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January 31, 2014

VRO / VRA model practice tests - Set 9

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According to the Census 2011 what is the population density of India ?

The port in India having one fourth of foreign trade ?

The important raw-materials necessary for iron and steel industry are ?

In Andhra pradesh state the two districts which are leading in manganese productions are ?

which state is famous for mining of diamond ?

The crop that earns foreign exchange for India is ?

Blue Revolution refers to

The number of mineral-belts existing in India are

The black hole theory was discovered by ?

Petroleum is found in

An element that is found in all organic compounds is ?

Who is the first women prime minister in the world ?

How many districts were there when the Andhra Pradesh formed in the year 1956 ?

Who is the first women governor of Andhra Pradesh ?

Raman Mogaseysey Awards are given by which country ?

Mounika Rao

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