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January 15, 2014

IBPS PO Interview Experience - Zaheer Abbas


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Friends, I would like to share my interview experience, My name is Shaikh Zaheer Abbas (General Class), I am Basically from Bhilai (Chhattisgarh). My Interview was held on 8th January 2014 at Canara Bank, Bangalore. I reached the venue by 1230 hrs, they were already doing the certificate verification, So I was done with the verification by 1310 hrs, then I just waited for the interview to get started.

The interview started at around 1440 her, there was only one panel comprising of 4 members, I was 2nd in the list, so at around 1450 or 1455 hrs I entered the room.

I greeted them all, then waited near the chair, when they said "good afternoon and you may sit", I took my place.
1st question asked to me.

Panel Member 1 (PM1) : what is your score.
me: 86

PM1: What is your educational background.
Me: Replied

PM1: what is Operations Management.
Me: Replied correctly

PM1: Where are you From.
,Me: CG

PM1: What are you doing in bangalore.
Me: Was preparing for competitive exams and also was looking for a job.

PM1: What is data Warehousing.
Me: A repository where data are collected and kept for future use and analysis. (I hesitated a little before answering this question, As I wasn't expecting any question on computers)

PM1: Are you comfortable with computer related questions.
Me: Yes Sir.

But they didn't asked me any more questions on computers

PM1: What is Banking.
Me: Replied correctly

PM1: What are the other functions of bank other than receiving and lending
Me:  Forex Transactions, Providing Locker, issuing Letter of credit, giving bank guarantee. Bancassurance.

PM1: What is Nominee?
Me: Answered Correctly.

PM1: Who can be a nominee?
Me: Answered Wrongly.

PM1: Can I put Lord Rama as my Nominee?
Me: Sorry sir I have not much knowledge about the nomination process.

PM1: What is a joint Account?
Me: Replied Correctly.

PM1: If two person say A and B have a joint account and a cheque has been issued in the name of A, then is it possible to submit the cheque in the joint account?
Me: I am sorry sir, I have not much idea about Joint Account.

Then Panel member 1 asked Panel Member 2 to take over.

PM2: What is Negotiable instrument Act.
Me: Answered somewhat.

PM2: Do you know about Company's Law.
Me: Yes sir. It was part of my syllabus.

PM2: When was it (Company's Law) Implemented?
Me: 1956

PM2: What happened in year 1955.
Me: SBI was Nationalized.

PM2: Which Bank Became SBI?
Me: Imperial Bank of India.

PM2: When was Imperial Bank established?
Me: 1921.

PM2 What was it before 1921.
Me: Presidency Bank of Calcutta, Bombay and madras along with there 70 branches across India merged to become imperial bank.

Panel Member 3 took over from Here.

PM3: Do you know about IRDA.
Me: Insurance regulatory and development Authority.

PM3: Yes, What does it do?
Me: Explained it to best of my knowledge.

PM3: Does LIC and General Insurance, both comes under the umbrella of IRDA.
Me: I am not sure sir.

PM3: What is retail Lending.
Me: Sorry sir I don't know.

When I said 2 sorry in succession, PM1 intervened and Said "Its Ok, It doesn't Matter". Well I am still trying what does it means.

PM3: What is e-commerce.
Me: explained it correctly.

From Here Panel Member 4 took over.

PM4: What is Plastic Money?
Me: Explained with examples. 

PM4: What is the difference between debit card and smart card.
Me: Sir only difference I know is that, Debit card uses a magnetic strip, where as in a smart card there is a chip instead of magnetic strip.
(They doesn't seem to be satisfied with that answer)

PM4: What are the different types of accounts a bank has for its customers.
Me: Savings account, Current account, RD, FD, apart from this they have NRE, NRO, FCNR.

PM4: Who can open a NRE account.
Me: I fumbled a bit, and later said "Anyone can"

PM4: Can I open an NRE account?
Me: No answer.

PM4: What is NRE stands for?
Me: Non Resident External. Sorry sir I was wrong, only NRI's can open this account.

PM4: In NRE account what currency can be kept.
Me: Indian Rupee only.

PM4: Are you sure?
Me: Yes sir.

PM1: Mr Zaheer, That will be enough. thanks for coming and all the best.
Me: Thanks to all of you, Have a good day.

I got up from my seat and left the cabin.

Thanks to Zaheer Abbas for sharing his valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish him great success in his interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Very nice interview...

  2. Good job jaheer..can u tell me whether ur interview in Hindi or English??

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. the whole interview was in English, I never got a chance to use Hindi.

  3. Can
    any1 tel me frm wr 2 start preparng fr intrvw. I cleard ibps clerical.
    Bt i dnt knw frm wr 2 study fr bankng terms. And i dnt hav any knwldge
    abt bankng. Help me plz..

    1. Normally they ask banking question only if u hav a educational background like bcom, mba etc. but it is better to have banking awareness since they test the credibility and interest of engg. and other professional graduates
      what i actually mean is there is no actual marks for questions u r answering but they just test your overall commitment and interest in clerical job.

      So don't have to prepare deeply on the subject like 1. What is the key diff. between mutual funds and Hedge funds
      but rather try to have a basic idea of what is mutual and hedge funds....

      Dont try to learn from books , if u do u always find lack of time,.
      try 2 study from blogs like gr8ambition, so that u can browse through various doubts and jargon in banking terminology.

  4. Any best book available 2 knw wel abt bankng? Plz sme1 help me...

  5. Do we need noc, while we still in probation?
    my company(new india assurance) said they are not giving noc for people who are in probation and i can attend the interview without noc

  6. any questions asked in Bangalore will b from kannada lang???

    1. no they never used kannada......neither they asked me about what languages do I know.


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