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January 11, 2014

IBPS PO 3 Interview Experience - Deepthi Nambiar


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Name : Deepthi

Date : 8th Jan 2014

Venue : Canara Bank , Calicut

Panel : 1

I went through all the previous interview experiences available in GR8AmbitionZ  and it helped me a lot to build confidence.

So want to share my experience to my friends here. Hope it will help you.
My interview was on 8th Jan 2010 @ 8.30am.

I reached the venue by 7.30am itself.They asked the candidates to assemble in a conference hall for document checking.
They have a list of all the candidates and they called up our names one by one for document checking.(while the document verification there was a candidates who had name mismatch in the application form and original certificate.So they sent her back to bring the notary affidavit.) After that they guided us near to the interview room.

Each interview was taking around 12-15 minutes. My turn was at around 12.15pm.
When the interviewers rang the calling bell I opened the door and asked there permission to get inside with a pleasant face.
There were 3 men and one lady in the panel. They were also with a very friendly smiling face.

The lady started the interview asking about my BTech passing year and about the gap in between. I told her that I was working in the software field.Actually I have not mentioned that in the application form. She asked me about that. I told her that while applying they were asking about the relevant experience and as mine was not in the banking sector, I had not mentioned that. So she just went through my experience certificate.
She asked me - "why U quit the job. The salary package available for a PO would be less than the salary of your earlier job. How will you justify that". I said "money is not important for me.I am looking for the respect that i can draw from the society as a Bank Officer"
They looked happy.      

She passed the baton to another interviewer. He asked me "What all things you will do as a banker?".
I explained about the functions of primary function...secondary functions...even he was putting his comments in between and helping me.Very friendly person.

The one another interviewer started asking "What is NAP. How is it detrimental to a bank?" . I said "Profitability of the bank will decrease. Also bank will lose it asset...bla...bla...". He was not that happy. The he asked whether I heard about "IINSCE". I said ."Sorry sir, I haven't heard about this". The the 4th man asked me " What was your responsibility in your previous company? What was your designation"...I explained in this was the most awaited question :-)
Again back to the lady....she asked about my hobbies, my hometown...etc...
Finally she said thats all for now, you can leave.
The male member asked me to take one chocolate. The wished me "Good Luck"
I thanked everyone and came out.

Altogether it went on very good. I hope for the best result.
The panel was very supportive and friendly.

Just think that we are going to face an inclusion process, NOT Elimination.

Thank you very much for those who shared their experience before. It helped me a lot. Let god bless all of us.

Thanks to Deepti for sharing her valuable Interview Experience and tips with us. We wish her great success in this interview.
Gr8AmbitionZ Team

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  1. Hi its Deepika...i have mentioned in online form that i have diploma in computer operation but actually i have diploma in computer will they stop me for the interview......deepika here....pls tel me....

    1. No No. Because there is no another option. Not only that,I had asked my com. teacher about it before form fillup and he assured me that oparation or apllication is same.

    2. Its Deepika....hi sayan ....thak u very operation nd application same.....??...deepika here.........

  2. i want to crack bank exam but last one year se koi exam nahi crack hua kindly help me how to attempt bank exam n how to improve

    1. Mandir kitne din jaate Jo 365 days me.....????

  3. gd intrvw...wishing u success... i made mistake during form fill up and ticked degree in comp instead of diploma as my comp qualification in clerk3. will they allow me to sit in the intrvw or simply reject me. pls help me out ur valuable concerns...

  4. how many total vacanies are there in ibps p.o3, pls anybody answer

  5. deepthi aapka final result kya rha

    kyunki aapny interview. 8 jan 2010

    me diya tha

  6. when the result will be declared ? pls tell

  7. Its Sushmita here....i got 25 marks more den the cutt is der any chance....pls tell....this is susmitaa.....

  8. 21886 vacancies in totl

  9. i lost my puc 1 year mark-sheet but i have 2nd year mark-sheet if i don't have means dey will not allow me to the interview kya plz help me?

  10. hey plz help me...i hav mention my name in application form is Vikas Kumar...but in my photo id proof its vikas kumar create any prob at the time of documnt verification???

  11. plz admin tell when will t result of po inerview will b declared?/

  12. Ms Deepthi, BEST OF LUCK ,GOD BLESS interview u were asked about is not exactly that,it is IINSS-C(Inflation Indexed National Savings Certificates-C),They are asking about Inflation indexed bonds.....OK
    U can get the details from the following

    If u turn back any malayalam dailies(Manorama/Mathrubhumi) in the end of december u can see the ad given by RBI about Public Issue of IINSC-S's

    Thank U

  13. Ms Deepthi 1st of all BEST OF LUCK.u were asked in interview about IINSCE actually it is not the exact one, it is IINSC-C(INFLATION INDEXED NATIONAL SAVINGS CERTIFICATE-C)


    If u turn back Manorama/mathrubhumi dailies at the end week of DECEMBER u cn see the issue ad of thisIINSC-C by RBI

    Thank u


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