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February 16, 2014

Ibps Clerk Interview Experience From Jharkhand


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Name : Pankaj Kumar

Qualification : B.Tech (IT)

State : Jharkhand

Marks : 111

Date : 13-02-14

Panel : 2

Venue : Hotel Arya, Ranchi

Hi friends I am sharing my Interview experience so that it will help those having interview in upcoming days.

I reached the venue at 12 pm but allowed to verification room at 1 PM. I get call at 2.15 pm for verification it took around 10 min after that they send to my panel room.

I got my interview call at 4.30 pm. There are 4 member in the panel M1,M2,M3,F1. Here goes my interview.

Me: May i Coming sir?

M1:yes come

Me: Good evening To all.

All: Gd evening, Baith jao

Me: Thank u.

M1: So Mr. Pankaj, are you comfortable ?

Me: Yes sir (with smile)

M1: Pani wani piyoge?

Me: No sir Thank you.

M1: So kis liye aaye ho?

Me: Job ke interview ke liye.

M1: Konsa job?

Me: clerk

M1: So Pankaj you have done, How much it cost You (fees)?

Me: Sir i don't know the exact figure but around 4 lakh ?

M1: Looking shocked. That much. College ke bare me pata nai kiye the kya. ki aise hi admission le liya tha?(trying to anger me)

Me: I smiled and say , mere pass us Samay Idea nai tha Engg ke bare me sir.

M1: Ab idea ho gaya and start laughing ?(again trying to frustrate me).

Me: I said ye sir with smile.

M1: Ok Tell me BANK sunnte hi tumhre dimag pahli chiz kya aati h ?

Me: Jo public se paisa leta h aur Diff types ke loan deta h.

M1: How You will be helpfull to Bank ?

Me: Now days all bank have CBS facility and net Banking. So having a Technical degree with IT I can contribute more as compare non tech?

M1: How ?

Me: Sir if a small error occur in system, i can solve easily without going to specialist officer. It save time for bank cant serve people fast.

M1: But there is specialist for any technical problem why you do that. Bank do businesses na. Pahele register hota tha , ab computer ho gaya. To kaise help hoga bank ko tumse?

Me: I have proficiency computer. It well help to do fast.

M1: Ok being Clerk how u will help to bank business?

Me: Sir Clerk Bank ka Face hota h. Agar acchi service dunga to bank ka repotation badhega? Jisse wo bank ki aur v service like para banking service use karega. jisse bank ko profit hoga.

M1: What is Inflation?

Me: When cash flow increases in Market, Inflation comes.

M1: How Cash flow incraeses?
Me: Sir Pay Commission and (stoped me)

M1: Pay commission mat bolo av hmlogo ne do din strike kiya tha. Agar tm av bank employe ban jao to tum v strike karoge. aur kuch

Me: Ji hn and International Games and event. Natural disaster.

M1: How international games and event ? 

Me: Due to this Tourist comes and then shopkeeper sell 10 rs product at 100 rs.
Now they look convince. but say

M1: Demand jada hota h tb hi mahngai aati h.  and pass to M2 .

M2: What is MNREGA?

Me: Replied.

M2: Agar tumhe Car bachne di jaye to tum kya karoge?

Me: Sir Car Bechunnga .

M2: How ?

Me: Replied. Now M3 turns.

M3: Ok me tumhe ek situation deta hun. fasival season h. bank me bahut Crowd h. Kisi ko Cash deposit karna h, kisiko DD bana h. Kisi ko Passbook update karana h,kisiko Acc kholna h. Batao Bank kise preference degi ?

Me: Sabko sir .

M3: Beta fasival season me cash behjna jada jaruri h na. DD, passbook to bad me v ho jayga.

Me: Sir Cash to jaruri h sir DD v utna hi jaruri h sir, Festive season me kisis ko koi Business deal karni h aur DD bana h to wo v utna important h jitna ki Cash. All said yes.
M3 pass to F1 who just watching me said no, tell me you can go now.

Me: Thank u all , and leave the room.

So guys this is my experience. hope it will help.

Special Thanks to Gr8ambitionz team and Those frends who share there experiences. It helped me alot.


Thanks to  Mr. Pankaj Kumar  for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Very nice,tommorrow is mine turn..finger crossed,

  2. Tomorrow is mine.. I wish mine wud be as simple as yours.. Have no idea about current affairs


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