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February 04, 2014

Pragathi Krishna Grameen Bank Interview Experience - Manjunath


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Hello friends this is Manjunath. I had my interview for Office assistant in Pragathi Krishna Grameen Bank of karnataka. My interview is scheduled at 9.30am on 3rd February 2014. I went there at 8.30am and they greeted me very nicely at the gate. My documents verification done at 10 am. The most important thing happened is they are strictly verifying our documents. Some Andra  guys have also applied and but they are clearly rejected during document verification .The reason for rejection is They don’t have KANNADA as subject in their SSC marks card.
Name : Manjunath

Category : General

Qualification : B.E (Computer Science & Engineering)

Post Applied for : Office Assistants (Multipurpose)  

Interview Date : 3rd February 2014

Interview Venue :  Praghati Krishna Grameen Bank ,Bellary

After my document verifying process I was allowed to sit in the office and I was no 2 in the waiting line.

My interview started at 11 am and I was very nervous at the beginning . I entered the room with smile and greeted them “ Good Morning sir” and “ Good Morning madam”..
There were  four people in the interview panel , 3 members are male all are in their 50s and one lady also aged.

As they have started talking with me in Kannada only It made me feel comfortable.My interview started like this

M1(head of Panel): So u r Manjunath….?

Me : yes sir I m.

M1: Where u from Mr.Manjunath?

Me: I answered them

M1: Tell me manjunath what u know about our bank?

Me : I have started telling them how it was started and what is the position of bank now.

M1: who regulate our bank?

ME:  I told RBI and refinance by NABARD.

M1: Good mr.Manjunath…

M1: U are over qualified for this job and whats the relation of your qualification to this job?

Me: I told them today all banks are using IT so I can understand them better and provide better services to customers.

as M1 nodded and passed to m2

M2: which is brain of Computer?

Me: Answered.  (It was silly question to ask)

M2: what is input device?

Me: Ans..(Again silly)

Next comes to lady interviewer

M3: manjunath what is KYC and why it is used

Me : Answered

M3: In how many district our bank is operating?

Me : I didn’t know this .So simply said I Don’t know mam.

Next comes to M4 round it was rapid round guys

M4: what are all crop seasons in india and their duration?


M4: what is inflation and current rate is?

Me: Answered (current rate is 9.87% guys).

M4: Very good Mr.manjunath

M4:what is RTI and whom u refer while writing RTI application and RTI fee

Me: Answered… u write to public information officer and fee is 10 Rs.

M4:what is NABARD and its functions?

Me : Answered..

M4:Name deputy governors of RBI?

Me :I named them all one by one bcz I mugged them all…

M4 : K manjunath... u have prepared very well for interview .

All said you can leave now Mr.,manjunath  and I said Thank u all

My interview lasted about 15 min guys and all the talking is in KANNADA only.. I feel that they were very impressed with my answers. So hoping for the best.

One more thing guys Those who have applied for this bank and don’t have KANNADA as subject in their SSC marks card ..Pls don’t come to interview as you will clearly reject YOU  during document verification process. All the Best.

Thanks to Manjunath for his valuable update. We wish him great success in this interview.
 Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Thank you Manju. I can't express in words how useful it is for me. All the Best to you.

  2. thank you for sharing ,interview is good
    wish u all the best

  3. Thank u Manjunath for sharing ur experience. it is very helpful to me. bcoz my interview held on 14th of this month.and its very gud interview and information also.

  4. thank u manjunath

  5. All the best Buddy..i think u must have scored almost full marks in the interview

  6. Thank u very much manjunath for sharing u'r interview exp.I am also have my interview on 19.02.2014.It will help for me.I think your from Gulbarga dust.

  7. Very nice reply.. Good You are almost in.

    1. mam,
      i have repco bank ja/clerk interview on 6th. i am selctd in 2nd list. pls tell possible qn...pls reply soon

    2. Hi Anonymous, i had repco home finance ja/clerk on last year Nov, i was also selected in the 2nd round of interview process and thought that there would not be any more difficulty to get the job. But there came the twist,the questions asked durind 3rd round of interview were: 1. As a B.E.-ECE graduate why do you want to join in a financial institution? I said I am interested in banking and I have passion to work in a financial institution 2.If you are interested in banking why didn't you study B.Com instead of B.E.? I said initially i don't have any idea about banking but later on got interested in banking 3. Which thing made you to have interest on banking? I was dumb 4.How would you contribute to Indian economy by becoming a clerk in our company? again I was dumb 5.What is the main difference b/w financial and Non-financial institution? I said I know little bit about financial institution and I know nothing about Non-financial institution. 6.Repco home finance is a finance institution or Non finance institution? I have tried to say something but didn't tell the correct ans but the ans is it's an NBFC.7. Qusetions from Engg subjects and I said I don't know the ans. For most of the questions I didn't know the ans so that I got nervous during the interview and they asked me to stay cool and ans the questions,the end result I was not selected as a clerk but they offered me a graduate trainee post for 1 year and they said they would offer me clerk post based on my performance during my gradute trainee period. Be ready to ans these kind of situational questions and all the best.

    3. thank you very much...

  8. Thanks dude i have interview on 5th all the best i think ur in

    1. All the best dude..

  9. any body gave kaveri bank interview ...pls share your experience.....plssss guys

  10. hi manjunath
    anyone shared officer scale I interview experience with you @ pragathi krishna gramin bank if yes say how was it
    thanks in advance

  11. Interviews starting from Monday, a very important question that can be asked to you is regarding the job that you need to handle once you are selected. Lets see what a clerk does.

    Before starting that, first understand two concepts which are widely used in case of day to day baking. One is that of a Checker and the other is Maker. The person who does a particular task is simply termed as Maker and One who checks it is a Maker. The liability of Checker is more, as his role is to check the correctness regarding any transaction. Generally a clerk performs the role of Maker and Officers are Checker. ( Though in case of loans an Officer is a Maker and Branch Manager is the Checker. Clerk does not have any role in case of loan sanction ).

    Another point is that the branch strength is a big problem every where in the country be it a Urban Branch/Semi Urban Branch or a Rural Branch. Mostly you will see branches of 4+2 in Tier II cities which means there are 4 clerks and 2 Officers working with other sub staffs and Branch Manager.

    Now lets start with the job role and responsibilities.

    A clerk is an entry level employee of Bank. Most of the customer dealing is handled by him.

    The person inside a box dealing with cash (Deposit and Withdrawal Counter) is a clerk. So a cashier is basically a clerk. So opening the day with XYZ amount of cash and then closing the day after accepting money as deposits and withdrawals must tally with the closing balance.

    Verification of cheques, making of demand drafts is done by clerks.

    Opening of Deposit Account and explaining the procedure to customer is done by clerk. Pass Book Maintenance ( Updation through printers ), Issue of Cheque Books is done by clerk.

    Back Office work ranging from ledger maintenance, keying data in computer is also a role of Bank Clerk.

    Going out of Office to Clearing House for clearing cheques is done by Clerks.

    Apart from all these things any other work as per the guidance of seniors.

  12. Hai manjunath.
    Nice interview!!!!!! what's ur score in ibps rrb??????

  13. friends, plzzzzzz share ur interview experience with KAVERY GRAMEENA BANK. thank u.

  14. do we have to sign from gazzeted officer for all document or only for marks card,computer and caste certificate plz help. and another thing for inexperiance people is it necessary to carry character certificate from two people if yes then it should be hand written in paper or wat plz help. plz reply any one fast.thanks in advance.


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