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May 21, 2014

Precis writing Examples for SBI PO Exam - Topic 8

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Write a precis of the following passage in not more than 100 words. The precis should be as far as possible in your own words. Suggest a suitable title. 

Note : Before taking this test, Read Precis writing tips from HERE 

The work which Gandhiji had taken up was not only the achievement of political freedom but also the establishment of a social order based on truth and non-violence, unity and peace, equality and universal brother hood and maximum freedom for all. The unfinished part of his experiment was perhaps even more difficult to achieve than the achievement of political freedom. In the political struggle the fight was against a foreign power and all one could do, was either join it or wish it success and give it their moral support. In establishing a social order of the pattern there was a likely possibility of a conflict arising between groups and classes or our own people. Experience shows that man values his possessions even more than his life because in the former he sees the means for perpetuation and survival of his descendants even after his body is reduced to ashes. A new order cannot be established without changing the mind and attitude of men, for at some stage or the other, the 'haves' have to yield place to the 'have-nots' to achieve a kind of egalitarian society.

The root cause of class conflict is possessiveness or the acquisitive instinct. So long as the ideal that is to be achieved is one of securing maximum material satisfaction, possessiveness is neither suppressed nor eliminated but grows on what it feeds. Nor does it cease of be such it is possessiveness, still, whether it is confined to only a few or is shared by many.

If egalitarianism is to endure, it has to be based not on the possession of the maximum material goods by a few or by all but on voluntary enlightened renunciation of those goods, which cannot be shared by others or can be enjoyed only at the expense of others. This calls for substitution of spiritual values for purely material ones. Mahatma Gandhi has shown us how the acquisitive instinct inherent in man could be transmuted by the idea of trusteeship by those who 'have' for the benefit of all those who 'have not', so that instead of leading to exploitation and conflict - it would become a means and incentive for the amelioration and progress of society respectively.

Title : The idea of Trusteeship 

Precis : Gandhiji dreamed of political freedom and social order. His experiment for political freedom was achieved. But a social order based on truth and nonviolence, unity and peace equality and universal brotherhood is to be achieved. Today man values his possessions even more than his life. the attitude of possessiveness causes class conflict. Without changing this attitude new order cannot be established. The egalitarianism is based on non-possessiveness. Materialism substitutes spiritual values. Mahatma Gandhi coined the ideal of trusteeship by the rich to transmute acquisitive instinct. Trusteeship will discourage exploitation and conflict and provide means and incentive for the amelioration and progress of society.

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