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June 12, 2014

Answers with Explanations for Correction of Sentences Exercise


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Friends, in our last post we have given you 20 pairs of sentences and asked you to pick the correct sentences among them.  In this post we shall see the correct sentences with detailed explanations. We hope this exercise will help you to understand the most common errors we make and to learn how to express them correctly.

If you are new to this post then please take the exercise from here  before checking these answers.

Now let's see the answers

Question 1
  •  Correct Sentence : The police have caught the thief
  • Explanation Some nouns are not plural in form but they take a plural verb.

Question 2
  • Correct Sentence : The news is not reliable
  • Explanation : Some nouns such as Economics, Mathematics, etc. are plural in form are always followed by verbs in the singular. 

Question 3
  • Correct Sentence : Shravya lost her shoes yesterday
  • Explanation : Some nouns such as spectacles, scissors, assets, trousers etc. are used only as plural

Question 4
  • Correct Sentence : He has two brothers-in-law
  • Explanation : Plurals of compound nouns are formed by adding 's' to the main word

Question 5
  • Correct Sentence : There was no room in the bus for other people.
  • Explanation :'Room' conveys the meaning of 'space to occupy'

Question 6
  • Correct Sentence : Jaya Sree is my cousin
  • Explanation : 'Brother' or 'Sister' is not added to the word 'Cousin'

Question 7
  • Correct Sentence : My friend and I went to the circus
  • Explanation : The first person comes last. The second person is to be placed before the third.

Question 8
  • Correct Sentence : One must love one's country
  • Explanation : A noun must agree with its antecedent

Question 9
  • Correct Sentence : The students enjoyed themselves during the holidays.
  • Explanation : The verb 'enjoy' a reflexive pronoun if there is other object. 

Question 10
  • Correct Sentence : London is on the Thames.
  • Explanation : 'The' is used before the names of rivers, seas, oceans and holy books.

Question 11
  • Correct Sentence : Tilak was sent to the Andamans as a prisoner.
  • Explanation : 'The' is used before the names of groups of islands

Question 12
  • Correct Sentence : I regularly refer to the dictionary
  • Explanation : Certain verbs such as refer, belong, pray etc. are always followed by the preposition 'to'

Question 13
  • Correct Sentence : I take milk daily
  • Explanation : Simple present tense is used to express a habit.

Question 14
  • Correct Sentence : It's time you bought a new school bag.
  • Explanation : Past tense is used after 'It is time'
Question 15
  • Correct Sentence : This book consists of a hundred pages
  • Explanation : Some verbs are not used in the continuous tense : Want, like, belong, remember, feel, own etc.

Question 16
  • Correct Sentence : I let the bird fly away
  • Explanation : Plain infinitive is used after verbs such as suggest, bid, make etc

Question 17
  • Correct Sentence : She is waiting for the doctor
  • Explanation : The preposition 'for' is not used after 'await'

Question 18
  • Correct Sentence : We discussed child marriage
  • Explanation : Preposition is not used after certain verbs such as order, meet, attend, tell etc

Question 19
  • Correct Sentence : I go to school on foot
  • Explanation :  We go by train, by bus or on foot.
Question 20
  • Correct Sentence : We call Gandhiji Mahatma
  • Explanation : 'As' is not used after verbs like call, consider, elect, select etc.
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  1. This is the nice way to learn things. Please provide more

  2. Excellent team. You are the best

  3. graduation option fro engineers ???
    shud i select Science or Others? Mam i want answer frm you please rply... plzzz plzzz 2 days left.
    Some r saying SCIENCE and Some " OTHERS ". plz guide.

    1. Thanks for deleting my post in wich I told YOUR ANSWER MATTERS ALOT.
      anywyz gud luck for ur blog and 1 suggestion " dnt post if not sure" .

    2. The 1st thing I want to clarify is...
      I am not here to chat with anybody... Responding to readers' queries is not the only task I have here. I responded to you coz you have mentioned that my answer MATTERS ALOT...

      What else should I do if you repeatedly making new questions out of my answers ?

      And I dont have the habit of deleting any of my comments... The comment which you claimed that you saw some days ago might have buried somewhere under those posts related to SBI PO.

      I dont want to lose my valuable readers and at the same time, I don't mind losing one for the sake of remaining serious aspirants... Hope you got the point...

      Good day :)

    3. And about your query..

      NO NEED TO Re Apply again...

      Rest assured... There is nothing wrong in your application...

  4. If "as" is not used after call then how sentence is correct?? Please explane..

    1. I have also doubt in qus no. 20.

    2. That's a typo friends. There is no 'AS' in the sentence. Sorry for the inconvenience. Corrected it now.

    3. Plz tell wich option to choose . SCIENCE or OTHERS for

    4. You must choose OTHERS for

  5. 13 out of 20 :( thanx a lot

  6. 14/20, thank you..............


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