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August 15, 2014

Five Simple Rules that help you to Remember


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Dear friends, yesterday we've have learnt a simple memory technique to remember lists. Today we shall discuss how that technique worked, along with some simple rules that help you to remember.

Note : This is a continuation lesson of yesterday's lesson. So please read yesterday's lesson here before reading the below article.

Here are five simple rules that help you to remember :

  1. Visualize objects too big or too small
  2. Visualize objects in illogical manner.
  3. Visualize objects moving
  4. Visualize applying colors to objects
  5. Use all your senses like pain, smell, hearing, seeing etc.,
* In most cases, try to apply all the above mentioned rules to create a story.

Note : Almost all of these examples are taken from earlier Mental Picture.

Rule 1 : Out of Proportion (Too BIG or too small) : 

Picture your items out of proportion. In other words, too large or too small. My idea was to make you get the items out of proportion.

Example : A pen which is ten storied building height

Rule 2 : Moving or Action :

Picturise the objects in action or dancing whenever it's possible. Ex : A note book is dancing.

Rule 3 : Visualize in an illogical manner :

Unfortunately, it is the violent and embarrassing things that we all remember; much more so than the pleasant things. If you've ever been acutely embarrassed, or been in an accident, no matter how many years ago, you don't need a trained memory to remember it vividly. So get violent action into your association whenever you can.

Rule 4 : Apply Colors

Apply colors to the pictures. Then you can get clarity on it.
Example : Red colored Apartment

Rule 5 : Use all your Senses 

Its like pain, smell, hearing, seeing etc., to create picture.

In most cases, try to apply all the above into your pictures. And with a little practice you will find that a ridiculous association with any two items will come to mind instantly. The objects to be remembered are actually chained one to another, forming a chain, and that is why I call this the chain method of remembering.

How the chain method works ?

The entire chain method boils down to this associate the first item to the second, the second to the third, the third to the fourth, and so on. Make your associations as ridiculous and / or illogical as possible, and most importantly, SEE the pictures in your mind's eye. In later posts you will learn some practical applications of the chain system-how it can help you to recall your daily schedule or eerrands, and how you can use it to help you to remember lengthy essays, and lists like books & authors, countries & heads etc.

The Chain system is also used to help memorize in many other things. However don't jump ahead of yourself. Don't worry about those things now. Of course, you can use this method immediately to help you remember shopping lists, or to show off to your friends, but you need a little more practice to remember the lists with typical names.

That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss a simple memory stunt which you can actually play with your friends and some tips to strengthen your observation. Happy Reading :)

Important note : Try to understand the concepts of Mental Picture and Chain Method and practice as much you can as possible. Ask us if you have any doubts. We are stressing this because almost all of our upcoming lessons are completely dependent on these two methods.

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  1. thank yo very much... really useful and effective

  2. nice work.
    i am waiting for the next post.

  3. I will implement this from now onwards :)

  4. pleaes suggest me a good online test series for ibps po 4

  5. thanks ............ eagerly waiting for your upcoming posts :)

  6. wow marvalous techique!!!!!!!!!

  7. For Remer in thinks we can also use initial Letters of alphabet. To remember the sequence


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