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August 27, 2014

Expected Questions from Census 2011 - Set 1


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Friends, in our yesterday's post, we have discussed about Census 2011. Today we shall see some expected questions from this area. Happy Reading :)

Who is the the Registrar General and commissioner of 2011 Indian census ?

The Literacy rate of India has shown as improvement of almost 9 percent. It has gone up to _____%  in 2011 from 65.38% in 2001

According to Census 2011 India accounts the world’s ________  per cent of population.

Which Union territory has highest sex ratio?

The Census 2011 is conducted in two phases. Those are ___________  (April to September 2010) and _____________________(February 9 to 28, 2011).

Which state has highest fertility rate in India?

What is the rate of growth of population of India according to 2011 census?

China topped in the population. China has ________ per cent of the world's total population

_____________ (199.5 million) is the most populous State in the country followed by Maharashtra with 112 million.

According to the Census 2011, what are the male and female literacy rates ?

_______________  is the first decade (with the exception of 1911-1921) which has actually added lesser population compared to the previous decade.

The Census 2011 is the ___________ census of India since 1872 ?

The population of India has increased approximately __________ million during the decade 2001-2011.

The latest child sex ratio in is _________ female against 1,000 male. This is the lowest since Independence.

Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state and the combined population of Uttar Pradesh and which state is more than that of the USA.

Overall sex ratio at the national level has increased by ____________  points to reach 940 at Census 2011 as against 933 in Census 2001.

Kerala with ____________ has the highest sex ratio followed by Puducherry with 1038, Daman & Diu has the lowest sex ratio of 618.

Which state is at the bottom of the ladder with literacy rate of 63.82


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  2. Really useful & important questions for upcoming exams...


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  5. thank u so much gr8ambitionz...frm long back i was searching for census data...thank u :)

  6. Shivani mam..plz upload material. For rbi assistant. Too

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  8. please provide census of punjab

  9. 3:2 let the boys be 9x and girls be 7x now new number of boys 9x X 140/100 and girls 7x X 120/100 therefore new ratio 9X14/7X12=3/2

  10. India
    943/1000 I Saw in this link which u provide

  11. Dear Mam

    you are doing gr8 job as per name ,

    it is my humble request Could you please upload few Survey data related to Census
    2011 , Indian State sustain development data (Poverty , Heath ,
    Sanitation) ,

    Indian State Economy(Per person capical, GDP growth etc) , HDI report of Indian state .


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