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January 04, 2014

Interview Experience of IBPS PO III - Vijay Kumar


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Name : A vijay kumar

Education : Bpharmacy

Date : 02/01/2014

Venue : Andhra Bank zonal office, Vijayawada

Panel : III

Certificates verified by 11.30AM and my turn for the interview came at 12.30PM.
There are 4 members in the panel and all are male.

These were the questions asked in my IBPS PO III interview

M1:What is ur name, about studys and family background??
M1:What is femur and tibula??
M1:What is vestigial organ and name vestigial organ in our body??
M1:What is evolution and discoverd by??
M1:What is the full form of DNA?structure and discovered by??
M1:Why it is called as helix??
M1:What is the difference between discovered and invented??
M1:What is Genetic engineering??
M1:What is tissue culture and methods used??
M1:What is Hybridization??
M1 What is Bt.brinjal and Bt.cotton??
M1:How many bones in our body when we are borned and now??
M2:You are good in your subject but why u entered into banking??
M2:What is a bank??
M2:As a bank employee what should we want to do for bank??
M2:How your field useful to bank??
M2:What is the problems at present public facing in the Public sector banks??
M1:What is your score??
M2:Will you serve in the bank upto the end??
M3:Who is the chairman of SBI??
M4:What is the full form of ATM??
Then they wished best of luck and i left.

I answered all the questions and I feel I made them satisfied with my answers. Waiting for the good result. All the best for the interview  especially people from the science background..

We thank Mr. Vijay Kumar for his review and we wish him great success in his interview. 
Gr8AmbitionZ Team 

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  1. what is vestigial organ????????????????????

    1. these are the organs which are of no use to us. i.e. they have no functions.
      eg. vermiform appendix

  2. hii...myself is saurabh....i m also shortlisted for ibps po interview...i want to asked u 1 ques......while filling my ibps online application for po....they have asked whether i have appeared earlier in ibps exam in 2011 and 2012....i have filled NO there,but actually i have giving the po exam in 2011 and 2012....i filled it by mistake....can u tell me this will effect my candidature for po interview for not.....i m very tensed abt it....pls reply asap

    1. No friend. They just ask it to check how many repetitive candidates are there. They don't make any records. You just say them that its ur first time.

  3. Thanks for the questions annayya. All the Best.

  4. hiii vijay also having the interview on the same venue on 7th january.Iam facing a pblem and it is i am having my marksheet and provisional certificate dated after 01-07-2013.Will it be a pblem in the center?pls vijay kumar help me in this case by your valuable response.Really feeling tensed.Thanks in advance

    1. Depends on the panel friend. Some people are allowing it. But some people are making problems. In maximum cases they will allow you. Dont be tensed. Prepare well fr interview.

    2. thank u so much friend.Can i get the affidiate from the college stating that my result was declared before 01-07?

    3. better you bring a memo from the university stating the date of passing. me too have the same problem. my result published on may 29th but i got the certificate in august dated 13-08-2013. Now i brought a memo from the university stating that the date of passing is 29-05-2013.dont go for a risk. you buy it from the university as soon as possible.

    4. Are u from JNTUK ??

    5. what is memo from university? mine is dated 17.07, intervw is on 7th

    6. from which university u belong saumya?

  5. Sir I got selected for the PO interview.Currently I am working with a private sector bank for the last 6 months.I have not mentioned my work experience in the application form because at that time I have not even completed 2 months of service.Whether I should produce the experience certificate at the time of interview or should present before the interview panel as a fresher.Kindly give your valuable suggestion.

    1. If you can produce the experience certificate then tell them about your job. Otherwise, just stay calm. All the Best.

  6. rajasthan ....gen. cat.......i m in clerk III ..............attempt only 123 ques.............pls frds what is my chance to final selection........pls ...............thanx in advance

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. No need to abuse him..they usually ask subject related questions..he is sharing his interview exp to help us! someone did ask more questions from subject but that's not his mistake,so stop abusing and stop making a scene..
    @vijay Interview baa chesav bhayya :)

  9. Hi Vijay Kumar....I think u r from JNTUK. In CMM it is mentioned that the month & year of passing is MAY,2013. But the certificates were issued in August. So,I think it is not necessary to apply for a special certificate from the university regarding date of passing. What do u say??

  10. hiiiiiiiiii vijay plz help me bro.........i m shortlisted for clerk 3 bt i m from biotechnology background nd i have chemistry in should i prepare 4 for ......both these subject also......plz reply frnd i m very worried.............priya......

  11. hi friends when i filling my application form i write it as i can read,write,speak hindi but i can't speak then what should i tell in the interview


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