
    1. 1.ceitan bhagat.
      4.iaslamic state of I/S
      6.pen awrd
      9west africa
      10.ukrain-russia prblm
      12.national fnd trnsfr
      15.non performing ast.
      rmng tmro....

  5. please upload the morning section g.k.

  6. please provide the solutions to the above questions too

  7. Sabke question alag the.....very different.

  8. what is the expected cut off....or last year's cut off

  9. Why everytime my comments are not approved by in morning i ans 60% question.Why Gr8ambitionsz

  10. morning shift quetions:-
    1'. full form of SEZ
    3 women in rights ranked on 120 postion given by which report
    4.maximum limit in rtgs
    5.2nd most literate state in india
    6.largest stsate in india 1mahrastra 2 mp 3 bihar 4 up ?
    7, nasa newly made sateelite maintained in which country
    9 chief minister of tripura and mizoram
    10. country which wom 2012 london plympics football match
    11 lieone mess belongs to which country
    12 which of the folowing is not the banking terms--4 options never studied
    13. winner of penprinter prize
    14.minister of states of usa

  11. isis means Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society (ISIS)

    1. yes correct but even islamic state of iraq and syria is correct. i dont remember the options correctly

  12. i ll get 13 in ga will it be enough ? to qualify section?

  13. hi guys

    can anyone please let me know wat z d tym table to b followed to cracck bank exam...
    as i m new to dis field....

    please suggest d tymings n pattern to be followed

  14. who won 2012 olympic gold ? mexico
    pen prize - salman rushdie
    rtgs max limit - no limit.
    lallu yadav party - rjd
    what is currency change known as - exchange rate
    daniel radcliffe famous for ? - harry pottter
    credit rating agency - crisl
    one questtion on sebi
    gdp rate in economic survey - 5.4 - 5.9
    tobgay have been pm of which country - bhutan
    one question on banking term
    messi national team - argentina
    jinnah : independence book author - jaswant singh
    Secretary of us state - john kerry
    dada sahab phalke award 2014 - gulzaar ( but option was not given - answer was none of these ).

  15. guys those are morning session question i have kept some those i remember

  16. attempts kitne kitne kiye bhai log /??


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