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July 31, 2014

English Practice Tests for IBPS and SBI Bank Exams


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Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pairs of words to make the sentence meaningfully correct.
  1. Our army is ___________, ______________ the border of the neighboring country.
    1. posted, with
    2. accumulated, for
    3. assembled, at
    4. deployed, along
    5. fighting, on

  2. The ___________ manager of the officer __________ all his fears. 
    1. haughty, aggrevated
    2. officious, levelled
    3. amiable, concentrated
    4. fickle, reduced
    5. genial, dispelled

  3. Nine members have _________ about the decision, but the tenth one views it ____________
    1. solution, critically
    2. consensus, similarly
    3. disagreement, collectively
    4. grievance, crucially
    5. agreement, differently

  4. The W. H. O. has ____________ the government for taking prompt __________ action.
    1. lauded, preventive
    2. criticized, obligatory
    3. blamed, ineffective
    4. appreciated, hectic
    5. admired, unreasonable

  5. Vision is usually ____________ most effectively when many different __________ are used.
    1. developed, manifestations
    2. adapted, organizations
    3. communicated, vehicles
    4. exhibited, forms
    5. described, thought

In each of the following questions, an idiomatic expression and its four possible meanings are given. Find out the correct meaning of the expression and mark the number of that meaning as your answer. If you do not find any correct answer mark (5) i.e., 'none of these' as your answer.
  1. To catch a Tartar:
    1. To catch a dangerous person
    2. To deal with a person who is more than one's match
    3. To trap a wanted criminal with difficulty
    4. To live carefully and cautiously
    5. None of these 

  2. To bear the air
    1. to act foolishly
    2. to move vigorously
    3. to make useless efforts
    4. to move sluggishly
    5. None of these 

  3. To wrangle over an ass's shadow
    1. to quarrel over trifles 
    2. to praise
    3. to scold
    4. to deceive
    5. None of these 

  4. To set the people by ears 
    1. to punish heavily
    2. to insult
    3. to fight
    4. to arrange in order
    5. None of these 

  5. To show the white feather
    1. to try to be beautiful
    2. to perform a good deed
    3. to show courage before the enemy
    4. to be calm and quiet
    5. None of these 

Meanings of Difficult words :
  • Accumulate =  Hoard Increase
  • Deploy (V)= Position (V)
  • Consensus  =  Agreement
  • Crucially = Importantly
  • Lauded = Praised
  • Manifestations = Declarations
  • Vigorously = Strongly
  • Wrangle = To quarrel
  • Trifle = Unimportant matter
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  1. Mam Plz Upload SBI CLERK Seatting Arrangement Questions ( Circular Facing center or Outside & Line Arrangement)

  2. Very Nice Meaning of Difficult words are very useful For Exam specially for cloze test

  3. please post sbi clerical reasoning practice questions - circular sitting arrangements few facing center few facing out , different people like different colors like different cars etc..., people in row facing north and some facing south ... type questions.
    thanks in advance.

  4. Sir i have not printed my sbi application after the filling...there will be any problom in the future pleseeee tell me...sirrr


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