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July 02, 2014

SBI Clerks Marketing Aptitude - Important Points to Know


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According to the National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) Pune, Bank Marketing is the aggregate of functions, directed at providing services to satisfy customer's financial needs and wants, more effectively and efficiently than the competitors keeping in view the organizational objectives of bank. Below are some important points you should know about Marketing in Banking for upcoming SBI Clerks online exam. Happy Reading :)

Importance of Marketing in Banking

  • Marketing includes a wide range of activities, from customers need to customer satisfaction, which creates a business opportunity to organizations, to create a good service in order to fulfill need and satisfy customer.
  • Key functions of marketing are analysis, planning, implementation and control. All these functions will be a part of each and every activity of marketing.
  • Banking is a service based industry which provides services in order to satisfy the customers' financial needs and wants, primarily.
  • Identification of financial need and providing appropriate quality services is a competitive edge of the bank.
  • In India, banks are having two different objectives, those are,
      1.  Profit Making,
      2. Financial Development of Rural Areas.
    • In order to achieve these objectives, marketing is the only source for banks.
  • Each and every employee of the bank (directly or indirectly) provides services to customers. Which means each and every front-line employee generates revenue by selling the intangible, heterogene3ous product called SERVICE to the customer directly, it means production, distribution and consumption are simultaneous process in that services. So, it is a marketing activity.
  • In this activity, the service include identification of need, fulfillment of desire, satisfaction, relationship with customer, building a trust worthiness between bank and customer and moreover achieving the objectives of bank is the primary job of a bank employee.
  • Performance of bank and employee will be affected by the services rendered to the customers. So, he / she needs minimum marketing skills in order to do a service oriented job in a bank.
  • Though the western countries applied marketing concepts in banking in early 60s but in India it started in 70s.
  • The first bank to implement Marketing Concepts in India  was State Bank of India. As state owned bank and agent of RBI, it was having a versatile set of objectives in front. State Bank of India has taken an important step to implement the marketing concept first time in Indian Banking Sector.
  • SBI has adopted a marketing concept called market segmentation.  It has classified the market into different segments like commercial and institutional, small industries and small business, agriculture and personal. It is having a district functional development department with primary function as marketing.
  • In 21st century, with the entry of private sector banks in India, customer oriented marketing concept was introduced.
  • As banks are implementing marketing as a strategy, in order to fit into this type of situation in banks, the new employee must have marketing knowledge. So, SBI and its associates amde marketing aptitude as a mandatory part in their recruitment process. They need employees with marketing knowledge, and many private sector banks are also focusing on marketing in their recruitment process.
  • Marketing knowledge will help hte employees in understanding the banking services in a better way. Marketing aptitude's main motive is to understand the marketing concepts which makes job easier to new employees.
Short Notes on Marketing :

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Useful Marketing books for SBI Clerks Online Exam

Friends, we are working on marketing study material. You will get that pdf file in two days. We feel that material is enough to prepare.  If you want to buy any books, you can go for the following books.
  • Principles and Practices of Banking Module D - By IIBF
  • Marketing Knowledge - By Dr. L. N. Koli & Prem Koli
  • Objectives of Marketing Aptitude - By Arihant Publications
  • Marketing Aptitude : Useful for Banking Services and other Competitive Exams - By Sima Kumari
  • Objective Marketing Knowledge - By Kiran Prakashan
  • Marketing Knowledge and Aptitude - By Kiran Prakashan

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  1. In a mixture contains milk and water in the ratio 5:4. if 9 litres of water is added, the ratio becomes 4:5. Find the quaninty of milk in the mixture.

    i want answer and explantion

    1. 20L milk and 16L water

    2. milk= 5x and water = 4x. then 5x/4x+ 9 = 4/5. cross multiplying. ie, 25x = 16x + 36. 25x - 16x = 36. then x= 4.water = 4x, ie, 4*4 =16. water= 5x. ie, 5*4 = 20.

    3. Best way is to Look at the answer and retrace the Questions

      For example 20LITRE MILK : 16 LITRE WERAT IS 5:4

      on adding 9LITRE WATER it becomes 20:25 which is 4:5

  2. a man sold an article with 5 %loss.if he added 56 rupees to that ,he gains 10%profit,so wat is the cost of an article?pls solve this problem plshelp me

    1. if an artical sold at a loss of 5 % then SP= 95% of C.p( lets say x) similarly
      gain of 10 % then SP= 110% of x then
      110% of x - 95 % of x = 56
      15x= 5600
      x=373.33 it is the cost of an artical

    2. If 5 % loss and then 10%proffit
      Add both=15%
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  5. The sum of squares of 3 number is 532 and the ratio of the first and second as second and third is 3:2 ,then first is,and and explanation

    1. let three no b x,y,z then
      x^2 + y^2 +z^2 =532 acc to ques x/y= 3/2 ,, y/z =3/2 so we assume x =3k , y= 2k then z= 4k/3
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  6. pls publish quick reference guide for sbi clerk exam


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