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April 10, 2019

Re-Arranging Scrambled Sentences - Tips & Examples


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Rearranging sentences requires a sound knowledge of grammar, a command over the structure of sentences and an ability to form a logical sequence of ideas behind sentences.

In order to perform well in this section, one has to read every sentence carefully, concentrate on the meaning of the passage and then form a sequence at the level of idea. A few simple rules of grammar help to deliver the right order. Words, preferably sentence linkers like 'then', 'so', 'now', 'afterwards', 'finally', etc. help in understanding the sequence of events.


  • A noun precedes a pronoun and the noun helps identify the pronoun it has to be followed by. Look at the following sentences. 
    1. A king lived in Central India.
    2. He was handsome but very vain.
      • We can easily understand that the pronoun 'he' refers to the person (king) in the earlier sentence. 
  • The definite article 'the' generally follows a sentence where an indefinite article (a or an) is used. Look at these sentences :
    1. A king lived in Central India.
    2. The king was handsome but very vain.
      • It can be understood that sentence '2' should follow sentence '1' since the definite article 'the' is used in sentence '2'.
  • Certain words, say sentence linkers help us decide the sequence of sentences leading to the order of sentences. Look at the following sentences. 
    1. The king was hands0ome but very vain.
    2. He did not care for the ruling of his people. 
    3. As a result / So the people became poorer and sadder. 
      • Sentence '1' started with a noun and the sentence '2' with a corresponding pronoun 'he' for 'the king', and the sentence '3' with a sentence linker 'so' or a phrase 'as a result' linking the earlier sentence. 

Practice Examples

Re-arrange the scrambled sentences in each set to form meaningful paragraphs.
  • SET A
    1. Then he taught them to perform on command. 
    2. It is said that if you are fortunate enough to see them blow bubbles you will be lucky in marriage. 
    3. The trio were taught to take in the air from the trainers oxygen tank.
    4. Three bubble-blowing belugu whales are a big attraction at the Aquas Aquarium in Japan.
    5. A trainer noticed them casually blowing rings on their own

  • SET B
    1. For days before it starts on a journey, a camel does nothing but eat and drink.
    2. So the camel's hump is a storage place for fat, which the camel's body will use up during the journey. 
    3. Where other animals would die for lack of food and water, the camel gets along nicely because it carries its food and water with it. 
    4. The camel is called 'the ship of the desert' and there is good reason for it.
    5. It eats so much that a humb of fat, may be weighting as much as 100 pounds, rises on its back.

  • SET C
    1.  When two men met it was the custom for them to hold each other's open hands to show there was no weapon there. 
    2. Thieves lurked about in the dark and men carried swords for defence. 
    3. Thus, through time, men came to regard the holding of each other's hands as a greeting and a sign of friendship.
    4. When they were gripping each other's hands, they knew there could be no danger from one another. 
    5. In olden days there were no lighted streets and no police men.

  • SET D 
    1.  "It'll take you only two minutes."
    2. One day, his housekeeper told him that she was going to visit her sister. 
    3. "Boil yourself an egg for dinner while I'm away", she said.
    4. When she returned she found Sir Isaac looking at an egg in his hand while his watch boiled in the Pan.
    5. Sir Isaac Newton was a very absent-minded scientist. 

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