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July 04, 2014

Terms for groups of Animals and Birds


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Friends, in our last post we learnt about the terms for groups of things. Today we shall learn about the names of Groups of Animals & Birds. This list will be useful for the Reasoning and English section of competitive exams. Happy Reading :)

Collective References of Animals and Birds 

  •  A bale of Turtles
  • A barren of Mules 
  • A bed of Clams (edible shellfish) 
  • A bevy of Larks or Quails (birds) 
  • A brood of Chickens 
  • A business of Ferrets (carnivorous animal)
  • A cast of couple of hawks
  • A catch / haul / shoal of fish
  • A cete of badgers (mammals)
  • A charm of finches (a kind of small bird)
  • A cloud of locusts
  • A cluster of cats
  • A congregation of Plovers (a kind of bird)
  • A convocation of Eagles
  • A covey of Partridge (birds)
  • A crash of Rhinoceros
  • A descent of Woodpeckers
  • A dray of Squirrels
  • A drove of Cattle / Horses / Ponies (driven together)
  • An exaltation of Larks
  • A flight of Birds, Bees or Insects
  • A Flock / Gaggle / Skein of Geese / Swans
  • A Flock of Sheep
  • A Gam of Whales
  • A herd of Cattle / Deer / Swine
  • A husk of Rabbits 
  • A kindle of Kittens
  • A knot of Frogs
  • A labour of Moles
  • A leap of Leopards
  • A litter of Pigs / Dogs / Cats (brought forth at one birth)
  • A murder of Crows
  • A mustering of Storks (Birds)
  • A muster of Peacocks
  • A nest of Ants / Rabbits / Snakes
  • A nye of Pheasants (Birds)
  • An ostentation of Peacocks
  • A pack of Asses / Wolves / Hounds
  • A paddling of Ducks
  • A parcel of Hogs
  • A parliament of Owls
  • A plague of Locusts
  • A plumb of Wildfowls
  • A poultry of Fouls / Ducks / Chicken etc..
  • A pod of Seals (amarine animal)
  • A pride of Lions
  • A rookery of Rooks or Seals 
  • A rout of Wolves / Knights (moving)
  • A school of Porpoises / Whales (sea mammals like Dolphin)
  • A siege of Herons (birds)
  • A skulk of Foxes / Friars / Geese
  • A sloth of Bears
  • A sounder of Pigs / Swines
  • A swarm / hive of Bees
  • A stud of Horses (kept for riding, racing and breeding)
  • A team of Exen
  • A tiding of Magpies
  • A troop of Lions / Monkeys
  • A wedge of Swans (flying)
  • A watch of Nightingales
  • A wispe of Snipe (birds)
  • A wreck of Sea birds
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