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August 06, 2014

Planning in India


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Planning is a conscious attempt on the part of policy makers to achieve multiple and pre-determined objectives of development within a specific period of time in a planned way. First attempt was made by Sri. M. Vishvesvarayya through his book 'Planned Economy for India' in the year 1934.

National Planning Committee was set-up under the chairmanship of Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1938.

History of Planning 

  • 1944 - Bombay Plan (A Plan of Economic Development) by eight industrialists. 
  • 1944 - Gandhian Plan by SN Agrawal
  • 1945 - People's Plan by MN Roy
  • 1950 - Sarvodaya Plan by Jai Prakash Narayan

Planning Commission 

Just after the attainment of independence, the Government of India set-up the Planning Commission on 15th March 1950 to assess the country's needs of material capital and human resources and to formulate economic plans for this more balanced and effective utilization. Planning in India derives its objectives and social premises from the Directive Principles of State Policy mentioned in Indian Constitution.

Role of Planning Commission 

The Planning Commission has been assigned a number of functions. Those are
  1. To make an assessment of the material, capital and human resources of the country and investigate the possibilities to augment these resources. 
  2. To formulate a plan for the most effective and balanced utilization of the country's resources. 
  3. To indicate and determine the conditions for the successful execution of the plan. 
  4. To appraise from time to time the progress achieved in the execution of each stage of the plan and to recommend corrective measures. 
  5. To determine priorities and define stages, in which the plan should be divided and propose the allocation of resources.

Present Composition of Planning Commission

  • Prime minister is the ex officio Chairman of Planning Commission. So the current chairman is Narendra Modi.
  • Deputy Chairman post is vacant after resignation of Montek Singh Ahluwalia on 26th May 2014.
  • Rao Inderjit Singh , Minister of State for Planning (Independent Charge)
  • Ms. Sindhushree Khullar, Secretary
  • Apart from these, there are various Senior Officials and Grievance Officers as members.

National Development Council (NDC)

The NDC was constituted on 6th August 1952, with Prime Minister as the Ex-officio chairman and the secretary of the planning commission as the Ex-officio Secretary of the NDC. Chief minister of all the States and the members of the planning commission are the members of NDC. It is an extra-constitutional and non-statutory body (not formed by Act of Parliament).

Functions :

  1. It aims to make cooperative environment for economic planning between states and the Planning Commission.
  2. It evaluates the management of plans from time to time. 
  3. It analyses the policies affecting development.
  4. It gives suggestions to achieve the fixed aim in the plans. 
  5. It gives final approval to the Five year plans. 
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