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February 22, 2014

My Interview Experience (IBPS Clerical) - Anuya Nagrane


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Name : Anuya R. Nagrane

Venue : Bank of Maharashtra, Mumbai - 01

Interview Date : 21-02-2014

Time : 8.30 AM

Panel : I

My document verification began at 9.00am and was over within 10 mins.

My interview turn came at 10.30am. There were 4 members on the panel, One lady (sweet lookin :D ) and 3 gentlemen. 
I knocked on the door, asked for permission to enter in and all of them said in one voice, “Yes, sure”
While I was closin the door behind me, one of the gentlemen said, “Your name is Anuya, it’s a different name”, I replied, “Yes, Sir” (Standin next to the chair), I was then asked to sit. (I took my seat and thanked them.)
Lets call the panel members Sir1, Sir2, Sir3 and Ma’am4.
So, here it goes!   
SIR2: Give us a full-fledged introduction. (I told them my name, age, qualification and what I have been doin since graduatin in 2012.)
SIR1: You’re a Commerce gal, tell me how a Partnership is different from a Company?
Ans: A company comes into existence only after it gets registered under The Companies Act, 1956 whereas Registration is not mandatory in case of a partnership. A company is required to comply with various statutory obligations regardin management  i.e  maintainin registers, filin balance sheet but In case of partnership, there are no such statutory obligations. Audit Is a must for companies but partnership firms can go on without the procedure of audit.
SIR1:- What are the minimum and maximum number of members in case of Public company and a partnership firm?
Ans: Minimum 2 members are required to form a partnership firm and if the partnership is in the form of tradin business, maximum number of partners is 20 and if its in bankin, maximum numbers cannot exceed 10. In case of a public company, Minimum number of members is 7 and there is no ceilin on the number of maximum members.
(SIR1 gave me a smile and asked the next gentleman sittin next to him to continue)

SIR2:- Is this your first IBPS exam?
Ans: Yes, Sir.
SIR3:- Any other bank exams you appeared for prior to IBPS?
Ans: Yes,Sir.. my first exam was in March 2013 of a co-op bank named Janaseva Sahakari and since then I’ve been appearin for bank exams.
SIR1: Did you clear all the exams?
Ans: Janaseva bank, Yes Sir.. I went for the interview that was conducted in July 2013 but did not hear back from them and then finally I cleared IBPS exam.
SIR2: Differentiate between Commercial banks and Co-op banks?
Ans: Sir, Commercial banks are governed by the Bankin Regulation Act, 1949 and Co-op banks are governed by the Co-Op societies Act, 1904. Commercial banks are of 2 types: Public and Private sector whereas Co-Operative banks are Private sector banks. The structure of rate of interest provided by commercial and co-operative banks vary as commercial banks provide lesser rate of interest as compared to their co-operative counterparts. Commercial banks operate on a wider scale and have international presence too, on the other hand, exposure of co-operative banks is limited to its home state as they do not operate on a national or international platform.
SIR2: What is the stake of government in a co-operative bank?
Ans: Government does not own a stake in a co-operative bank as they are not nationalized.
SIR2: Are you sure?
Ans: I said “yes” ( I wasn’t sure but I went with my gut feelin )
(SIR2 smiled at me and said “Okay” and asked the gentleman sittin next to him to continue )
(SIR3 started speakin in Marathi)
SIR3: Me tula kay vicharu? (“What do I ask you?” With a broad grin on his face)
Ans: (With a smile I said)Sir, Basics of Bankin.
SIR3: (He smiled right back at me and said) Ready to go anywhere?
(Here, I thought by sayin ready to go anywhere, he meant, are you ready to answer any question based on the wide subject of bankin.. I didn’t say a word while lookin at all of them :P and Sir1 Said )
SIR1: Willing to relocate anywhere in Maharashtra?
Ans: Yes Sir, wholeheartedly!
(Pat came the next question)
SIR2: Even to Bhamragad?
Ans: Yes, Sir! (With a smile)
SIR3: Do you know where it is?
Ans: No Sir but I shall find out about it.
SIR2: It is a district in Gadchiroli.
SIR1: You would go there, will your family allow you?
Ans: Yes, Sir.. Nature of the job matters to me and not the place, I am fully aware that a career in bankin means a transfer is certain at some point of time and my family members are supportive of the choices I make, even if it means relocatin to a different place and if the need be, move along with me.
SIR3: That’s good, My family didn’t allow me to relocate when I was your age (and they all started laughin :D )
Finally, the Madam started speakin,  (In Marathi)“tine bag bharun thevleli diste” (She’s packed her bag already! :P )
MADAM4: Tuza score kiti aahe? (What is your score)
Ans: 139 Madam.
SIR3: Khup changla score aahe. (It’s a good score, the other two gentlemen nodded in unison)
MADAM4: Cibil baddal kahi saang? (Tell me somethin about CIBIL?)
Ans: CIBIL is Credit Information Board of India that collects and maintains information of an individual’s payments mostly pertainin to loans and credit cards. Whenever an individual applies for a loan, banks gather their credit information from CIBIL to check the credentials of the applicant.
MADAM4: NBFC kay astat? (What are NBFCs?)
Ans: NBFCs mean Non-Bankin Financial Companies , they are complementary to the bankin sector, however, they are not like full-fledged banks because and NBFC cannot accept demand deposits, their deposits are not insured and they cannot offer interest rates higher than the ceilin that is set by the Reserve Bank of India.
She smiled.. A very sweet lookin lady and that was the last question…
They said, “Thank you Anuya” with a smile.
And I was like, “Thank you very much Madam, Sirs.. Have a good day”

