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February 13, 2014

IBPS Clerks Interview Experiences 2014 from Assam


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Hello Friends... Iam Mondeep. I want to  share my  interview  experience. I am From Assam, I  Have done B.Tech from Dibrugarh  university, Assam. My interview held at Staff Selection center,UBI , kalapahar,Guwahati at 1:00 PM (Panel -3). Here goes my experience.

My Documents verification Started from 1.30 PM.

I  was  last in the  series.At 5.15 pm,My  interview started,

There were 4 member(M1,M2,M3,F1).

First of  all, I asked permission to come in.

May I  come in Sir and wished Good Afternoon Mam and Good Afternoon Sir,

M1,M2,M3,F1-All replied very Good afternoon  and  offered me to sit, then I replied ,Thank you Mam and Thank you Sir,

M3-asked, in   local  language(Ki  khai  ahisa)--what  food in  lunch..
ME-i  replied in   Assamese,then Mankho Bhaat(Chicken  rice)

M2-asked me  the meaning of my name-Mondeep
ME-I replied,My name is  associated with place "Mon" in Nagaland.
The Female was  silent observer,when she heard about Mon,then .Immediatly she replied
because She was  naga.Asked me about the speciability of  Mon  town ,I told them
"MOMO".she said ok

M1-How many Nationalized bank   in  india?
ME-21 .
M1-Which are they?
M2-interferred .asked me "In which  year all the  banks was nationalized.i told them ,1969, then
 then  i told ,again 6 banks was  nationalized  in ???? i forgot  the  date .

then  my bad  luck  started

M3- who is the chairman of reserve bank of india?
--i  was thinking,who was chairman,I told them P.chidambaram..They  laughed
---then they told me that u dont know the chairman of RBI..
M1-Scolded me..there is no chairman ,Governor  .

My self  confidence  destroyed

M2-asked me ,who  is the  current  governor?
Raghuram Rajan.

M3-Why Bank clerk after can  apply for Bank PO.

i  told them ,i was  not  elligible  for  bank PO.
but  I  have  applied ,my english marks is below cutoff.

M1-asked definitions of Bank ,Financial inclusion,repo rate,GDP,Asset,Liabity,..this  was the  rapid fire round

I  couldn't answer properly,My  leg  was  shivering.

M2-they  asked me  about  my  father
me- i replied

M1-more details about family background ,

M3-asked Which  is  the longest  platform in the  world?
 i said Kharagpur...
My  brain jst  clicked that  it  is  gorakhpur...

M1 asked me about project in
I told them,but  they were not satisfied.

Thats  it  friends,I  have studied almost  every defination,but i  couldn,t answer properly they were trying to put in a situation . My  advice  is that Dont get nervous,give  the answer with  confidence. All the best.

Thanks to Mondeep for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. how many nationalized banks are there in india at present, plz confirm 26/27?????
    what is the difference between natonalized bank public sector bank????
    plz admin give me the answers as i have interview next week

  2. Ma'am,is there no interview experience from Lucknow?

  3. Is there any interview from kolkata

  4. have to do self attestation earlier or at the time of intrview

    1. Should be done earlier, on each and every page. All the best:)

  5. Bhai Mondeep tumak Akhomiya newspaper ba Akhomiyat essay likhi boloi kua hoisil niki.....

  6. Bhai Mondeep tumak Akhomiya newspaper ba Akhomiyat essay likhi boloi kua hoisil niki.....

  7. why aadhar linked to gas subsidy and bank accounts why not PAN or voter card

    1. Latest update, Aadhar not required. It's announced by Minister for petroleum..

  8. kolkata interview please.....

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Mondeep your marks and category pls.....riya

  11. Any interview from mp ???????????????????????


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