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December 21, 2013

The Role of Human Resource Manager in Human Resource Management Process


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Friends, we have alread gave you the HRM Study material for the upcoming IBPS HR Officers Exam (you can download the pdf file from here). Today we shall discuss one of the important topics of HRM, the roles of Human Resource Manager, I mean what actually a Human Recourse Manager do. The Human Resource Manager has a pivotal role to play in the Human Recourse management Process. he is supposed to be a senior executive who has the capability not only to manage the human resources of the company, but also to guide all the executives including the top boss. As he is directly reporting to the top boss, he must be able to keep the same wave length with the boss, influencing and convincing him of the human resources policies, and ensuring his support for all the human resource development programmes. he may be actively involved in the HRM function in many respects.
  • Human Resource Manager is supposed to formulate human resource policies and strategies, and to plan HRM intervention in the whole organization.
  • He is responsible to primarily promote a human resource philosophy all over the organization.
  • He has to coordinate himself with the top management and obtain their approval and commitment for HRM strategies.
  • He is responsible to formulate, plan and implement appropriate HRD programs from time to time. 
  • He must accurately determine the human resources needs of his organization.
  • He must be a good educator, who makes his best efforts to educate all executives and people of his organization regarding needs and methods of HRM intervention.
  • He must be a good counselor who can conduct and supervise counseling sessions regularly. 
  • He must be a humanist who acts as a redeemer to problem employees, disgruntled employees or erring employees.
  • He must have all round knowledge and ability
  • he must be a good communicator, who communicate with appropriate people.
  • He must be a good leader who is able to establish teamwork and provide effective leadership.
  • He must be a good personnel manager, who can direct and guide the personnel function in the organization efficiently.
  • He must be able to introduce appropriate carrot and stick mechanism for effective motivation.
  • he must maintain a well planned and uninterrupted supply line for appropriate manpower to various departments and functions.
In short, it is the HR Manager's vision and commitment that guides the entire organization and its functions and operations. He is the one who is primarily responsible to professionalise the organization and ensure proper cooperation and coordination within the organization. While he links his activities with the activities of various functional managers and various levels of executives in the organization, this relation must be reciprocal. That's all for now friends. In our next post we shall discuss about the Human Resources Accounting and Management Games. Happy Reading.

Mohana A. Nair
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