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August 17, 2014

Memory Improvement Techniques - Lesson 3


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Friends, this is our third lesson of Memory Improvement techniques. For better understanding of this, we request you to read the first two lessons from below before reading this lesson. Happy Reading :)
Try a memory stunt with your friends or known people :

We hope now, you are familiar with our Mental Picture and Chain Method techniques. We have been getting a number of emails by asking "How to practice these methods". Here is a small game for you. If you want to try these memory stunts, have your friend call out a list of objects; have him . her write them down so that he / she can check your memory. If when you try this you find that you are having trouble recalling the first item, I suggest that you associate that item to the person who is testing you. For example, if "PEN" was the first item, you could "see" your friend's face on the top of the pen. Also, if on first trying this as a stunt, you do forget one of the items, ask what it is and strengthen that particular association. You either didn't use a ridiculous enough association, or you didn't see it in your mind, or you would not have forgotten it. After you have strengthened your original association, you'll be able to rattle off the items from first to last. Try it and see! The most impressive part of it, is that if your friend asks you to recall the items two or three hours later, you will be able to do it! They will still be brought to mind by your original

associations. If you really want to impress your listeners, recall the items backwards! In other words, from the last item called, right up to the first one. Amazingly enough, this works for you automatically.

How to strengthen your sense of Observation ?

If you want to take the time, it is a simple matter to strengthen your sense of observation. You can start right now! You're probably reading this at home, sitting in your room that should be thoroughly familiar to you. Take a piece of paper, and without looking around you, list everything in the room. Don't leave out anything you can think of, and try to describe the entire room in detail. List every piece of furniture, books you have on the desk, pictures, doodads etc. Now, look around the room and check your list. Notice all the things you did not put down on your list, or never really observed, although you have seen them countless times. Observe them now! Step out of the room and test yourself once more. Your list should be longer this time. You might try the same thing with the other rooms in your house. If you do this, your observation will be keener no matter where you happen to be.

How to memorize a Shopping List

Upon completing the above three lessons, you are going to memorize shopping list with the help of chain method. Chain method will help you to recall the items in the shopping list given below.

Create a mental picture for the shopping List by using the five rules given n our previous post. 

How to Recall : Once you see the first shopping object, you will have a clear picture of soap, it will automatically remind you of perfumes and it in turn will lead to trousers and so on, thus making you recollect the entire series quickly and effectively. 

That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall learn how to remember passages, speeches, anecdotes and scripts. Happy Reading :)

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