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December 01, 2013

IBPS Clerk Exam III Review (Held on 01-12-2013) - Morning Shift


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Friends, here are the reviews of today's (1st December 2013) IBPS Clerks III Online Exam. All the Best.

Review shared by Karthick S
This me Karthick from chennai i have appeared for today's morning shift exam, (1-12-13), i hope the information given by me is useful to the candidates who going to appear for upcoming exams, the question i have faced are as follows.
Reasoning : ( easy one practice makes to solve in time else time consuming)
Data sufficiency - 5 Questions
Lesser than or greater than ( <,=,>) - 5 question
Syllogism - 5 questions
Problem solving - 5 question (like 7 people sitting in straight line facing north, each like different sports, football, volleyball, cricket, tennis, hockey, and so on a sits 3 to the left of c,... likewise the question will be easiest one )
Blood relation - 2 question.
seating arrangements -5 question ( like 8 people sitting in a circle 2 are facing center and others facing outside- Little time consuming)
Coding decoding - 5 questions ( with conditions like if word contain last and first letter as vowel then replace with symbol belongs to 3 rd letter likewise)
Coding and decoding - 3 question ( the biggest city is coded as ' so pe gi ja likewise)

Maths :  ( easy one practice makes to solve in time else time consuming)
Simplification -10 question ( need practice to solve with in time ).
Number series - 5 question.
Data interpretation - 5 question.
Simple,compound, age sum, time and work, time and distance, mixture, they try to cover all the syllabus in aptitude - 20 questions.
English :
Paragraph - 10 questions ( Little lengthy one )
Rearranging sentence - 5 questions.
Error correction - 5 questions.
choosing appropriate word for both the sentence) - 5 questions.
Phrases - 5 questions
Closest test ( giving a paragraph and fill up the appropriate word for the paragraph) - 10 question.

General and Banking Awareness :
Normal current affairs and banking awareness take place in past 6 months. Will upload the question soon.

Computer :

Easiest one basic questions like the use of hyperlink,windows explorer, input, output devices, printer, binary number, basic network, extension power point files, hypertext, question about super computer and main frame computer.
That's all friends overall paper is easy try to score good marks above 70% which helps you people to get through.. All the very best..

Review shared by Saikumar M
Hi friends, I gave my exam on 1/12/2013 morning session. Here is section wise review of today's paper

Reasoning : Was easy as expected but seating arrangement and puzzle was confusing and time consuming for me. I attempted 25 with 100 % accuracy

English : Was of moderate difficulty. I attempted 24 with 95% accuracy

Aptitude : We can score 25 easily within 30min. But I wasted time in reasoning Puzzle and seating arrangement. So I could attempt only 22.

GA : Was as expected. Most of questions from banking awareness and few questions on recent happenings like CHOGM venue, Who scored 3rd Double century in ODIs etc.

Computer : Easiest section. Can score 35+ easily.

So overall my attempts are :

Reasoning : 25 with 100 % accuracy
Maths : 22 with 95 % accuracy
English : 24 with 95 % accuracy
GA : 31 with 95 % accuracy
Computers : 38 with 99% accuracy

Review shared by Kingkar Pd. Mahato
Hiiiiiiii, today exam was nice, neither easy as RRB nor tough as PO.

Q.A: regular pattern,simplifications,series,one D.I(easy tabular),T&W,..S.I,partnerships,ages,no perm
combinations,probablity......,some r time taking
Reasoning : circular,row sitting arrengements,coding nd deco,syllogs, blood relations, directions......easy compare to all, people feel difficult with out practice
English : 10 passage(about online shopping and internet users statistics),fill in the blanks,error correction,phrasal substitution,sentence arrange menta,cloze test.....easy
G.A : asked current affairs and banking, some r little tricky question as posted already
Computers : not too direct, at the same time not too difficult regular topics,
Note : (No none of these,clearing sectional cutt off easy,so aim for good score.)
Best of luck 2 all my friends who are waiting for exam.

Review Shared by Parve Pratap Karaiya
Aj ka paper kal ki apeksha thoda tough tha...
Reasoning me puzzle ..sitting sufficiency..or wo questions jinme puchhte h k if first alphabet is vowel with last is consonant.. pe 5-5 questions...or wo question jo aksar ap clerk k paper me dekh sakte hai aye the...
Aptitude me d.i. Aya tha 5 q...n 5 series...20 simplification.. N etc jo ate rhte hai. :)
g.a. Me banking bahut ayi km hi ayaa..
English me Purana pattern tha pura.
Passage lenghty tha.. Closet test bhi lenghty hi tha..
Computer to easy hi ayaa..basic tha pura is section me..
All the best for result jinkaa paper ho gya hai.. Or jinka ni hua wo next 6-7 & 13-14 din time nikalo jada se jada..

