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April 17, 2014

SBI Clerks Marketing Practice Bits - Set 2


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Friends, here is the second set of Marketing MCQs for upcoming SBI PO Exam. You can check the set 1 from here. Happy Reading :)

The marketing concept is a way of thinking or a management philosophy that affects __________________
  1. Only marketing activities
  2. Most efforts of the organization
  3. Mainly the efforts of sales personnel
  4. Mainly customer relations
  5. Only business organizations

It is difficult to measure the morale of the sales team directly because
  1. It is a tangible state
  2. It is an intangible state
  3. Employees hide the truth
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Most specifically, marketing strategy :
  1. Is concerned with key dicissions requried to reach an objective
  2. Encompasses selecting and analysing a target market and creating and maintaining an appropriate marketing mix
  3. expands geographic boundaries of markets to serve larger geographic areas
  4. Involves determining the direction and objectives of marketing management
  5. None of these

All of the following are marketing management tasks EXCEPT :
  1. Marketing Planning
  2. Organizing marketing activities
  3. Co-Ordinating marketing activities
  4. Project development and analysis
  5. Marketing control

Marketing efforts are specifically aimed at :
  1. Distributing "someting of value" to buyers and sellers
  2. Facilitating satisfying exchange relationships
  3. Developing new products for target markets
  4. Understanding buyer behaviour to meet buyer needs
  5. None of these

The type of product that results from applying human and mechanical efforts to people or objects is :
  1. a service
  2. a good
  3. an idea
  4. a concept
  5. a philosophy

The marketing conept is a philosophy that states that an organization should try to satisfy customers needs and at the same time :
  1. Increase market share
  2. Increase sales
  3. Achive the organization's goals
  4. Always produce high quality products
  5. None of these

The two components of a marketing strategy are
  1. Marketing objectives and promotion
  2. Marketing mix and marketing objectives
  3. Target market and marketing mix
  4. Target markets and promotions
  5. None of these

Evaluating marketing performance by comparing it to established standards is part of :
  1. Marketing planning
  2. Organizing marketing activities
  3. Coordinating marketing activities
  4. Marketing Control
  5. None of these

Which among the following is a durable good ?
  1. Refrigerator
  2. Biscuits
  3. Soap
  4. Salt
  5. None of these

To effectively monitor changes in the marketing environment, marketers must engage in :
  1. use of the marketing concept
  2. environmental scanning and analysis
  3. Information collection
  4. Marketing research
  5. Environmental Management

Marketing strategy during a recession should include ___________________
  1. a reduction in the number of sales personnel
  2. a reduction in the expenditures for new product development
  3. a reduction in advertising
  4. promotional efforts that promote value and utility
  5. increase in expenditures for marketing operations

Which among the following is/are user/users of the outcome of the Marketign Reserach ?
A) Consumers
B) Business Firms
C) Government
D) Producers
  1. Only A
  2. Only A & B
  3. A, B & D
  4. All the above
  5. none of these

Why are marketers interested in the level of disposable income ?
  1. it accurately represents future buying power
  2. it increases current buying power
  3. it is what is left after taxes to buy luxuries with
  4. it is a ready source of buying power
  5. it is essential for forecasting future business trends

What type of competitive structure exists when a firm produces a product that has no close substitutes ?
  1. Monopoly
  2. Oligopoly
  3. Perfect Competition
  4. Mixed Competition
  5. None of these

At the introductory stage, distribution is _____________________
  1. massive
  2. selective
  3. neither 1 nor 2
  4. wide spred
  5. promotion

The period in the business cycle in which there is extremely high unemployment, low wages, minimum total disposable income, and a lack of confidence in the economy by consumers is ?
  1. recovery
  2. prosperity
  3. depression
  4. recession
  5. growth

In Banking Services Market can be segmented on the basis of ?
  1. Density
  2. Customers
  3. Both 1 & 2
  4. Neither 1 & 2
  5. None of these

Income left over after an individual pays taxes and purchases the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter is called :
  1. disposable income
  2. taxable income
  3. accounting income
  4. discretionary income
  5. credit

What type of competitive structure exists when a few sellers control a large portion of the supply of a product ?
  1. Monopoly
  2. Oligopoly
  3. Mixed competition
  4. Perfect competition
  5. None of these

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