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January 02, 2014

Questions Asked in IBPS PO III Interviews 2014


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Friends, here are some questions asked in today's (2nd January 2014) IBPS PO III Interview. This Interview Experience shared by our friend Bala. We thank her for her help (especially for making this post in a neat question and answers format) and we wish her great success in her Interview. Read on...






Certificate verification was completed by 11.30 and my interview was held at 2pm. There are 4 memebers in the panel, all of them were above 50 age. all the members of panel were coperative and friendly
 I wished them after entering and they offered me to sit.

 panel: tell me about yourself
 me: i said about my educational qlfctn my family details and my goal

panel : what is bank?
me: i said, bank is a financial institution which accepts deposits from public and provide loans to individuals and business who need

panel: what is 360 degree appraisal?( as HR is my specialisation)
me: appraisal through superiors, subordinates, peers and colleagues. 
     I think he was not satisfied with my answers.. he explained sumthing about it..

panel: what are the activities of hr?
me: recrutment, selectiopn,induction,performanceappraisal, payrollmanagent etc..

panel: what is subprime lending?
me:  providing loans to individuals having poor credit history

panel: recently which country faced it
me:  i dont have idea sir

panel: do u have an account? which type of account you have?
me: yes, savings account

panel: what percentage of interest they are providing on savings account? what are other types of account?
me: 4%. current account, fixed deposit, recurring deposit

panel: nomination facility is provided to which banking products?
me: savings, recurring,fixed...and i dont have idea about current account

panel:what is repo rate?
me: it is the rate at which commercial banks borrow money from rbi
panel: what is the rate at which rbi borrows money from commercial banks?
me: reverse repo rate

panel: what is mortigage loan?
me: its is the loan provided on immovable assets

panel : name 3 women heads of any organisation
me: arundhatibhattacharya, usha ananthasubramanyam, poonam khetrapal

panel: name 5 women sports players from andhrapradesh?
me: i said only pv sindhu and couldnt answer another 4 names..

panel: what are your interests?
me: listening music and browsing net

panel: who is your fav singer
me : sp balu

panel: ok you can leave now
me: thank you was pleasure for me to have useful interview with you..thank you so much.

 all the four members laughed u enjoyed our interview
me: yes sir..

panel: so will you give marks to our interview (he laughed while asking this question)
me: sure sir. I smiled.

panel: ok thank you

My Analysis :  The overall interview was good. Don't know how i did but  hoping for the best

My Suggestions :  I suggest all the people to be confident.. if you don't know answer to any questions then say openly that I don't have idea sir instead of saying wrong answers.  Mostly they are observing the confidence levels of the people and basic knowledge on banking.. So be cool and answer confidently... All the best :)  

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  1. Thanks akka. Nuv sure ga select avtav. All the Best.

  2. Thank you Bala Garu!

  3. ur interview was super.u answered all the dbt ull get it

    1. Don't Worry U will Defenitely Selected in interview,and u will be definetly Sitted in one of the banks as a employee.ALL THE BEST.

  4. what is your score mam? chaala ekuva sepu chesinatu unaru meeku interview..

  5. Al d best sister....:) thanq for ur suggestion

  6. could say how many marks u get in written exam?

  7. Thank u and wish u all the best

  8. I think d above answers to the Repo & RRP are Opposite...

    1. Here d Key word used is 'BORROW'. So it is fine..

  9. do i have to take character certificate for the interview (coz character of conduct is already in my tc)? plz reply asap. thanks in advance

  10. Friends can you tell the present bank rate, repo, reverse repo, Crr, msf and slr?

  11. Can any one pls tell me that caste certificate from mee seva is enough or not

  12. anyone tel me those candidats qualified in ibps clrk 3 wil be cald for intrvw r otherwise they vil shortlist them again for intrview

  13. thanks for advices

  14. thanks for sharing information

  15. Thank you bala garu

  16. Thank you bala garu

  17. Hi friends,
    Regarding certificate verification they r very strict. 4 of the candidates of my session were rejected for not producing originals/NOC. Make sure u take --all mark sheets semwise/yr wise, degree certificates, caste certificate if applicable, and additional like for computer training --- , in original(preferably in a leaf file), and a set of self attested copy of all, preferably arranged in the order mentioned in intrvw call letter. At my venue, most of the candidates had brought final Mk sheet, and they made us write à declaration to bring sem/year wise lists in 2 days time. As for the interview, our panel was also very friendly. Interestingly, almost all candidates were asked "what's banking". All the best to all.

    1. do they return the originals or keep it with them?

  18. yaar interview letter ke alawa aur kya kya lana hai

  19. Hi .. Can some one tell me whether IBPS /SBI interview venue depend on the location selected for online exam.. Do we get to choose our preferred place of work location at the time of appointment... I am a native of kerala but will be relocating to Jharkhand very soon . I want to know whether if I write written test in jharkhand , I have any chance of getting my interview and appointment in South India ..

  20. I have govt given caste certificate..Is it necessary to take IBPS prescribed format caste certificate?pls reply


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