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August 22, 2014

Expected questions from Books & Authors 2014


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Friends, here are some important questions from Books and Authors of 2014. Happy Reading :)

Which Publication house has launched a book titled as First Citizen : Pranab Mukherjee in Rashtrapathi Bhawan on 2nd July 2014 ?

The Himalayan Faceoff written by ? (asked in SBI PO 2014)

What is the name of Saina Nehwal's Autobiography ? (asked in SBI PO 2014)

Who is the Author of the book "The Silkworm" ?

Who is the author of the book "Green Poems"

Who has written the book "Anticipating India - The Best of National Interest" ?

Who is the athor of the book "ON HINDUISM" ?

Who has written book titled as "How Neighbours Converge, Economics and Politics of Regionalism"

The book named An Undocumented Wonder-The Making of Great Indian Election has been launched recently. Who is the author of this book ?

Book entitled as "A Stamp is Born" has been released recently, the author of the book is ?

Who is the Author of the book "Crusader or Conspirator : Colgate and other truths " ?

Who is the author of the book : "The Accidental Prime Minister : The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh" ?

Padma Shri awardee, writer and poet Vikram Seth won the Commonwealth Writer's prize for his book called ?

Who is the author of the boook : Chronicle of a corpse Bearer" ?

WHo authored the book entitled India and Malaysia : Intertwined Strands ?

The biography "Substance and Shadow", is associated to which actor ?

"One life is not enough" is autobiography of which political leader of India ?

Which book has been released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently on 8th June 2014 ?

Who is the Author of the book "India at Risk" ?

The author of the books Train to Pakistan, A History of the Sikhs, Delhi : A Novel has recently passed away. Who is he ?

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  1. u have done a good job :)
    thank u..
    it will be so easy if u post all d questions together based on authors asked on sbi p.o and sbi clerk(recent exams conducted in this year)

  2. pls update pdf of the above article

  3. books & authors segment is a very important question useful for all competitive exam,,, thank you gr8ambition

  4. Nice to see these kind of qstns

  5. Mam plz provide this article in pdf ....

  6. sir pls also post important days which asked in bank exams

  7. Great job! Thank u guys :-)

  8. Thank u for giving this as separate section

  9. thanks a lot for your fabulous work ....

  10. please update all general awareness in pdf format. for sbi clerk and po

  11. Thanks a ton. It is of great help to aspirants.


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