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March 23, 2014

IBPS Marketing Officer Interview Experince


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Hey buddies, I’m just sharing my INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE for the post of MARKETING OFFICER (Scale-I) i.e. Specialist Officer CWE III.

Name     : Gyanii

Venue     : Executive Home, Patna

Time       :    8:30 AM

Date        :    March 22nd, 2014

Panel       :    II (5M + 1F =6)

Category : OBC

There were 3 panels for interview. In my panel we all were Marketing Guys (10 Male+ 2 Female), 12 in number belonging to OBC category. Document verification started by 8:45A.M, I was 3rd in the list. Candidate at 2nd position had secured a whopping 127 marks but poor guy didn’t had proper documents. And in the meanwhile 1st guy went out to get his documents photocopied & in the meanwhile I went through the verification process quickly. So, I was to be interviewed at 1st spot.

I entered the interview chamber seeking the permission and wished the lady & the gentlemen morning. I was feeling nervous & my heart was pumping for the 1st minute but interview board members were such a wonderful people they made me comfortable within a minute. All thanks to them & the almighty.

Later, virtually most of the time my replies were leading to next question. So, you can say that I was in control of my interview session. Interview session lasted for staggering 38 minutes.

Q: So, you are the first candidate, what’s the feeling?

Q: Apne bare me batao?
(I began in English, M3 interrupted me & said mai aapse hindi me baat kar raha hu aur aap English me jawab de rahe ho. I corrected myself & followed in Hindi).

Q: Then they asked me about my family background & in detail about my father business?
(In between, we discussed co-education & this made moment further lighter)

Q: Aapka sahar kis liye mahsoor hai?
(I replied most +ve & good thing about my District but they asked yeh nahi woh cheez jiske liye mahsoor hai {they wanted me to admit about criminal activities widespread in the District}).

Q: What’s the latest news headline?
(I told them about candidate frequently switching party to contest election. I was answering the field in which my prowess laid).

Q: Aapko kya lagta hai iss trend ke bare me?

Q: Uttarakhand me me koi iss se related news (as I have done both my UG & PG from there only)?

Q: How is it going to impact state government?
(Govt. will get into minority status as Satpal Ji Mahraj {& his group} is joining BJP).

Q: As my university was on the name of famous leader, they asked about their legacy?

Q: Aaj ke akhbar me RBI ke bahut hi senior ex-official ke bank a/c me fraud hua hai telephone ke jariye. Agar unke saath aisa ho sakta hai toh gaon ke logon ko aap kaise safeguard karege? (I managed this Yorker comfortably despite few cross questions).

Q: From previous question reply in depth question about vishing calls & Virtual Keypad?
(I was smiling here & there on instances, this time my smile got broader when they asked the lady to quiz me {She was pretty young, below 30yr for sure}).

Q: What are the products of a bank? Elaborate each categorically.

Q: If you are appointed as brand ambassador of a soft drink brand, how would you position it? (This was the bouncer; I immediately took the role of marketer told few strategies for the same. Hoping this worked for me!)

Then again male members began,

Q: Why soft drinks companies tends to go for sports star or so for endorsing their product not the elderly people like Sr. Bachhan?
(I replied conveniently & also told them that he was promoting Pepsi few year back).

Q: Tell me something why companies are using umbrella brand ambassador for all their products?

Q: Who is brand ambassador of Panasonic?
(I told them Varun Dhawan as he is promoting Panasonic mobile but he didn’t agreed as he wanted to know about home appliances {umbrella branding}, to which I said sorry to him).

Q: Apne hobbies batayie?
(I replied Watching television especially infotainment channels, sports & speed news and also playing Badminton & Cricket).

Q: Name some badminton players. (I named many of the known named but forgot Prakash Padukone for which they hinted about some actress…. From which I instantly came to the name).

Q: Who won the last night main league inaugural match, who was the M.O.M & the star batsmen (all one by one)?

Q: Shall we ask you few G.K Qs (for which I gave my affirmation). 1.Tirupati Madir kahan hai 2.kaun se Bhagwan wahan vrijman hai?

Q: Charminar kahan hai?

Madam aap kuch puch nahi rahi, question him, she asked only one,
Q: Who is the governor of Bihar? (I didn’t use any prefix before his name for which they interrupted in between for which I corrected myself. We all know this but more or less we do such a silly mistake).

Q: Tell me something about him (I was guilty here & promptly said sorry to them. To which they began to describe him).

Q: Another member asked a question relating vending machines?

Q: Why you left your previous job?

Q: “Your Senior Manager gives you to sell credit cards to rural people in villages”, how would you accomplish this task?
(I tackled it very well that’s what I could get from reaction of panelist.).

Q: Measures for tackling IT related forgery cases.
Kuch panelist jinka engine der se garam hua tha who sayad aur question karna chah rahe the, unko bhi maza aane laga tha but Centermost panelist decided to conclude the interview as the session was getting lengthier. This was my final question.

They wished me luck and said to keep smiling like you do for forever...

I thanked them all and left the place.
Thanks to Gyanii for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team
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  1. Thank you Bhai :)
    I'm not of Marketing Background. But your interview experience is still very useful. Good Luck.

    1. me too had good learning experience & thnx 4 ur wishes.

  2. what is your score sirji

    1. only 80 dear, just 3 marks more than P.O III.

  3. What is your sore... and work exp ??????

  4. thnx, osum exp yaar...

  5. what is marketing officer cut off(obc)??? plz tell me

  6. itna long interview...mera to sirf 5 min chala...only general talk and previous work experience.....Score 84 OBC.....

  7. Mera interview to bohot accha nahi hua
    Unhone experience and abt urself puch
    Bohot jyada accha marks nahi diye honge
    Marks also bad

  8. Guys if somebody gets a chance both in Marketing Officer & Probationary Officer, what should one opt for ?

  9. Hey frndz, I got IDBI Bank in P.O III & Bank Of India in SPL III(Marketing Officer).
    Help me out, what should i opt for ?

    Tell me Pros & Cons for both.
    Thanks in Advance buddies.

    Gyanii (u were reading my interview experience)


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