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January 07, 2014

PO-3 Interview Experience shared by Prabhakar


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Hello friends,
                   This is PRABAKAR from chennai an engineering graduate and also i have work experience in private BANKING SECTOR for 2 years. I attend my interview today (7th JAN 2014) at IOB cathedral road branch, chennai and assigned for panel 3 in morning shift. As i am a general candidate the Document verification tooks just 5 minutes. I was penultimate in my slot.

I entered the room by greeting everyone. There were 4 panel members all in their age of 50+ They offered me sit and i told thank you and grabbed the seat.


1st question from M2:  So Prabakar, what is the meaning of your name is it name of any god.
ME: ya sir its another name for lord Shiva in Sanskrit and meaning praba is light and karan is giving it means spreading light

M1: OK you are an experienced person so you are going to face tough questions
ME: Am ready sir.

Again M2: why you switch from private sector to public sector bank (expected question)
ME: Better career aspects, JOB security, transparency in promotional, growth and work environment is good comparing to private sector and performance of an employee is measured only through SALES in private where in public sector they go for all criteria.

M3: Do you know what is the current share prices of bank you left
ME: i don't know current list but year ago it was Rs.1034.

M2: Do you own any shares now
ME: No sir i have closed it

M1:Why you given Indian bank and IOB as top preference (after looking my Application print-out)
ME: sir, I Know these 2 banks from my childhood and these banks have good fame in our locality, and my parents depends on these banks for all their basic needs

M3: (interrupted) how often your mother uses the bank
ME: sir, As my mother is head of SHG she makes a frequent visit apart from that she pledges jewels too.

M3: How will you a settle a deceased claim.
ME: Obviously we look for whether nominee is mentioned as it will be a easy process he can claim the amount by producing death certificate and ID proof in case if it is not go with Legal heirs.

ME: Offering banking services at affordable cost to rural people and poor households. RBI implemented various schemes like BSBDA, and Swabhiman, Business correspondent etc.,

M3: BSBDA? how is it effective
ME: Sir its Basic saving bank deposit account. RBI empowers weaker section of the society like daily wages, vendors,to open zero balance account even  in foreign banks like CITI, HSBC, etc., M4: good, good.

M4: what is Equitable mortgage.
ME: some how i vaguely recall the answer. but why to take a chance in interview so i told i  know about mortgage but never come across the term Equitable mortgage.

M4: Explained Equitable mortgage (But cant understood simply nod my head )

M1: What is Recession
ME: If there is negative growth in GDP and it continues for 3 to 4 quarters continuously we call it as Recession.

M2: Do you have the have the habit of reading newspapers
ME: yes sir
M2: What are main events took place last month
ME: Death of Nelson Mandela, mistreating indian consulate devayani khobragade, AAP, Arvind kejriwal,
Indians defeat in SA tour.
M2: Thats it..!
ME: There are lot sir but thats what i can remember

M3: Will you work if you placed in Rural India.
ME: Ya sure sir. comparing to urbanites People in rural areas show good respect and interact much with banking
professionals i too feel good if i am exposed to outside world.

M4: Tell me difference about NEFT and RTGS.
ME: Sir RTGS happens at real time and minimum amount is 2lakhs. whereas in NEFT there is no such condition but transaction in NEFT takes place at batches. There are also some new feature included in RTGS like grid-lock mechanism, multi-currecny option, future value dated transaction

M3: Ok. Best of luck
ME: Thank you very much.

Guys please be cool and confident. I guess you can get a idea .Do well guys

Please record your valuable comment friends.
                                                      yours friendly,

Thanks to Prabhakar for his valuable Interview Experience. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Awesome interview.I have never come across such good interaction.All the very best,Prabhakar.

  2. i have filled my date of passing as 25/06/2011 but in my convocation only date is written like 28/04/2012 ..... .is there any problem in ibps interview.....myself sweta rai....pls help me guys.........

    1. Tell to the interviewer who gonna verify your document. he will correct it

    2. Will they stop for me for the interview for this mistake.,...its sweta rai......

    3. NO at all its just an repairable error

    4. Ohh thank u.....are you sure ha that they will not stop me for the interview for my mistakes.,,,,,..actually in my last sem marks card 25-06-2013 date is written.....but in convocation 28-04-2012 is that's y i am confused.......its swetaaa rai.......pls help me.....pls

    5. Hello just produce what are all the documents needed perfectly that is it. if any input error in data is there they will made corrections. these things will not prevent u from attending interview

    6. no problem...only categary n name cant be changed

  3. nicely done with the interview mr. prabhakar....i m also going to face clerk 3 interview soon. Can you plz tell how to nd from where to prepare for this.
    thanks a lot

    1. Refer Gr8ambition interview tips, just windup GK and see allbankingsolutions site for banking terms. thats it crack it

    2. thanks worried abt marks..donno wat will happen

    3. Then leave that and prepare for SBI clerical. exams are expected after budget and general elections.

    4. ya i knw that nd doing the same thanks again nd can i ask u wat did u score in po
      if u dnt mind

    5. a BE my provisional only month nd year s given for date of passing nd actually no date s thr beside tat.. But at the bottom left thr s a date aftr mentioning my place of education.. s tat d date of passing??

  4. i have one marklist missing.but i have consolidation and orginal certificate.can i attend the interview

    1. For me they not checked sem wise mark sheet in coimbatore

  5. upto which date these interviews will be conducted?i mean last interview date?

  6. friends I wanted to know about obc certificate issue and when clerk interview will be held...I am aditi from jaipur

  7. Subhash Chandra AllahabadJanuary 7, 2014 at 11:20 PM

    Awesome interview dial khus ho gaya boss thanks for share. Good luck.

  8. excellent interview buddy.....all d bst...

  9. nice interview.u will be in. all the best.where u prepared for your interview

    1. just refer sites like gr8ambition, allbankingsolutions, and come across this link

    2. hai prabhakar,u said that u have experience in private banks,what is the process of recruitement to join into that sector.


    3. Dear Prabakar are you still working in that bank? Have u produced experience certificate for the interview ? kindly give reply as soon as possible. I am also working with a private sector bank but I have not mentioned my experience in the application form. Whether I should present before the interview panel as an experinced person or a fresher? I will not get experience certificate from my bank.So how will I can tell that I am working with bank? Kindly give a reply

    4. Dear Raju,
      Really sorry for late reply. My personal opinion is better not to tell them you are working in bank because they will shoot up very tough questions and all the process area where you might commit mistakes. If you are really good with all process like deceased claim, marking lien, loan areas, demat,forex then you can tell them am still working in bank no issues. Experience certificate is not needed and they not asked me i submitted the relieving order form my bank. all the best

    5. To join in private sector just enter all your details in resume And upload in job search. visit website IFBI. They will help u


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