Thanks to Anuya  for sharing her interview experience with us. We wish her great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Ur interview really went good..All the best anuya.U did a Gr8 Job..U r already in.. :) And what a score..God..139...GIve us some tips for upcoming Exams :p

    1. Thank you! :) All the best ... :)

    2. anyone wants to know abt supreme court junior court assistant interview experience call me at 08269668746.



  2. NICE INTERVIEW................What's the Cut off in ur State?

    1. Thank you! :) It is 70 for general

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Jhoot kam bolnq chahiye interview 19 ko finish ho chuke hai

    1. Whatever your name is Mr/Ms XYZ... get your facts right before makin an allegation.. All the best

  5. 19 was not the last date for all states..anuya is telling truth..if u can't appreciate ateast don't post such comments

  6. Replies
    1. All the best :)

    2. Thank you and all the best to you too :)

  7. all the best Anuya. u r IN. Congrats.

    1. Thank you!

      All the best to you too :)

  8. pls someone tell the result date of ibps clerk 3

    1. April first week, first allotment will be out...

    2. will they publish interview result next month? shalini suresh

  9. mam, plz share odisha's interview experience..

  10. 139 superb score ahe tumhala tar home town madhe allot kartil nakkich :)
    ani 'bhamragad' la aamcha sarkhya low scorers la jav lagel :D

    1. Do not underestimate yourself Mr. Akshay.. You have qualities that's why you could clear the exam and face experienced and highly respected Bankers in your interview..

      Thank you and All the best! :)

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  12. gaurav grvsrivastav09@gmail.comFebruary 22, 2014 at 5:26 PM

    nice interview gud to see first interview wid answers as well i was looking for d same as dis will help to prepare us well .. thnx Anuya n best of luck for ur future

  13. Ap vro results came please post in your site.......

  14. Dear admin pls upload my ibps clerk-3 interview experience,,,,I have sent u so many mails,,,,plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do the needfull ...My name is nilesh khandarkar

    1. Dudeee plsssss!!!!

      Stop posting like this!!!! Getting irritated with your posts!!!

  15. Dear admin pls upload my ibps clerk-3 interview experience,,,,I have sent u so many mails,,,,plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do the needfull ...My name is nilesh khandarkar

  16. Dear admin pls upload my ibps clerk-3 interview experience,,,,I have sent u so many mails,,,,plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do the needfull ...My name is nilesh khandarkar

  17. Dear admin pls upload my ibps clerk-3 interview experience,,,,I have sent u so many mails,,,,plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss do the needfull ...My name is nilesh khandarkar

  18. AP VRO & VRA results came.

  19. Mr nilesh,if you realy had experience to share then y cant u share it in the cmnt itself. Y r u irritating other.

  20. ibps result date april 1, am i right? pls correct me if i am wrong?

  21. Anuya..u r intelligent frnd. ...what have you done....I u hav deep knowledge. ....nice it is.....:)

    1. Hey Dipali, I am a Commerce graduate.. Bcom (Accounting and Finance)

      Thank you :)

  22. Hey anuya....u r fabulous. ..frend....n what is ur u hav deep knowledge. ...nice it is....


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