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August 16, 2014

Reviews of Today's (16th August 2014) SBI clerk exam (Afternoon Batch)


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Review shared by Ashok Kumar J

Hi Guys.This is Ashokkumar J from Tamil nNadu. I had attended today's SBI Clerk Online Exam (afternoon batch ) . I would like to share my experience with you. Overall Exam was easy to moderate except few section .. My attempt was 130 with 100 % accuracy.. I m sharing few questions which I remember..

ENGLISH :                                   
Frankly   speaking no need to       prepare anything.. Just read n  answer..(difficulty level is very low)

GENERAL AWARENESS : television day?
3.PSLV C23
4.application for filing a complaint against bank through Bank ombudsman
5.which srilankan cricketer announced his retirement?
6. Currency of Saudi Arabia
7 . president of world Bank?
8. Gandhi peace prize for what?

1. 3 seating arrangement (circular with 2 data, north south, day) +1 age arrangement(like younger than, older than)
2. Coded inequality 5 questions
3 . syllogism 5 questions
4 . blood relations 3
5. Coding decoding 5 questions

Easy except miscellaneous topics (like S. I, C. I, Ratio, percentage, partnership)
1.10 simplifications
2. Number series 5
3.D. I 5 questions
4 . rest from miscellaneous topics

Computer n marketing
Computer was very easy.. Marketing little bit difficult..

Suggestions :
Concentrate more on Quants n Reasoning in big manner.. Solve as much seating arrangement problems as you can.. Tats all friends. :-). ALL THE BEST FOR UPCOMING BATCHES :-)

Review shared by Sandeep. G
Hi friends my name is gadam sandeep , i have attended sbi clerk exam evening shift ,paper was easy i could attempt 159 questions .

General awareness : this section was very easy mostly questions asked from last three months
1. tv channel for north east india  mentioned in union budget
2. fine on reliance industries
3. capital of cyprus
4. golden ball award in FIFA
5.question about asset reconstruction company
6.gandhi peace award is given in which field
7. sant kabir award developmental bank head quarters
9.TARC chairmen
10. substance and shadow book is autobiography of which person-dilip kapoor

COMPUTER AND MARKETING - computer questions were easy but marketing little tricky

QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE : easy but time consuming, qstns from boatas and streams ,ages, simplification , simple and compound intrest .LCM&HCF .

REASONING : i felt this section little tough while compared to other sections ,2 seating arrangements and 1 puzzle about purchasing of cars on differnet days and data sufficiency questions were confusing
ENGLISH : comprehension was long but easy to understand , dont skip reading comphrension nearly 10 qstns were asked ,overall easy
                           have good command on last 3 months current affairs ,budget and FIFA world cup , practise puzzles in reasoning dont stick to questions in reasoning.  ALL THE BEST 

Review shared by Vishnu
Hi friends, I am Vishnu from Kerala. As expected QA was the toughest section from all, apart from last schedules it was not moderate, but computer and marketing was the moderate one, reasoning kept it's standard while english questions gave me a mother tongue feeling.

I will share some GA questions
  • One question related to newly selected governor?
  • Who is minister for steel?
  • Velox 1 satellite related to which country , in missile mission of pslv c 23?
  • Durand cup related to?
  • Total number of districts according to 2011 census?
  • Capital of Peru? (actually I forgot, but pls keep in mind, regularly asking a country capital)?
  • EVM stands for?
  • Which organisations got MAHARATNA POSITION recently?
  • Which oil company got fine, for not achieving target in oil excavation?
  • Where is BRICS BANK going to get started?
  • Who got golden ball award in Brazil world cup?
  • And 3 questions related to census? 

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  1. Paper was easy. I attempted 168.

  2. thank you friends for sharing..

  3. Reasoning was quiite time consuming . I have attempted 133

    1. how was QA section???

    2. both the QA and reasoning was time consuming esp reasoning this time no non-verbal questions.and aroud 20 qes were from arrangements

  4. thanx for sharing your questions........

  5. Thank you for valuable reviews.

  6. hey guys let us share our views and thoughts..join in the wats app group.ibps po 4 8977241050

  7. ashok aapne gk li kya kya prefer kita?


  8. OBC caste certificate containing the Non-creamy layer clause should
    be valid as on the last date of online registration i.e. 11.08.2014
    (issued within one year prior to the last date for online registration).


    What does it means?????? please tell me??????

    If i get my obc after 11-08-2014????? will it be valid for interview?????

  9. friends can you define what type of question r coming in math section . boat steam work and time questions of which type

  10. please give me for cutoff for open...

  11. Thanks Guys for the GA questions ........... :)

  12. thanks for ur reviews guys..let me know if the application form printout is that necessary for interview..i lost i got mail indicating my name reg id nd mail printout is sufficient?


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