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June 18, 2014

List of Same Words used as Different Parts of Speech


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Friends, in our last post we have learnt about the basics of Parts of Speech (you can read that lesson from here). Today we shall discuss about the words which are used as different parts of speech. This post will help you solving the error correction and sentence rearrangement sections of all the competitive exams. Happy Reading :)

Above :

  • The plane flew above the clouds. (preposition)
  • Read the above sentence again. (adjective)
  • Seen from above the cars looked tiny. (adverb)

Any :

  • I've got hardly any money. (determiner)
  • She hardly spent any of the money. (pronoun)
  • I don't want any more. (adverb)

As :

  • She works as a teacher. (preposition)
  • He ran as fast as he could. (adverb)
  • He could not buy a house as he was poor. (conjunction)

But :

  • None but the rich enjoy this privilege. (preposition)
  • He tried hard but failed. (conjunction)
  • I don't like any ifs and buts. (noun)

Calm :

  • The city is calm again. (adjective)
  • The police appealed for calm. (noun)
  • The doctor calmly replied to his question. (adverb)
  • Take a deep breath. It will calm your nerves. (verb)

Down :

  • The down train is late. (adjective)
  • The plane came down. (adverb)
  • We drowned our coffees and left. (verb)
  • The wolf ran down the hill. (preposition)

Fine :

  • He was fined for the violation of traffic rules. (verb)
  • He paid a heavy fine. (noun)
  • The weather is fine. (adjective)
  • The cricket match was finely balanced throughout. (adverb)

Ill :

  • She seems ill. (adjective)
  • Don't talk ill of others. (adverb)
  • The system is plagued with many ills. (noun)
  • I have no ill will against him. (adjective)

Long :

  • The table is six feet long. (adjective)
  • The party went on long into the night. (adverb)
  • I'm longing to see you again. (verb)

Near :

  • His house is very near. (adjective)
  • The exams are drawing near. (adverb)
  • The project is nearing completion. (verb)

Since :

  • I haven't eaten since breakfast. (preposition)
  • It's twenty years since I've seen her. (conjunction)
  • She has not been seen since. (adverb)

Top :

  • Write your name at the top. (noun)
  • He bowled at top speed. (adjective)
  • He tops the list. (verb)

Up : 

  • The prices are going up. (adverb)
  • He went up the stairs. (preposition)
  • The up train is not late. (adjective)
  • There are many ups and downs in her life. (noun)
  • He upped and left without telling anymore. (verb)

Well :

  • Well! I can help you. (interjection)
  • The conference was very well organized. (adverb)
  • He threw a stone into the well. (noun)
  • Tears welled up in her eyes. (verb)
  • I don't feel very well. (adjective)

Yet :

  • I haven't receive a letter from him yet. (adverb)
  • He has a good job, yet he is dissatisfied.
That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall work with some Model Questions. All the best :)
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