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December 01, 2013

Vedic Maths Shortcut Technique for Subtraction


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Friends, in yesterday's post we have discussed about the vedic maths shortcut for addition. Today we shall discuss about the subtraction shortcut technique. Finding the difference of two numbers is known as Subtraction. We call it as Vyavakalana in Sanskrit. Subtraciton is the second easiest operation in Mathematics. However, students as well as elders may get confusion while doing subtraction, especially while subtracting bigger digits from smaller ones. Actually, while subtracting smaller number from a bigger number our present traditional method holds good. But, when it happens to subtract a bigger digit from a smaller digit we have to borrow 10 from the preceding digit, add it to the smaller digit and then we have to subtract the bigger digit. As an alternate, there is a method in our 'Vedic Mathematics' known as "Bindvankana Method", which is very much useful, easier, practicable and advisable in the operation of subtractions. It is also called as "Dot Method". In this method the operation addition, used in a different way gives the result of subtraction. It is clearly explained in the following example.

Example : 400 - 279

Solution :
Step 1 : Arrange the given data in the specific order for subtraction. now, we have to subtract 9 from 0 that is bigger digit from a smaller digit. Here, we should keep a dot on the digit left to 9. In the present example the digit left to 9 is 7. Then we should find the complement of 9 (complement of any number is the number which is to be added to that number to make it 10). The complement of 9 is the number which is to be added to 9 to get 10. We know  9+1 = 10. So, complement of 9 is 1. This complement is to be added to the one's place digit in the first row. So, 1+0 = 1. We should write this 1 in the units place of the answer.
Step 2 : Now, we should subtract 7 from 0 of Ten's place. As there is a dot on 7 we should add 1 to 7 then we get 8. Again, 0 is less than 8. So, in the same way as in the first step we should put a dot to the digit left to the number 7 (in our case it is 2) and find the complement of 8 and here we get 2 (8+2 = 10). Now we have to add 2 and 0. We get 2 and we should write the same in the ten's place of the answer.

Step 3 : Now,  we should subtract 2 from 4 of hundred's place. As there is a dot on 2 we should add 1 to 2. Then we get 3. Since, 4 is greater than 3, we can directly subtract 3 from 4 and we can keep 1 in the hundred's place of the answer row. Thus we can get the required answer.

Important Points to Note :
  1. Bindvankana Method of subtraction is useful in problems of subtraction with borrowing.
  2. In this method when we have to subtract a bigger digit from a smaller digit we have to keep a dot on the digit in the next column, which is in the same row.
  3. Then we have to find the complement of the bigger digit, which has to be subtracted from the smaller digit. Finally we have to write the result down in the same column.
  4. While subtracting the digit in the next column add 1 to the digit, containing dot.
Now lets do some practice problems (answers will be posted in tomorrow's lesson)
  1. 502-356
  2. 423-247
  3. 684-458
  4. 402-369
  5. 932-605
  6. 6300-3076
  7. 5315-2089
  8. 6123-5469
  9. 7401-2457
  10. 9200-4785
Answer to yesterday's Addition Exercises 
  1. 1832
  2. 2142
  3. 2070
  4. 1782
  5. 2192
  6. 1935
  7. 1574
  8. 2173
  9. 11426
  10. 14707
  11. 21163
  12. 13594
  13. 18346
  14. 9074
  15. 12679
  16. 16194
  17. 227315
  18. 339833
  19. 248583
  20. 210609

About The Author                                             

Rupali Shete (M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D) is a gold medalist from Osmania University (Hyderabad), one of the working members of Rananujan Mathematics Academy and Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (ISERVE), Currently working in University of Pune.

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