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June 07, 2014

SBI Clerks Computer Knowledge : Topics and Preparation Tips


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Friends, based on previous papers, we have already discussed the topic wise mark allotment details of various sections (General Awareness, Aptitude and English) for SBI Clerks Online Exam 2014. Today we shall discuss about the Computer Knowledge section. As you know, in sbi clerks exam, each section consists of 40 marks. But the computer knowledge section comes along with the Marketing Aptitude section and is of 20 marks. Being clerical aspirants, they won't expect us to be the computer experts. No need to have good command over the hardware and programing stuff. They just will check whether you have basic working knowledge over the usage of computer or not. Mainly they will focus on the basic architecture (input and output devices, keyboard, mouse, cpu etc) and the functionality of computer. If you are reading this article in your computer, then you can easily get 5 to 8 marks out of 20. For remaining marks you should focus on basic acronyms, software and hardware concepts, MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint) and Internet. Now let's have a look at the topic wise allotment of marks based on previous exams.

SBI Clerks Computer Knowledge section Topic wise  Mark distribution

Important points to note :
  • For computer knowledge preparation, our study materials are enough.
  • Now a day they are not asking questions from Computer Terminology. But its better to get a good command over the computer terms.
  • You can expect one question from either computer acronyms (lan, www etc) or from memory (RAM, ROM, Storage discs etc).
  • You can expect 3 questions from MS Office. Which includes question from mostly MS Word and Excel (some times they will ask about MS Paint). The questions involves shortcut keys and procedures (how to print, how to take a copy of a file etc)
  • The questions from Operating systems are mostly from Windows. They rarely ask about DOS commands. The questions include folder management, shortcut keys (to close windows, to shutdown) and booting process etc.
  • Up-to now they haven't asked question on inventors. If you have time, then better take a look at this area too.
That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about the topics of Marketing Aptitude. Happy reading :)

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