Thanks to Karthik SSaikumar M Kingkar Pd. Mahatoand Parve Pratap Karaiya

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  1. mine ws in mrning shift 1st dec..
    level of paper ws lil bit high as compare to the last year....
    reasoning , english and maths sections were time consuming..
    most of the questions in ga were from banking part...
    over all... fine... i attempted 154...
    lets.. see.. hope for the best... all the best to all...

  2. Replies
    1. Which country hosted the 23rd CHOGM summit 2013?- Sri Lanka in Colombo
      2. World Diabetes day?- 14 November
      3. Who was the Miss Universe 2013?- MarĂ­a Gabriela Isler from Venezuela
      4. Full form SLR?- Statutory Liquidity ratio
      5. Name the Indian who scored double century against Australia recently?- Rohit Sharma
      6. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is located in which state?- Andhra Pradesh
      7. Who won Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration 2013?- M.S. Swaminathan
      8. Name the play bank singer who got Bharat Ratna?- Lata mangeskar in 2001
      9. Indian gran pix winner 2013?- Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull)
      10. Women pension scheme is named after?
      11. Magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) in cheque has how many character?- 9
      12. Micro loans related one question
      13. One question related to Kisan credit card
      14. One question related to demand deposit
      15. Who is the author of Casual Vacancy?- J.K Rowling
      16. Largest Exporter Country of Gold?
      17. Sergey Bubka is related with which sports?- Pole Vault
      18. At which place Indian Grand Prix was held?- Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
      19. Largest Producing Country for Coffee?
      20. Which organization working for welfare of women?
      21. ATM operated by non banking entities?- brown Label ATM
      22. NSAP is related with which leader?
      23. Question related to Sec 46 Banking Regulation Act
      24. Which product improves credit flow in agriculture?
      25. EMI goes on?
      26. Converting physical share into electronic form?
      27. Which of the following is not a negotiable instrument?
      28. A banknote of which portion is missing or which is composed of more than two pieces is known as-- mutilated notes
      29. NPCI 24x7 related?
      30. Vodafone and ICICI launched unique mobile transfer called--- M-PESA
      31. Banking Companies (Nomination) Rule 1985 related question
      32. SKOPJE is a birthplace of which famous personality?- Mother Teresa
      33. Cheque truncation means ?
      34. Purchasing a commodity or security in one market for immediate sale in another market is known as--- future market
      35. Whole sale banking is not intended to the need
      36. scheme for women is --- SEWA

    2. thanks to all those have given the questions asked thanks a lot in aadvance.

  3. plz upload GA ques...

  4. Thank you,KARTHIK bhai. for giving us such type of descriptions!!!
    And thanks to the admin too.

  5. Thank u karthick,sai and parve pratap..thank you for your clear description...

  6. share english question

  7. Probability n permutatn cmbinatn questns were dere?

  8. Can you please upload evening shift questions of 01.12.2013?

  9. min passing marks kitne he 40 me se


  11. can any one pls update syallabus or model papers for sbi pharmasist exam... bhavani

  12. simpification questions were direct or time consuming ?

  13. direct questions only not even words u find.. just number need to put in time ;)

  14. evng shift questns of 1/12/2013...plz

  15. hai frnds iam going to write exam on 14th pls tell how can i prepare the exam

  16. Is data interpretation and non verbal reasoning asked in 1st december sunday exam.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I don't know from where sergei Bubka appeared in current affairs. Not a single question from current burning topics. Some questions about banking awareness i am afraid the people working in bank also won't be able to answer it. IBPS has taken extreme care to see that the candidates don't have an easy go. And to all those guys (if at all they are real) who say that the paper was very easy deserve lot of praise.

    1. dear there are so many good books which cover all these topics...Just go throw those book...Like Money banking and Finance -BSC

  19. ADMIN,
    please explain what RBI mean about "the conversion of existing foreign bank branches into Wholly-owned Subsidiaries (WoS) in India". what is meant by wholly-owned subsidary? please respond to my question please

    1. RBI allowed wholly owned subsidiary of foreign bank to acquire domestic private sector bank and allowed them to set up branches anywhere in India . it has also allowed foreign bank subsidiary to list on local stock exchange.minimum paid up capital 500 cr. and priority sector lending 40%.this information i got for hindi news paper dianik bhaskar dated 9 november please refer to that for more information and sorry if there is any translation mistake

  20. any idea about how many ques were there from data sufficiency and inequality in appti?

  21. question no. 21 answer is White Label ATM

  22. dec 8 morning paper so hard is any change to cancel exam

  23. Replies
    1. Ninak enthayalum kittum. Naayinte mone


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