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February 17, 2014

IBPS Clerk 3 Experience from Andhra Pradesh


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Name  : Sunil Kumar .Ch

Venue : Andhrabank Head Office

Time     : 1 PM

Score : 122

Panel  : 4

Interview was started after the certificate verification.
Ii was the 2nd person in my panel.
Interview was started at 1.30 pm.
I was little bit nervous

and my turn came,

I entered the room by opening the door gently and i asked my i get in.
There were 4 members in the panel.M1,M2,M3, and a lady.
i wished them good morning,and they gave me seat.
M3 : so Mr sunil kumar u r 2012 pass-out so what u r doing these days
ME: sir i didn't get the opportunity to study further, so i have chosen to take responsibility of my family.

M3: what is the color of cockroach blood (he asked me because i'm from biological science)
ME: its pale yellow sir (i wasn't sure but i told him)

M3: he was trying to ask me something like shapeless..... shapeless...
I told him about the amoeba

M2: (suddenly) who is the president of Russia
Me: Mr  Vladimir Putin sir.

M2: CM of Tamil and capital of Jharkand
(I tod him the answers)

M1 : What is the difference between current & savings account
 i told him about the interest and limitations of withdraws..

I told her about the micro finance n Bangladesh Grameen bank..

at the last she asked me
Are you  people r discussing the questions out side?
I said yes. Then all the members were laughing and M1 said them to upgrade the questions :)

They said all the best and i left from there...

Friends,  be confident and don't get panic. They were very friendly..

Thanks to  Sunilkumar  for sharing his interview experience with us. We wish him great success in this interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. hai sunil
    what about essay ...
    they giving any topic or anythng we choose

    1. hai sunil i have 120 marks sc andhrapradesh
      i have done my interview my on feb10th they
      just asked me about personal details thats it
      any chances for me

  2. wish u all the best thanks for sharing

  3. didn't they ask u to read news paper.

  4. Thats great that you said "good morning at 1.30pm

  5. Hi frnds I completed interview in koti,hyd panel 3
    My ques are about my selfdetails
    Where r u from
    Which clz
    Tel the names of electronics companies(bcoz I am ECE)
    What is the electronic mechaine that was used in elections
    Why max Num of candidates are from ECE
    What you done all these time(bcoz I cmpltd my in 2011)
    Wat is ur hobbies
    That's all fronds all d best


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