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December 14, 2013

Review & Some GK Questions of IBPS 14th Dec Evening Shift


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Hi Friends, This is Saurav Ranu from Dehradun , appeared for IBPS Clerk today - evening shift. I have been going through all the reviews of IBPS Clerk - 3 exams held so far in details. So I can say that this exam was around 20-25 % tougher than the earlier ones. But overall exam was quite good , no excuses.

Reasoning : Reasoning was OK and lengthy . To start with , 3 Seating Arrangement questions . First circular with total 8 persons out of which 2 facing opposite the center. Second was floor question with six floors. Third was , 8 people ( of different profession ) sitting in a line facing north( this one was very lengthy and tricky ) . 1 question each  on alphabet , direction , Ordering / Ranking , Blood relation , Coding . Then , 5-6 good questions ( of two statements each ) of Syllogism . 5 more questions on Coding and last 5 were on Inequalities. I attempted 30 questions with 100% accuracy.

Maths :  Maths was also lengthy, nor easy neither tough. 5 questions on series , 5 easy questions on DI , then 1 question each on all the chapters like Percentage , SI - CI , Average , Ratio n Proportion , Allegation , Partnership  , Train & Speed . Then good 15 questions of simplification. All question were bit time consuming , I could attempt only 24 with 100 % accuracy.

 English : Well this section was easier than I expected. Passage was easy but lengthy ( on FDI and retail market of India ) . Spotting errors was dead easy as was the rearrangement and cloze test. This was the easiest section . I attempt 38 with 95% accuracy.

Computer :  Well , all guys and girls appeared in earlier exams were saying that computer section is coming were easy but I did not find the same. Yes , some questions were very very simple but some were tough also , atleast for students not from IT background like me. I attempt 31 with 85-90 % accuracy.

General Awareness : This section was just a bit tough than earlier exams . As expected most of the questions were on banking terms only with very few from Current Affairs. But the main thing was , questions on banking were not asked direct & also they were quite deep. Surprisingly , no questions from Appointments , Deaths , SUMMITS , Sports , Currency and RBI Commitees.I attempt 29 only with 85% accuracy. Some GA questions are shared below :

1. What is SLR ?

2. Who is Okram Ibobi Singh : CM of Manipur

3. Author of " God of Small things " : Arundhati Rai

4. One lengthy question on DICGC ?

5. M-Pesa Scheme launched by which Co. : Vodafone

6. One question on Core Banking ?

7. CMD of SBI ?

8. Hindi Diwas day : 14th Sept

9. Which two countries will observe year 2014 as " Year of friendly Exchanges "? : India & China

10. Tejpal Chief of which Co. ? : Tehalka

11. Movie directed by Ayan Mukherjee? : Right option was " Wake Up Sid "

12. Bharat Ratna to CN Rao for ?

13. One question on fiscal deficit ?

14. One question on Banking Codes ?

15. Validity of Cheque and Draft ?

Questions shared by Amit Kumar

1. Head quater of RBI
2. Writer of novel " The God of small things"
3.Tejpal related to which magazine
4.Hindi Diwas is celebrated on?
5.Who is the Chairman of SBI?
6.WTO conference related to money laundering is held on which country?
7.MICR code is 9 digit code first three digits show? a. name of city b. name of  branch of bank.
8.Okaram ibobi singh is? a cricket player b. chief minister of manipur c. chief minister of meghalaya
9.lower limit of RTGS a. 1lac b.5lac c.10 lac d.2lac
10. question related to National health mission

Review shared by Chirag Kumar

The paper was moderate overall. GS & Computer were easy. English was also easy But reasoning was moderate. Math was also tuff.
Some question of GK
Where is the RBI Headquater.
Who is Taun Tejpal.
Validity of cheque & Draft.
About Bharatratan 2013.

I answered only 125 question with 95% accuracy.
Reasoning- 25
Math- 15 Only.
GS- 21 Only

Thanks to Saurav Ranu , Chirag Kumar and Amit Kumar for the reviews
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  1. Tomorow is my exam. hoping for the best

  2. Well I have attempted 139 out of which

    Computer : 39 (95% Accuracy)

    English : 30 (75% Accuracy)

    GA : 34 (75% Accuracy)

    Reasoning : 17 (out of which 14 r crct)

    Aptitude : 19 (out of whic 14 r crct)

    Tell me guys is there any possibility of getting a call! Guys tell honestly plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dost, I dont want to demoralise you but atleast you must have 17th Ans right in reserve category, and 19th for open. as you didnt saw the cutoff of ibps rrb 2013.even last year ibps cwe 2012 cut off was same i told you.
      but i will pray for you.
      but you made a very nice attempt. surely you do more better in upcoming exam also as you are too close
      all the best dost

    2. dont.. worry as compared last year po exam ..this year more tougher.. cutoff very less..
      at the same.. here last year if you see ibps clerk paper... and this year shifts very very tough when compared to last year .. so cutoff will be same as po.. but every section around 10 - 13 cutoff... but computer 15 -20 cutoff expected for sure.. because in every shift of ibps clerk 1 or 2 sections are very tough .. some gets apt tough and some reasoning.... many shifts gk and aptitude

  3. Answer of 12 CN Rao Bharat ratana award is for chemistry
    validity of chq n draft is 3month
    1 question was MICR first 3 code : city

    Overall paper was very easy but lenghty.
    try to manage time for each section. and complete paper with in given time.
    And thankx to all of you who gives review of exam.
    And also thank u very much g8ambitionz for being a medium in helping with all the source you can.

    all the best frnds.
    you can surely win if you try.
    bank papers are seriously easy.
    Only you need to practise and time manage.

  4. I could attempt 124 questions only and im not even sure that all are in each section i attempted above 22. In CA-32. Overall It was Ok. Bt dnt knw hw much cut off they will keep this time for clerk...Feared 2 attempt unknown or doubtful as it felt wrong in the case of PO. All the best Friends...Manage time well...

  5. I attempted 160....
    reasoning 35 with 100% accuracy
    maths 32 with 95% accuracy
    english 30 with 80% accuracy
    GA 25 with 90% accuracy
    computer 38 with 100% accuracy.

    1. ohhhh guru , tumhara to ho gaya ...tum to comuter ki mar liye...sare sahi....lage rho...

  6. @shivani mam plz give the previous paper of asst manager for catholic syrian bank exam 5 jan 2014 ko hai bahut meharbani hogi aapki

  7. Reasoning - 34 (100% accuracy)
    English - 40 (100% accuracy)
    Computer - 34 (80-90% accuracy)
    General Awareness - 33 (90% accuracy)
    Quantitative Aptitude - 31 (65% accuracy maybe)

    Total 172. What are my chances for West Bengal

    1. what u do with that marks.. u were easyily selected.....without getting interview marks...dude...

  8. i am poor in in english so try to learn english.friends pls sugs to me how to prepare and which books .

  9. i attempted
    reasoning 38 quest with 95%
    english 37 with 90%
    computer 39 with 100%
    GA 37 with 90%
    numerical 38 with 50%

  10. Koyna Hydroelectric project is in - Maharashtra

  11. Hey Guys ! Anyone remembers the question on Sachin Tendulkar , it was about some award given by a country to him which usually given only to the citizen of that country..... pls share

  12. hi friends this is dhaya..i have attempted ibps morning session today...starting with GK not expected one when compared to previous papers.. iwould say GK was tough paper today....coming to reasoning all known questions but it took such a long time...unable to solve linear arrangement and also circle problem,statement conclusion also was tough...i wasted my first 20 mts time with attempt was 24....Aptitude was tough..all questions consumed much time..DI Was easy.....i would say this is not clerical cadre paper....... computer was v ery easy...hope the best..

    1. Hi. did you attend 15th Dec morning session??

  13. RED team for football.. Ye kon si team hai,, ek question ye bhi tha....

  14. i attempted 138.22-maths,30-english,29-reasoning,27-g.a and 30- computer.what are my chances from west bengal?


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